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The Most Expensive Clipper | Let’s Talk About It!

oster octane are the most expensive clipper

The Most Expensive Clipper | Let’s Talk About It!

The Oster octane is the most expensive clipper on the market. But why is that? What makes the Oster’s octane clipper worth so much money. From one Professional Barber to another, I am going to explain why this Clipper is worth its hefty price tag. 

Let’s jump right in on the price for these bad boys. Depending on where you look, these clippers could list at more than $300. I am sure many Barbers out there could agree that no clippers are worth that much, but they might be wrong. 

Okay, so they’re pricy we get it Cyclops, but why?

After researching the manufactures official webpage, product descriptions on several online stores, and interviewing three professional barbers that use them daily; This is what I have found, and I must say I am not disappointed. 

Oster Octane Clipper

So, let’s get the obvious details out of the way.

  1. Oster Octane comes with a lithium-ion battery with a solid run time of two hours, this is pretty standard for most cordless clippers nowadays. 
  2. the “detachable blade”. again, if you’re familiar with Oster’s clippers in general this is how they switch between guards. It would make sense the most expensive clipper Oster’s has to offer would have the signature detachable attachments.
  3. Sleek design with a chargeable clipper stand; I’ve always been a fan of quickly picking up a clipper and going right to work. Oster’s did, however, think about barbers on this setup. The stand is specially designed to charge the clipper and the spare battery at the same time.

So now that we know the basics of a “cordless clipper” let’s dive into the specs that make this clipper an absolute monster in the barbering industry!

osters octane charging station

The specs of the Oster’s Octane

Rust Resistant

The Oster Octane has a rust-resistant coat. Not only does it make this clipper look as clean as all hell. But it serves a great purpose. I don’t know about you, but when I’m zipping through a haircut, I tend to have rather damp hands. This is because most Barbers are reaching back and forth for a spray bottle or constantly washing their hands. This can damage our tools in the long run, while this feature prevents that from happening. 

Ultra Durable Casing

Yep, you read that right. Not only is the casing rust-resistant it’s also drop-resistant. The same coating prevents smudges, and fingerprints too. As much as I love cordless clippers, my biggest fear is to drop them on the floor. No matter how careful you are, accidents do happen. I’m glad to know Oster had barbers in mind when designing the Octane clipper. Plus, for $300+, these clippers better make me breakfast every morning too. I’m just saying!

The Guards It Comes With

You know damn well Oster’s guards are incredible for those of you who have used Oster’s in the past. You know they’re expensive as well. You get two detachable guards when you buy the Oster Octane Clipper, the “000” and the “#1,” which is pretty generous. If you already have the Oster’s Detachable guard set, you can still use those same guards for the Osters Octane Clipper. Just a heads up on that, you don’t have to break the wallet all over again, God forbid.


The Oster Octanes are a decent size clipper with a 2inch thickness from the bottom to top and another 2in Width from side to side. The length of the entire clipper is 8.1inches long and weighs only .9lbs. So it’s really light and highly durable, which is perfect for us barbers. It also runs on 12watts of power, and this is pretty standard for most cordless clippers.

oster octane clipper pros and cons

The Cons Of The Oster Octanes

I promised my readers I only write the facts, especially when researching products in our industry. I’m not here to make sales, so with that being said, let’s talk about the cons of the Oster Octane Clipper

  1. The biggest complaint is the battery life isn’t as long as they claim to run on a single charge. Barbers work tirelessly throughout the day. For some barbers, they noticed the clippers dragging and losing their charge too quickly.
  2. Many online stores that carry the Oster octanes have been reportedly selling “used” octane clippers. Be extremely careful who you’re buying from. We suggest going through amazon. The best way to tell if your Oster Octanes have been used is to open the casing and see if somebody has been tampering with your purchase. Some Modifiers even place their name on the case.
  3. They only come in one signature color. This is a relatively minor setback and has nothing to do with the cutting quality by any means, but it could be not good if you like options. Many Modern barbers have grown accustomed to personalizing their clippers. 

With all the cons we listed above, 93/100 of those reviews scored between 4-5 stars. Only thirteen were given a 1-star rating due to the issues mentioned. 

Oster Octane Clipper – Check Them Out here On Amazon!

Why you should Trust Oster

Oster is a swiss manufacturing company with a reputation for making high-quality barbering tools, household appliances, and more. Founded in 1924, John Oster created various motors during the start of WW2. Oster’s being the first hand-held clipper. Stating, the idea of Oster and clippers has been around since the beginning of our industry. They are the most well-known brand that has never strayed away from what they do best. That is making professional clippers.


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