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What Is Sea Salt Spray? Here’s The Best Answer

what is sea salt spray?

What Is Sea Salt Spray? 

Sea salt spray is a men’s hairstyling product that adds texture and volume to the hair. Sea salt sprays give a matte finish look with a light hold. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use men’s hairstyling product for your hair, sea salt spray is fantastic for people who want a quality look without much effort.

How does Sea Salt Spray Work?

Sea salt spray works by removing moisture and oil from individual hair strains. Applying the spray adds a natural-looking texture with a light hold and matte finish. Sea salt sprays are an excellent hairstyling product with a quick application and great results.

tousled hairstyle after using sea salt spray

What Does Sea Salt Spray Do?

Salt Spray imitates a day at the beach giving the hair a tousled messy look and soft feel. While adding volume and grit expanding the hair strains giving a natural light hold that can be easily styled.

hairstylist applying sea salt spray on client

How Do I Apply Sea Salt Spray?

The best technique for applying is to spray a few times over the top and sides of the head on dry hair.

Here are a few tips on how to apply the spray based on your hair type.

Curly hair: Make sure your hair is damp and spray on the hair using your hand; scrunch and squeeze the product from the root to the tips. never use a brush, comb or fingers when styling curly hair. Curly hair types only need a a light scrunch to absorb the product into the hair.

Fine hair: While keeping the hair dry, apply the spray to the top of your head and use a comb or round brush, work the salt spray from front to back to cover the individual strains. Fine hair needs to come together to add volume, the bristles on the comb helps styling and spreading the product more evenly.

Wavy hair: Keep your hair dry before applying the spray, using your fingers work the spray into the hair from front to back. Fingers have a great deal of space, in-between passes keeping the style loose and natural.

If you’re considering a sea salt spray, these are a few great picks that were expertly evaluated by a master barber, a professional in the hair industry.

1. Morrocco Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

This spray is ideal for people with oily hair types, helping to neutralize and balance natural oils. Morrocco salt spray doesn’t have harsh chemicals and is free of parabens, making your hair feel soft to the touch. This product uses a light mist in applying to the hair, with results lasting throughout the day and into the next.

Here’s what a salon stylist had to say about the product:

“It’s really difficult to find a product to plump up baby fine hair. Either it’s too gooey, sticky, or doesn’t last more than a few hours. A few sprays, rub thru hair, style and viola! Lasts all day, 12 hours plus. Washes out easily.” An Amazon choice product with over 1,800 positive ratings, and great reviews across the board!

2. Brickell Sea Salt Spray (Used By Professionals)

Brickell is a notable brand in the hair industry, delivering quality products in most men’s grooming categories. Brickell’s salt spray is great for enhancing natural waves and curls. Brickell’s salt spray uses vitamin E and hydrolyzed proteins to capture the beach’s essence, strengthening hair follicles while keeping the hair moisturized.

3. Devil’s Delight By Billy Jealously Sea Spray

Billy jealousy is a professional hair grooming brand specializing in quality products that last. As a master barber, I highly recommend their devils delight sea salt spray. It has a great consistency, pleasant subtle smell, and clients love it!

4. Sun Bum Sea Salt Spray (Anti-Frizz)

If you love the way your hair feels after going to the beach, sun bum did an excellent job replicating the experience. Spray and scrunch your hair with your hands, and you’re done. Sun bums salt spray infused with coconut and argan oil reduces frizz and strengthens the individual hair follicle. Sun bum’s lightweight formula gives the user a soft matte finish textured look and UV protection.

5. L’ange Sea Salt Spray (Add Volume & Thickness)

L’anges salt spray is great for people with fine hair by quickly adding noticeable volume and thickness with only a few sprinkles. If you are looking for a light hold with a glossy (healthy shine) finish, L’ange sea salt spray is your best bet.

6. Hair craft co. salt spray (Barber Approved)

Made with the Mediterranean Sea sale and kelp extract, hair craft has bottled perfection. Their sea spray gives an all-natural light hold with reactivating properties when wet. Free of harmful chemicals like parabens and artificial additives, making for an excellent product for everyday on-the-go use.

7. John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Salt Spray

To get an all-purpose sea spray for every hair type, John Frieda does it best! Achieve that tousled hairstyle with a few sprays and scrunches. A powerful leave-in sea spray that only needs your fingers to style, blow-drying is optional. Enhance your natural waves by spraying over hair that does not have a product already in it for best results.

8. Herbivore – Natural Sea Mist Texturizing Salt Spray

Herbivore sea mist is as natural as it comes, with ingredients such as; aloe water, pacific sea salt, vanilla, coconut, radish root, and essential oils.

Does Sea Salt Dry Out Hair?

Yes, over using this spray can dry out hair; most people only use it a few times a week.  It’s best not to wash your hair after applying it to allow your natural hair oils to start adding back moisture during the week. if you feel you have dry hair already, you might want to consider using hydrating ingredients such as; 

Aloe vera: Aloe vera consists of vitamin A, B12, C, and E as active ingredients, all of which help strengthen, grow and restore hair follicles. 

Glycerin: is colorless and has no scent, it pulls the moisture from the air and adds it back into the hair. Glycerin also helps with dandruff and dry scalp.

Coconut water: promotes cell regrowth and helps strengthen the individual hair follicle by stimulating the scalp.

barber blowing drying hair with round brush

How To Style With Sea Salt Spray

If you have a hairstyle with medium-length hair and are having trouble getting it to stand up and get the desired shape, we suggested applying a small amount of water first, adding the spray, and blow-dry using a round brush.

A round brush lifts the hair from the scalp to reinforce the hair on top from falling over. Here’s a great round brush that we use at our barbershop to get modern pompadour styles.


Sea salt spray is a great product for someone looking to had a light hold that resembles a day at the beach. These products are user-friendly and doesn’t take much time or effort to get a great looking hairstyle. Majority of people that use these sprays for their hair feel that sea sprays are really the only product you need!


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