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What Is A Master Barber? Everything You Need To Know!

whats a master barber
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master barber is a highly trained, licensed professional in the field of hair service. The requirements of a master barber vary; some require a set number of hours in school. Others require a certain amount of years as a licensed barber. 

How much does a Master Barber make?

The salaries for Master Barbers based in the US are; $17,940 to $47,410 with an average salary of $32,265. The Top 83 percentile of Master Barbers makes about $47,410 annually.

Does It Take Long To Become A Master Barber?

To qualify for a master’s license in the field of barbering. you will need between 1,500 – 1,800 hours at an accredited barber school or program, the number of hours varies by state. 

Master Barber License VS Regular License:

master barber includes all the usual barbering school aspects such as coloring, styling, and cutting hair using tools like; clippers, trimmers, razor, and shears.  Barbers with a Masters License also learn to do permanent waving, hair relaxing, hairpiece fitting, and several other hairs and facial services. 

Students attending barbering school can expect to learn the proper safety and sanitation measures required to work at a barbershop or salon.

But what makes a Master Barber License different from a Standard or Restricted Barber License? In most cases, you’ll find that Barbers with masters are on a higher plain than restricted barbers due to their knowledge of the field and quality of services. Mastering most men’s haircuts and styles, with a proficient level of skill in the understanding of the barbering art and science behind it. Also, having a restricted or standard barbering license may not permit the barber to perform certain services, or work in another state, whereas a Master Barber, is.


master barber standing behind a barber chair

What are the requirements to obtain the title “Master Barber”?

Every state has its idea on the number of achievements to be “considered a master barber“, some states require you to work for 15-20, to be deemed a “veteran” of your trade. Some states simply require you to hold your license for a set number of time like 12-24 months. Where others ask the barber to take an extensive state test, provide additional hours, or work under a master barber for a set amount of time as an apprentice. 

The best way to find out is to ask your state’s “board of barbering“. Here’s a great link to help you find out more about how to maintain your master barbers license

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