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Wet Vs Dry Shaving | Which One Is Better?

wet vs dry shaving

Ever since the invention of the electric shaver back in 1930, men have debated which type of shave is better, wet or dry?

The answer isn’t as simple as you may think; it often depends on the skin type and which shaving method causes the least amount of irritation.

In this article, you will find out if dry or wet shaving is better and finally end this almost 100-year-old debate!

man shaving with an electric razor

What is Dry Shaving?

Dry shaving is the raw razor blade against the skin without water, soap, or shaving cream.

Most dry shavers use an electric razor to cut the hair at the skin’s surface to achieve a smooth finish.

man wet shaving in a mirror

What is Wet Shaving?

Wet shaving is how it sounds, with the use of water, shaving creams, and soaps.

People that prefer wet shaving tend to use lather and boar hair brushes to apply it to the skin to get a proper traditional shave.

The types of razors wet shavers use are; straight razors, disposable razors, and safety razors with disposable cartridges.  

a mans face after wet shaving

Wet Shaving Gives A Closer Shave

Applying various lathers and soups on the skin help soften the hair follicles allowing the razor to smoothly cut the hairs without pulling, giving a closer shave.

Closer shaves last the longest between a routine shave, cutting the hair closest to its source.

The main issue with achieving a smooth shave is that when the hairs do come through the skin.

Most people notice a phase of itchiness because the hair is sharp from the previous shave when it emerges from the skin.

Shaving with a bare razor will give you incredible shaving results.

Although, if the person shaving neglects the initial starting process, such as pre-shave oils, creams, lathers, and soaps.

They may experience dryness, irritation, and itchy skin as the hair starts to grow back.

dry shaver on a table

Dry Shaving causes Less Skin Irritation.

As we mentioned, earlier dry shavers use electric razors when performing a shave.

Electric razors cut the hair above the surface without gliding as closely across the face as you would with wet shaving.

Since dry shaving only cuts the surface hairs, this makes for a clean feel without the skin becoming irritated by removing a layer of skin as you would with wet shaving.

It doesn’t irritate when hair grows back after a dry shave because it is only cut at the surface and doesn’t grow out from the follicle.

The primary debate with wet and dry shaving is the amount of itchiness and irritation the person shaving has.

man shaving in the morning

How Well The Type Of Shave Fits In Your Morning Routine.

Hands down, the fastest out of the dry and wet shave is the dry shave.

This is because, with dry shaving, you can begin shaving quickly without the preparation wet shaving has.

You don’t need to create a lather base; apply it to the face, avoid cuts and knicks while shaving, rinsing the safety razor or washing the face, and apply aftershave. 

However, the components that make up a proper wet shave can be therapeutic and relaxing.

This is often is the main reason people prefer the traditional wet shave.

man cut himself shaving

Shave With Caution

On the other hand, wet shaving takes a lot more practice and precision than dry shaving.

It is leading to more accidents and mishaps while gliding the raw blade across the face.

The electric shaver used in dry shaving doesn’t create cuts or knicks because the blades never reach the skin.

Which, of course, adds to the debate, do you prefer a quicker, less glamourous shave? 

Or a more luxurious slow shave you need to be more cautious about?

man shaving with a trimmer in the mirror

What’s Cheaper Wet or Dry Shaving?

Wet shaving can be rather expensive than dry shaving because there are many more accessories and products.

These include hot lather, soaps, aftershave, lotion, pre-shave oils, safety razors (With/without cartridges), straight razors, etc. 

It can get expensive having to replace disposable razors or buy additional cartridges.

Although, most wet shavers find it slightly more cost-effective to buy disposable razors instead of replacing cartridges.

On the other hand, dry shaving costs a lot upfront when buying a high-quality electric razor.

Having a quality electric razor when dry shaving is vital; if you spend the money, you will save more in the long run than wet shaving.

Something to note, if you use an electric shaver and miss a few days shaving, you may need to invest in a trimmer as well.

This is because electric shavers work best when working with shorter facial hair, preventing pulling, and cutting the hair evenly.

Electric shavers can last years without changing out the blades, as long as you do your weekly maintenance and oil them properly. 

debate between dry and wet shaving

The final debate between wet and dry shaving.

We’ve discussed the pros and cons of both wet and dry shaving.

The type of shaving solely relies on the person shaving; consider the time it takes, cost-effectiveness, the longevity of the products, and what would work best with your skin.

If you’re prone to skin irritation and don’t have time for a complete shave in the morning, dry shaving would be the best choice for your skin type.

Do you enjoy taking your time setting up your razors, lather and prefer a longer, more polished process?

Then wet shaving is your best bet!

Which type of shaver are you?

Let us know in the comment section below!



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