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Wahl Senior Cordless Clipper Review | Highly Recommended!

wahl 5 star senior cordless clipper

Wahl Senior Cordless Clipper Review:

When you’re buying a clipper, it is always a good idea to choose one that has a powerful motor and is easy to use. Even when you have this criteria, you will come across hundreds of clippers to choose from. It is not easy to make the decision.

Today, however, we will help you with that buying decision. The clipper we are speaking about now has these characteristics and quite a few others. We are speaking about the Wahl Senior Cordless Clipper.

Instead of checking the specifications of this clipper and getting confused, you can just go through our review below, which will help you understand this clipper.

A single look at the picture of this clipper will let you know how sturdy it is. In terms of the casing as well as construction, it can outlast any other. That in itself is such a huge advantage to have.

We will elaborate on this very feature and other features below to help you understand why it is so popular.

Features of Wahl Senior Cordless Clipper:

The features of this clipper include:

• Sturdy housing:

The material of the housing is metal. The advantage is that it can handle wear and tear without any worry. Even if you’re using it multiple times throughout the day, it will not suffer any damage.

Many hairstylists, as well as other professionals, use it for commercial applications as well. The sturdy housing coupled with the fact that you can use it in a corded and cordless fashion certainly makes it a good choice.

• Rotary motor:

The rotary motor is what enables it to tackle thicker hair. That is the reason why it is suitable for seniors as well as youngsters.

• Ergonomic design:

Another feature that helps it stand out is the ergonomic design. Due to the same, you can hold it easily. The grip which you get is excellent. Not only that, you can move it around precisely as well. That is what is needed when you’re using a clipper to get stylish hair.

• Excellent runtime:

Even though you can use it in a corded fashion but most people use it as a cordless clipper. If you are planning to use it like a cordless clipper, it is essential to look at the runtime on a single charge.

Fortunately, this one provides you with a run time of 70 minutes. It is more than enough for dealing with multiple shavings and multiple hair clippings. It is another convenience for those who plan to use it for professional purposes.

As for professional applications, you can clip the hair or trim it within 10 minutes to 15 minutes due to the powerful blades. It means that on a single charge, you can use it multiple times.

The runtime of 70 minutes certainly works to your advantage.

Includes various accessories:

The clipper comes with accessories like guides, recharging transformer, styling comb, brush, oil, and blade guard.

Many of you might not have used these accessories or the clipper before. That is why it comes with all the detailed operational instructions as well. The operational instructions will let you know how you can extract the maximum performance from the clipper.

Overall, it is pretty easy to use. Should you still face any problem, the operating manual can help you out.

Adjustable blade:

Not everyone needs the same close shave. Some of you might be just looking to give your beard trim, whereas others might be looking for a close shave. The advantage is that the blades of this clipper are adjustable. They have 0 overlap design as well. Due to the same, you will not have to worry about using the clipper again and again over the same area.

The adjustable design is another feature why it is suitable for both personal and commercial applications.

• Precision blades:

The blade design is pretty precise. You can get the styling which you want. Additionally, the blades ensure that if you want to give texture to your beard, that is certainly possible.

Thus, when you look at this clipper’s features, it is easy to understand why it stands out. In case you want to go into greater details, you can look at the pros and cons below, which will help you make your buying decision.

wahl cordless senior pros and cons


The cordless Wahl senior clipper is suitable for everyone. Whether you have just stuble or thick beard hair, the clipper can undoubtedly help you out. In fact, it can work with the hair pretty well as well. The fact that it is suitable for styling, as well as grooming, makes it versatile. In a nutshell, irrespective of your requirements, this clipper will surely meet them. There are hardly any other clippers that are better than this. We definitely recommend it.


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