Twist Hair Fast & Easy Using This Tool! Cyclops Brand

Twist Hair Fast & Easy Using This Tool!

little boy getting hkis hair twisted using the twist it up comb

The Twist It Up Comb – Everything About It!

About This Product:

During my time as a barber, I found that using the Twist ’em up a comb to add the finishing touches to my fade haircuts has been exceptional. Being able to quickly wrap the hair by merely waving this comb on the top of the client’s head to gather the hair couldn’t be easier. A lot of barbers use a “Sponge Comb,” but it fails in comparison. Primarily due to the fact the Twist em up comb is made of high-quality materials and overall functionality. Using a hard plastic frame and grated metal tennis racket shaped holes. The design of the Twist ’em up comb makes trapping hair into these holes easy and without much effort to get the results from any claimed twist combs out there.

Who Made This Comb?

The Twist ’em Up Comb was founded by “Mark Cuban & Damon John back in 2014. ” They first premiered their revolutionary product on the hit TV show “Shark Tank,” where they invested over $400,000 into their launch. Mark and Damon saw a need for clients with ethnic hair and went for it!

Easy To Clean:

The Twist it Up-style comb is hygienic, easy to clean, and all you need is a brush and warm soapy water to clean the comb after every use.


This unique styling tool is compact to fit most standard pants, pockets, or purse. Easily touch-up your hair on the go —allowing you to obtain a clean and well-groomed look 24/7

Pro Tip: Before using the “twist It Up Comb” make sure you use a “Hair pick” to pick out your hair until you are able to slide the “Hair Pick” through your hair without any “pull or snags.” Then use hair spray to create a light mist over the area you want twisted. This helps give your twists more impact and volume as you use the Twisted Up Comb.


So what are you waiting for? The Twist’em Up Comb is highly durable and will make your clients feel great knowing you can deliver a fresh haircut, and the finishing touches with flawless looking “Hair Twists!”

Don’t just take our word for it; This Product was on the Award-Winning Business Tv Show ” Shark Tank.” With investors from all over the world wanting a piece of the pie with this hair comb. That’s when you know it’s the real deal!

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