Top 35 Best Barber Memes! [Updated] Cyclops Brand

Top 35 Best Barber Memes! [Updated]

kermit the frog drinking milk

Best Barber Memes:

These are the Best Barber Memes On The Internet! we absolutely love barber memes and plan on updating this blog for weeks to come! During this whole pandemic with the COVID19 Virus things have been rather serious lately. We wanted to break that negative cycle for a moment and get lost in the sauce of funny MEMEs are you ready? Scroll down to see the funniest barber related memes!

Barbers should be paid the same as therapists

1. Barbers Vs Therapists: 

Nothing is better than to sit outside and create a debate station on the newest trending topics, so what of it? I mean we cut their hair, discuss culture, problematic situations and to try restore a clients mental state all in the same process. I don’t know about you, but i feel like i’m being taken advantage of!

funny barber meme of nick cage's hair blowing in the wind

2. The Sweet Smell Of Perfection:

You ever walk into a barbershop and all the barbers are frozen in time? This is the exact look barbers make when they play chemist with their aftershave & scented alcohol. A soft refreshing smell that brings all sorts of feels.

naked hamster getting a mustache trim hilarious barbershop meme

3. Just A Bit Off The Lip, Good Sir!

He looks a bit like the 1950’s “bank teller” saying things like: “hello good sir, can I help you with your business account or perhaps a money transfer?” haha, ridiculous! but it’s absolutely true.

funny barber meme about the new product by tomb 45 the chargeable tray for wireless barber tools

4. Dude, Just Take My Money!

So the new hit barber product has come to town, the tomb 45 wireless charging station. Every barber with a set of wireless clippers are dying to purchase this, and it makes perfect sense why they should. Why not use it? you can even charge your phone on its surface!

barbershop owner complaining about how his barbers always want more from him funny barbershop meme of a cat wearing a business suit.

5. What is a cat to do?

Being a barbershop owner isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be. Unfortunately now matter how much the barbershop owner bends over backwards for their barbers, enough is never enough. poor kitty.

a very angry chicken barbershop meme talking about how difficult some clients can be

6. Final Boss… FIGHT!

Hey I remember you, ya! that’s right, you’re the boss from the 4th dungeon. What was your special attack again? oh ya! being an asshole!

guy looking at another woman with his girl friend next to him. with the text imagery stating

7. Oh Baby, You Looking Like A Snack!

I’ve never been a cheater, but when I see a new pair of clippers hit the market..All bets are off when it comes to loyalty!

8. Cup Of Joe, Anyone?

Share this with your barber friends, and ask them again how much they enjoy cutting hair. Because this guy needs a trim…

9. Platform Barbers On Stage:

Have you ever been to a hair show? Then you know exactly what I’m talking about! #Hilarious

10. Stop Moving!

Just hold still will ya?! I’m almost done, you really need to hold still Bruh!

11. Now Listen Up, Punk…

she’s so bitter-sweet to her children it’s adorable.

12. Dressing To Impress.

The battle wages on, as professional barbers fight under-dressed barbers in this week’s “Battle Royal.” Even with the evidence stacked as high as the ceiling, ghetto barbers still insist to dress down and complain about how they don’t make any money.

13. Back From Vacation.

When your client comes back from a vacation and wants a full-blown haircut. But knows he only has a few dollars to spend, so he’s fishing for those “line-Up” Prices!

14. You Are NOT The Barber!

It never fails, the New barbers always think their “King Shit” when it comes to doing fades. Unfortunately for them..that’s a LIE!

15. The Wheel Of Bullshit.

The chart all barbers are familiar with. The daily struggle of working in the barbershop.

16. Back To School.

Kermit the frog hitting those barbers below the belt with this one. Kermit you a fool!

funny barber meme

17. You’re Not A Total Failure.

It appears that old punchlines never truly die, “Supercuts” along with “Great Clips” employees have always been the butt end of the jokes when it comes to the haircutting profession. “Supercuts” Employees can’t hold a match to the raw talent of a professional barber shop sorry guys, but it’s true…

funny yoda meme telling the barbers they need to work

18. Yoda Knows Best.

I bet you didn’t know, Yoda was a motivational speaker now did you? Hilarious!

19. Covid19 Got Me Dying.

Damned it we cut, damned if we don’t. Come’on covid19 let’s get a move on already!

20. Don’t Knock My Hustle.

Be safe out there guys! although we shouldn’t be doing it, we have those rebels who’ve accepted the “risk vs reward” and deemed it okay to proceed with haircutting. They must be rich cause I can’t afford the repercussions can you? 

21. Nope! nope, nope…

Whether it was the dog, or even the fish in the “fishtank”. You couldn’t pay me enough money to stick around in that house!

meat head funny barber meme

22. Who You Calling A MeatHead!?

funniest barber memes on the internet hands down!

23. I Remember That Fortnite…

best barber memes on the planet

24. Ohhhh Snap!

bad haircut funny barber meme

25. Yikes, Now Thats Just Messed Up! HAHA!

funny barbering meme with drake tennis ball looking haircut haha

26. Now That Just Looks Racket!…No?

best barber memes on cyclops brand

27. The 80’s Was A Hell Of A Time To Be Alive!

(Rock On Joe Dirt!)

best barber memes of a man with a huge part like when moses parted the red sea

 28. …And They Walked Safely On The Dry Ground. 

funny barber meme of donald trumps hair blowing in the wind like an ear of corn

29. Blows On Screen* 

guy with rainbow hair barber meme

30. Got My Boy Lookin’ Like A Skittle!

haircut that looks like a lego man head funny barber meme

31. I mean, It’s Not Bad…We Can Build On It.

funny barber memes

32. I Got $5 On It!

funny barber meme of a guy getting bullied for cheating on his barber

33. Ma’ma Don’t Like Cheaters Bobby!

barbers kid with a fresh haircut funny barber meme

34. I Mean, It’s Essential Right?

mona lisa with a haircut

35. Now That’s Art!


Hope you have a few good laughs out of these memes, to brighten up to your day! We’ll be adding new barber related memes as the weeks go by, so stay tuned for more funny barber meme content!

Barber Memes:

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