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Top 10 Best Hair Dyes For Men To Use At Home!

man applying hair dye on his grey hairs

Top 10 Best Hair Dyes For Men To Use At Home!

A gentleman’s hair is as essential as his clothes. With proper care and grooming, you can achieve a nice looking trim. However, how about if your hair started to turn grey? do you know which hair dyes are best? Do you want a solution that you can use at home?

If you’re looking to address any of the issues above, we’re here to help. In this guide, you’ll find the top 10 best men’s hair dyes to use at home.

1. Just For Men Easy Comb-In Color

Starting in this list is the widely-popular hair dye. With over two thousand positive ratings, the Just For Men Easy Comb-In is an absolute recommendation. Should you purchase this one? Let’s find out.

As a grooming product, it’s great to learn that this particular dye is easy to use. Should you prefer to do it home, it only takes at least 10 minutes to color your hair entirely. Also, if you want a long-lasting effect, the Easy Comb-In can last up to 8 weeks.

If your hair or beard is turning grey, this product can help with that. As the maker boasts, it can get rid of grey hair quickly. Aside from that, after application, your hair will be stronger, soft, and easy to groom. Isn’t it great to find a dye that can both make your hair look younger and healthier?

Should you decide to get this one, you can choose from a pack of one or three dyes. If you want more detail, this item comes only in the Real Black color, liquid-based, and takes 10-minutes for a full application.

2. Control GX Grey Reducing Shampoo

If you’re wondering why a shampoo made it to the list of best hair dyes for men, then let’s elaborate. Have you ever wondered if there is a permanent solution to hide grey hairs? If so, then this product is right for you.

Unlike common dyes, the Just For Men Control GX Grey Reducing Shampoo will regularly treat your hair to reduce grey hairs. Initially, it can’t remove all grey hair instantly; however, you’ll notice the results over a few days. How? Let’s dig deeper.

When you use this shampoo every bath, it will gradually remove unhealthy hair. Since it’s not a one-time application, you can use it every day. As a result, even if there’s newly grown grey hair, the shampoo can remove it accordingly. Think of it’s a supplement that can permanently make your beard and hair black.

Like the previous item on the list, you can choose from either a pack of one or three. Contrarily, it’s a cream-based shampoo solution that uses a patented formula of arginine and hemp oil, making it unique from other similar products.

3. Easy Comb-In Color Dark Brown

Another offering from the Just Men Brand, the Easy Comb-in Color Dark Brown, is suitable for those who prefer light-colored hair.

As part of the Amazon’s Choice category, the product received countless positive reviews and over a thousand ratings. Since that number of people can’t be that wrong, it’s safe to say that this particular product delivers its promise. Like the other product from the company on this list, it’s no slouch either.

With an option for a one or three-pack, the dye comes in a Dark Brown color. As safety goes, it is both peroxide and ammonia-free and passed the numerous 48 hours test for skin allergies. Also, like the other items, it’s liquid-based, so application and rinsing are easy.

Since it’s tailored for home-use, the brand included a comb-applicator in the box. Moreover, during the application, you don’t need to mix different liquids as it comes in a ready-to-use form. Besides, since it doesn’t stick out that much, you can freely comb it in your hair without struggling. Lastly, after ten full minutes, you can expect fully colored hair.

4. Softsheen-Carson Dark & Natural Hair Color for Men

If you want more color choices when looking for the best hair dyes for men, then the SoftSheen-Carson Dark Natural Hair Color is ideal for your needs. With over one-thousand positive ratings, it sure won’t disappoint.

The dye is available in two options: one or two counts. Furthermore, since it’s all about choices, there are three color variants: Jet Black, Natural Black, and Dark Brown. While different in colors, Softsheen made all options look natural after application.

If you’re amazed by the 10-minute procedure of the previous items on the list, this dye’s 5-minute treatment is more convenient. Also, some people get irritable or feel uneasy when using dyes, so making the process as fast as possible helps in many ways. Besides, since it’s a cream-based solution, you can use just like when dealing with a shampoo; open, apply, and rinse after 5 minutes.

Apart from the quick treatment, the color can also last up to six weeks on your hair. If it’s shorter for your preference, the 5-minute application aids with the small inconvenience. Lastly, after using the product, your hair will look great, smooth, and natural.

5. Dexe Black Hair Shampoo Instant Hair Dye

Another absolute recommendation on the list is the Dexe Black Hair Instant Hair Dye. As an Amazon’s Choice selection, this highly-rated instant dye suits different hair lengths and textures.

Since the Dexe Hair Dye is a unisex solution, you can share it with someone else. Moreover, it only takes a couple of minutes to stick entirely and color your hair when using it. If you don’t want to color your hair regularly, this particular dye can last up to a month.

During treatment, you only need to use a small dose and gently scrub your hair. There’s no need for an applicator or comb since it’s not that sticky like similar ones. However, with the included gloves, you can keep your hands clean while doing the treatment.

Moving on with the dye itself, Dexe mixed it from natural plants so you can get a natural effect. Aside from that, you also don’t have to worry about scalp contamination and hair injury. After using the product, you’ll have richer and shinier black hair.

6. BIGEN Hoyu Ezcolor for Men

If you’re looking to color both your hair and beard, then look no further than the Bigen Hoyu Ezcolor for Men.

The Bigen Hair Color is classified as an Amazon’s Choice. Additionally, with over 700 positive ratings, you can be confident that you’re only getting the best.

As a popular product, the maker made it available in three variants: Darkest Brown, Jet Black, and Real Black. Indeed, if you like other colors than the standard black, you can do so with this particular product. However, how about its performance, is it also great?

Starting with the mixture, the Bigen Hair Color is Peroxide free. With a cream-based solution, you can easily apply and rinse it. Besides, with what it calls the EZcolor technology, you don’t need gloves, comb, or applicator to treat it on your hair. How convenient is that?

All three color variants are suitable for and targeted towards aging follicles, thus an effective one for grey hair. After application, the maker guarantees no stains on skins and irritation. Lastly, if you buy a pack, you can use it multiple times.

7. Cremo Hair and Beard Color

A more premium looking one, the Cremo Hair and Beard Color take convenience to the next level. Besides that, it’s also an Amazon’s Choice and has over 700 positive reviews and ratings from satisfies customers.

Unlike the previous items from this article, this one comes in seven different color options: Black, Jet Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Light Medium Brown, and Medium Dark Brown; there’s something for everybody. Though, whatever color you choose, you can expect a natural outcome.

Yes, its choices are great; however, what you should take a look at is its container. With a combined canister and applicator, treatment is as easy as brushing your teeth. In detail, to use the dye, you only need to do the following:

  1. Shake the canister.
  2. Press the button.
  3. Comb it on your hair or beard.

By doing so, you can easily reuse the remaining foam colors. You don’t need to use any gloves, comb, or other related items to apply it to your hair with only the bottle itself. Finally, after that, the color will stay no less than six weeks.

8. Garnier Color Naturals Men Hair Colour Cream

Perhaps you want to stay away from artificial color solutions; if that’s the case, please take a look at the Garnier Color Naturals Men Hair Colour on our list of best hair dyes for men. Similar to the brand’s popular hair products, this is one won’t disappoint either.

Using only natural oils, three oils, to be exact, the Garnier Men Hair Colour is suitable for various hair and skin types. As a cream-based dye, it’s easy to apply and rinse afterward. Moreover, due to its ammonia, PPD, Parabens, ABP, and Resorcinol-free mixture, it’s safe for your hands and skin should you accidentally spill some.

After treating your hair with this dye, you’ll see a natural-looking outcome. You can achieve a permanent black color that covers 100% grey area on your head with the right procedure. While it’s only 1.94 ounces, it’s enough for one or two uses, or more than that if you have shorter hair.

Contrary to the previously discussed items, this particular dye has what it calls a color lock, making sure that the dye won’t fade until at least eight weeks.

9. AMERICAN CREW Precision Blend Hair Dyes

Unlike the Amazon’s Choice recommendations, the American Crew Precision Blend Hair Dyes is part of the Professional Beauty selection, Amazon’s curated quality grooming products. With this in mind and the near five-star ratings it got from happy customers, you can trust it to do good on your hair.

The American Blend Hair Dye comes in two color choices: Dark and Light. As a liquid-based mixture, you don’t have to worry about scrubbing or washing hardly only to remove stains on your skins. Additionally, due to that same reason, you can achieve a fully-colored hair in only five minutes.

Should you purchase this item from out list of best hair dyes for men, you will get three tubes for the price of one. Since you can use a single tube for one or two uses, it will last you a long time before buying again.

With a natural style, your hair will not look dyed but instead display identical colors. After treatment, the dye will fade to-tone with no or fewer signs of color difference and brassiness. If you worry about its effectiveness, the maker guarantees the dye to be suitable for all hair types.

10. Just For Men Shampoo-In Color

If you want the effectiveness of Just In’s hair dye in a shampoo-solution, look no further than this last item on the guide. The Shampoo-In Color, an Amazon’s Choice selection, has over 800 positive ratings and customer reviews. Like the previously mentioned dyes from this maker, there’s no room for disappointment.

You can choose from two choices for this product: a pack of one or three. Since it’s a medium brown style, you won’t end up with obviously dyed hair. What’s more impressive is that it uses Keratin, Vitamin E, and Olive Oil to make your hair firmer, smoother, and grow faster.

If you’re concerned about safety, you’ll be glad to know that it’s Ammonia-free and doesn’t drip that easily to eyes or other sensitive parts of your body. After application, you only need to wait for five minutes before rinsing. Lastly, with its natural ingredients, there’s no need to recolor for at least eight weeks or when your hair starts growing new ones. Isn’t it a nice balance of features, effectiveness, and long-lasting colors? this is why we added this as one of the best hair dyes for men.

dyed hair close up of a mans scalp

How To Properly Dye Your Hair Or Beard

If you want to learn how to apply mens hair dye properly at home, we’re here to help. First, in dyeing your hair, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose hair color.
  2. Prepare the dye, applicator, cloth, water, and washing area.
  3. Test a little portion of your hair to verify that you’re not allergic to it.
  4. If you’re wearing clothes, make sure to cover them with something as the dye can cause stains.
  5. Choose a little section of your hair and apply.
  6. Do this until you cover all your hair.
  7. Follow the dye’s instructions on the duration before rinsing.
  8. Rinse the dye thoroughly.
  9. Dry your hair with a towel.

up close shot of a man dying his beard

On the other hand, the dyeing process for your beard should look like this:

  1. Dry your beard as wet or dampness will affect how to dye can stick.
  2. Prepare the dye, brush, water, cloth, and washing area.
  3. Gently brush the dye to your beard.
  4. Follow the dye’s instructions about the duration before rinsing.
  5. Wash your beard to rinse excess dye.
  6. Apply shampoo and wash again.
  7. Dry your beard with a towel.


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