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Top 10 Best Barber Aprons For Professionals And Stylist

best barber aprons for professionals and stylist

Top 10 Best Barbering Aprons!

Barber aprons are used to prevent hair from getting on the barber during haircutting services. Barber aprons are made of high-quality fabric usually with pockets that allow barbers to maneuver freely while offering them functionality and tool storage in the pockets.

Below is a fantastic list of haircutting aprons that are sure to add personality to you behind the chair. These high-quality aprons tested for flexibility, comfort, and, most importantly, durability. We created this list to showcase aprons that’ll last you for years to come; there’s no sense in buying items over and over again. Instead, we broke down the specs of various barbering aprons to giving you the best description of each to make your choice quick and easy!

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Why You Should Use A Barber Apron:

Not to take away from the value of a quality barber jacket, although, barber aprons have quickly taken the industry by storm. But why? The answer is flexibility and comfort. Aprons allow the barber to breath and feel relaxed in his/her working environment. Adding a thin strip of fabric between you and the client will prevent hair from getting on your clothes underneath. Barbering aprons have come a long way from looking like you’re about to bake a cake for a birthday party. Instead their much more masculine and are made up of heavy duty materials that’ll make you look more rugged and professional in 2020!

Barbers Rated:

#1. New York Sky Cross-Black Apron

This apron is handmade with a durable lightweight 9 oz denim fabric design. Lightly spray-coated for extra protection against dust, hair, and liquids. reinforced with genuine leather patches, anti-rust brass metal hardware to hold the apron up comfortably. This barber apron is double stitched with thick top to bottom support. This barber apron covers from chest to mid-shin.

Apron Dimensions:

 27″ wide x 36″ tall and fully adjustable for unisex sizing.

The straps are 95ins to fit both smaller and larger body types from 25- 60 inches around the waist. Making this barber apron very universal in size differentiation.


It has a clean design, with many utility pockets: an easy access phone and a place in the front chest pocket to hold your cutting shears. Large hand pockets to fit all the tools and accessories as you’re performing your hair cutting services. 

Enjoy this vintage stylized barber apron with a few modern design elements for added strength and durability.

Barbers Rated:

#2. Barber Strong Heavy Duty Apron

Our hats are off to “Barber Strong” a new company to hit the barbering industry and their quality of accessories and equipment has been a blessing to all of us. This newly designed barber apron is what every barber needs, it’s clean, professional, and will last for many years if you take good care of it. Check out more specs about this apron below.

This barber apron has a lightweight NanoShield fabric to help repel hair as soon as it touches the arpon. Along with an easy to adjust padded harness for weight distribution and helps with reducing pain to the upper back and neck areas. This barber apron as small concealed pockets to easily hair unwanted hair.

There’s a smal; zipper in the front that you can unzip to allow for the apron to split between your legs for more movability. Easy to wash in cold water by simply removing the straps and throw into the washer as you would normally.

Product Dimensions:

 12 x 0.5 x 10 inches

Apron Weight: 


Barbers Rated:

#3. Under New York’s Sky Genuine Leather Apron

This apron is a true workhorse, fitting most bodies, an great for haircutting and shaving services. Offering you comfort, durability and functionality. With a minimalist design, and many utility pockets to easily access your phone, cordless clipper, shears, comb or guards. This sleek genuine leather barbering apron in an absolute God send in the haircutting industry!


This Barber apron has a much softer and more natural look and feels as opposed to other aprons in its class. With a minimal design using genuine leather gives the apron a rustic appearance. Leather has always been a barber’s favorite for its durability the longer you wear lather and use it, the more character and personality it’ll start to take on.  


Plenty of pockets for storage and  2 Loops. that are clipped to the actual front apron for additional support and comfort while wearing the barbering apron. The apron has a split-leg feature to give the barber more flexibility and comfort while performing haircuts.

Apron Dimensions:

26″ wide x 34″ tall

Shoulder Straps:

40 in / 100 cm (max. length) – 21 in / 53 cm (min. length)

Waist Straps:

fits both small and larger bodies, from 25 up to 60 in (64 – 153 cm) waist.

Barbers Rated:

#4. Multiple Storage Leather Barber Apron

This barber apron is handmade to create the perfect balance and performance during your work routine. Highly durable with a PU premium leather front giving this apron a rustic and industrial design.

One size fits all, with an open and closing button system on the strap allowing the barber to calibrate the comfort levels while wearing the apron. Light weight with 3 large pockets in the front, two smaller pockets on the side and 1 medium sized pocket on the chest.

This company offers their customers a standard lifetime return guarantee, with no questions asked. Now that’s a deal!

Apron Size:

28in long by 24in wide


10.4 oz

Barbers Rated:

#5. New York Sky’s No Tie Barbering Apron

Another handmade barbering apron with a durable mid-weight 8 oz twill. Supported by a  genuine leather patch, on cotton straps to avoid allergies. This apron as a durable anti-rust brass metal hardware frame and clasps to adjust height on the shoulders while wearing. Duel stitched storage pockets and a thick top and bottom hem to boost strength and support over the entire apron.

No Tie:

Simply click the waist strap together with a clasp ring and adjust how tight you want to have the apron. This Apron like most has a split leg function to allow movement and flexibility while your working.

Apron Dimensions:

36′ tall and 27 ‘ wide you can adjust the waist strap from 25’ up to 60 inches. Making it great for any body type.

Return Policy:

In the event you don’t like this barber apron, the company responsible offers a money-back guarantee on this product. If you don’t like this barbering apron, simply get in touch with the manufacture via email and get your money back!

Barbers Rated:

#6. Vintage Heavy Duty Barber Apron

This minimal vintage style apron is designed for a long term and user convenience. Featuring one small leather chest pocket, along with three small canvas pockets and one large kangaroo pouch for additional storage space.

This barbering apron was sown using double stitches to add more support, and four leather loops to add character and functionality to the apron. adjustable strap in the back of the apron is great for any size person both small and large.  This apron will provide you with maximal protection, comfort, and durability. With a unisex and universal setting strap for all shapes and sizes!


26 in

Length from top to bottom:

33 in

Length Of The Straps:

55 in

Weight Of Apron:


Barber Rated:

#7. Eco Zen Premium Barber Apron

Unleash your inner creativity with this premium barbering apron. Extremely heavy-duty and the highest quality apron on our list.  This barbering apron is an absolute overkill, although to the right person that think about quality as an investment. This apron could very well outlast your entire haircutting career in terms of durability!

If you’ve been looking for a  heavy-duty work apron at a decent price your search for finding one is over!

This barber apron is handcrafted with a 16 oz waxed canvas apron, that’s reinforced with grommets and rivets. This company took the extra steps necessary by double stitching the apron and pockets for additional support.  This apron is flexible unlike most other aprons that are as stiff as a board. The outer coating on this apron prevents liquids from sticking to its surface and easily blocks out all unwanted hair from getting on your clothes underneath. Durable over the shoulder straps help keep balance and reduce strain on your body.

Width & Length Of The Apron:

27 inches wide x 34 inches long offering you full coverage.

Barber Rated:

#8. Waterproof Rubber Vinyl Barber Apron

If you’re not really into pockets and are looking for s simple apron that’ll prevent hair and liquid from getting on your clothing underneath. This Waterproof vinyl apron is a great choice, not everyone needs storage for their shears and clippers, rather just a minimal apron that simply gets the job done. This is that apron!

This apron can be tied from 10in to 40in around the waist. With durable neck and shoulder straps to add stability and comfort while wearing the apron.

This apron is also great for performing shampoo services as well as cutting hair and reducing the amount of hair that could get on your clothes underneath.

Companies Return Policy:

The Aulett home manufacturing company offers their customers a full 30-day money-back guarantee, along with a 1-year free replacement warranty if you don’t like the apron or if it’s no longer usable.

Apron Size:

40″ long x 28′ Wide

Barber Rated:

#9. Waxed Canvas Utility Apron (Tan)

a lightweight apron is good for most projects, the tan material adds personality to your workmanship and shows your clients you take your job seriously. This minimal apron design doesn’t have the most storage capability, but has enough to get the job done. Prevents unwanted hair from getting on your clothing underneath while making flexible movements while performing hair services. We recommend this apron for somebody that enjoys a natural look and feel.

Straps In The Back:

The straps can are 46ins in length. Great for both large and smaller body types.


Solid brass hardware to help add support to the apron while wearing.

Pockets & Storage:

This apron comes with 2 waist pockets and 1 chest pocket, great for holding tools, pens, or a phone

Weight Of Apron:

This waxed cotton canvas apron weighs 20 oz.

Barbers Rated:

10. Professional Grade – Black Unisex Apron

This apron is the lowest costing apron on our list. However, it’s a well-made apron that’ll offer the user many of the features of the more expensive aprons on our list.


Cotton & polyester blend helps to prevent wrinkles the apron fading over time. With A professional-grade water and chemical resistant fabric, this apron is cost-efficient and high-quality.

Length & Width Of Apron:

34 inches long with a waist tie of 29 inches to fit both larger and smaller body sizes up to 55 Inches.


This apron comes with four pockets to store pens, phones, and miscellaneous tools and equipment throughout your time behind the barber chair.

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