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The Best Electric Dry Shaver – For Men [4 Star Reviews by Over 1,200 Satisfied Customers!]

Product review on the braun series 9 electric shaver

There’s no doubt about it, I’ve dabbled with the Andis, Wahl and Babyliss Electric shavers but to no avail. Now don’t get me wrong, those are some powerful shavers!

Although when it comes to durability and getting that skin smoother than a baby’s bottom, the Braun 9 Series is a “F*7K!’Ng animal!”

best electric shaver for men - braun series 9 shaver

I don’t know about you, but growing up I used to watch my dad shave every morning in the bathroom mirror.

He would always use those cheap “Bic Razors.” you know the one I’m talking about? with the two blades that got dull after a few good strokes…just awful!

I always hated the whole process of lathering my face, and getting a “Razor Burn” Satan himself would be reaching for the “After Shave” to pull the “Sting” out of his face. 

Being a Barber for over 10+ years my knowledge towards razors came along way since watching my dad shave his face.

I hated to process, and I also hated the way the bare razor made my face feel after the shave was over. Thankfully technology has improved vastly, when it comes to the convenience of shaving.

braun 9 series case, charger station and shaver

Most of the time I’m pretty such going full “Werewolf” or at the very least…mid transformation. I don’t mind being a little scruffy, but my wife has a difference of opinion when it comes time to give her a smooch.

Women hate it when a man’s face feels like sandpaper on their soft skin. so, If you’re noticing a “Decrease” in your love life… you might want to start asking some big questions about your 5 o’clock shadow.

These questions are:

What type of shaver should I buy if I’m going to ever “Pro-create” in this life?

or, “How long does my beard have to be before somebody can legally call “Animal Control” on me? 

The answer is simple.

Product review on the braun series 9 electric shaver

The Braun 9 series, will literally change the way you shave. You WILL NOT, and I repeat WILL NOT need to have any other sort of crazy shaving contraption stuffed under your sink cabinet. No this is not a sales pitch, being a professional barber myself I’m telling you first hand. This shaver means business, what I’m trying to say is this:

“If we use this electric shaver to shave thousands of client faces throughout the year. Using this on a personal level will last you a life time!”

Throw away those Gillette 5 blade razors and start maintaining your face like a barber. Being in the hair industry saving time and increasing speed, is key to making profit and the Braun 9 series makes the cut! (Ha, Puns)

There’s a reason the biggest names in the “Hair cutting industry” use them on their clients. it’s because it works, and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth every time.

Here’s a few Great Specs about the Braun 9 series:

Braun Series 9 is the world’s most efficient shaver*, that’s exceptionally gentle to your skin. *Tested on 3-day beards vs. leading premium tier products. 

  • 5 synchronized shaving elements to capture more hair in the first stroke than any other premium shaver. 
  • 2 specialized trimmers, including Titanium coating, capture even the trickiest hair
  • The innovative Syncro Sonic technology with 10,000 micro vibrations capture more hair in every stroke
  • Built-in Intelligent Auto Sensing motor guarantees efficiency in every stroke, even on dense beards.
  • The type of blade is titanium and Ion battery with a charge time up to 1 Hour.

Start shaving your beard like a barber today, get the “Braun 9 Series” and end the persistent hassle of shaving every morning, or at the very least, make it easier on yourself!


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