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The Babyliss Gold Fx Clipper Complete Buyers Guide!

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The Babyliss FX Clipper

Let’s talk about the Babyliss clippers and what it means to be apart of the newest trending clipper in the industry. Babyliss has been around since 1995, bought by Conair and better known as BabylissPRO. The Babyliss company specializes in a high-end motor functionality designed by the makers of Ferrari. 

Babyliss quickly became a staple for all barbers around the world looking to perform high-quality haircuts. As of the last year, the Babyliss Clipper has become the leading clipper in sales on the Amazon marketplace. Now that’s exciting!

So let’s talk about the clipper itself, what makes it the leader in the industry?

The Type Of Motor The Babyliss Uses

The reason is simple, they focused on the biggest issues a lot of clipper users complain about, the ability to cut well. At the time the standard clippers just weren’t cutting it. (No Pun intended).

The Babyliss clipper uses a rotary motor. the concept behind the rotary motors is to keep the design as simple and effective as possible. Having this type of motor means the clipper will run smoothly and quietly while offering a great deal of torque and power after each rotation. This is why the Babyliss is best known for getting a lot of hair off with minimal passes.

The Longevity Of The Motor

Another great feature of rotary motors is the durability and maintenance. The Rotary motor rotates on a base in one direction, meaning it doesn’t have gears or grinds alongside any other mechanisms under the metal casing. This feature makes it ideal for easy cleaning with a small brush or quick blow of an air compressor.

What Material Does The Babyliss Case Use?

Babyliss clipper cases use an all-metal housing with a slight texture grip for handling. This casing is the strongest out of all the clipper cases found on the market place. 

Babyliss Self Charging Station

About The Babyliss Clipper Battery:

How Do You Charge Babyliss Hair Clippers?

Simply insert the charging port found at the opposite end of the power cord and plug it into the bottom receiving port of your Babyliss clipper. You want to make sure to maintain a half-hour charge for every 2 hours of use. Doing so will prevent overcharging your Babyliss battery that could potentially wear down its ability to hold a charge.

babyliss clipper with tomb45 battery pack

Where Can I Buy Replacement Babyliss Batteries?

Batteries for the Babyliss clipper can be bought on their official online store at 

Tomb 45 Battery Attachment For BabylissPRO

The Tomb45 Battery attachment can be equipped to the base of your Babyliss clipper for optimal charging. 

The Babyliss clipper can quickly run dry in terms of power, and having an additional battery supply is always a good idea. 

We recommend using Tomb45’s version of the charging Attachment. Tomb45 is a reliable source and trusted by many barbers in the industry.

If you’re looking for additional battery supplies for your clipper, please consider choosing from our list below. These links will take you to, where you can purchase the right one for you. 

Please keep in mind some battery attachments only work for specific clipper models. We made our list as simple as possible to help you find the correct battery!

If you’re using the BabylissPRO FX870G, please use this Attachment.

Do you have the Babyliss GoldFX 787G Trimmer? Click here.

Any other model Of the Babyliss FX does not come with a battery attachment by Tomb45.

Can You Zero Gap The Babyliss Clipper? Yes And No.

Unfortunately for the Babyliss clipper, the detachable blades make it extremely hard to get a proper 0 gap. Thankfully the Default blade gets the job done, but we suggest using an Andis or Wahl Clipper if your planning on 0 gapping a clipper. 

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How Long Do Babyliss Clippers Last?

After reviewing several barbers that use this clipper daily. We found most barbers start to notice after six months to a year of use that some parts need to be replaced.

The first issue barbers run into is how noisy this clipper can get due to the motor. In most cases, this is because the barber doesn’t keep up with maintaining the clipper with oil.

It could also be that the detachable blades were inserted incorrectly. In severe cases, it could be the rotary motor itself. If this is the case, the clipper may need to be mailed to the manufacture for adjustments.

customize babyliss clippers from their official website

Babyliss Clippers Are Fully Customizable

BabylissPRO is highly customizable, with 16 various color combinations and five color blades. You can start building your personalized Babyliss clipper today by going to this link here:

BabylissPRO Accessories:

If you’re looking to trick out your workstation with Babyliss FX here are a few more products they have besides the clipper.

Magnetic Barber Mat:

The magnetic Babyliss mat is an excellent accessory I recommend to all Babyliss clipper users. It’s good to hold up to 4 Babyliss clippers or trimmers on a single mat. All you do is place the clipper on top and it will stick from the blade and look as though it’s propped up and levitating.

barberology babyliss clipper grips

Babyliss Clipper Bands

A Clipper band is a rubber sleeve that is placed around the clipper. 

The bands help with handling and preventing the clipper from dropping onto the floor. BabylissPRO offers Four custom colors with these clipper guards from; Blue, Green, Orange, and Pink. Are you interested in checking them out for yourself? Click this link here that’ll take you to the custom Babyliss clipper guards.

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