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Best Electric Shavers For Men In 2021!

5 best electric shavers for men in 2021

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Best Electric Shavers For Men!

Electric shavers have many names such as; dry razor or electric razor. Electric shavers use small rotating or oscillating blades in order to trim facial stubble completely bald and well-groomed. Most electric shavers can be used without creams, water, or lotions.

Tired of using those crappy disposable blades and finally looking to invest in an efficient electric shaver that’ll last you for many years rather than spending more money on blades that get dull in only a few days of shaving? I feel ya bro, check out this list of the “Top 5 Best Electric Shavers” on the market and start getting those quality shaves your face deserves!

#1 Philips Norelco S9721/89 Shaver 9700:

Get a great shave using the “Philips Norelco shaver” even on hair that has been growing out for three days! The blade shaving rotator system moves with the angles of your face capturing up to 20 percent more hair with each stroke!  This electric shaver has a built-in lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 60 mins. While deliveringing the same power quality as a corded shaver without the hassle of a cord. With three powerful speed settings from “slow, medium, and fast” you can get a superior shave with this electric shaver quickly and efficiently. Hence why we put this bad boy on the top of the list!

#2 Braun Electric Shaver Series 9

Enjoy some German engineering with the Brauns 9 Series electric shaver. Get the experience of the barbershop with this heavy-duty electric shaver with an LED display that shows battery life status. Their SyncroSonic technology reads and adjusts to your beard 160 times a second giving it a boost of power wherever it’s having a hard time with those stubborn hairs while shaving. Removable foils at the head of the shaver to reduce skin irritation. Also included are a charging stand and a battery life of 50mins!

#3 Head Shaver for Bald Men, 5-in-1 Electric Shaver

Enjoy a painless, low sound, and hypoallergenic rotary shave. effortlessly work around the head or face to get an optimal shave! This electric shaver has 5 detachable attachments. A Shaver head can be used for men’s bald head or a women’s legs. A sideburns trimmer, Hair clipper with 3-5-7  guide comb for different hair types and lengths, perfect for facial hair styling.  This all in one also comes with a nose, ear hair trimmer, and facial cleansing brush.  Not to mention this electric shaver is waterproof and can quickly be charged with a USB cord charging port for up to 90 mins of shaving power on a single charge!

#4 Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

The “Panasonic Arc5 men’s electric shaver” has five extra sharp precision blades honed in at 30° and foil covering. Giving you a smooth and relaxing take on shaving your facial hair. This electric shaver can be used on both wet or dry hair. There’s a small latch that opens to a small convenient trimmer for more stylized trims such as; mustaches, goatees, and beard outlines. The Arc5 Electric shaver uses a USB charging port for up to 50 mins of shaving time! Adjustable pivoting that contours to the shape of your face getting the most out of every stroke. The blades on this electric shaver cut up to 14,000 cuts, and 70,000 crosscuts every minute! 

#5 Micro Touch Rechargeable Full Body Shaver

The micro touch has three attachments and comes with a chargeable USB Cord. This lightweight shaver has plenty of great reviews when it comes to quality and usability! With a small LED light to get the closest shaves without missing a spot. Equip yourself with Trimming combs (1mm, 3mm, 5mm) and reach those hard to get areas on your head, face, and body!  This shaver uses german stainless steel blades that’ll cut through hair as a hot knife does to a stick of butter. Mix that with a battery life of up to 45 mins and you’ll be the most well-groomed guy on the block!

4 Steps To A Quality Electric Shave:

Shaving is a personal experience when it comes to men’s facial grooming, or even shaving unwanted body hair period. Finding the proper steps to getting a clean and president look and feel can be difficult to a beginner. So, what we did was create an easy to follow along guide below on the exact steps you should be taking to ensure a quality shave that’ll make you feel more confident!


Cleansing has a variety of great benefits when it comes to the pre-shaving game. Cleaning your face of dust, dirty and oils will only make it that much easier for the shaver to do its job! not to mention if you’re using warm water to rinse your face it’ll open your pours making your hair even easier to shave with each pass you make with your electric shaver!

We recommend “Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

Wet Or Dry Shaving:

Determine what type of shaving method works best on your skin, some people prefer a wet shave using water to help glide the electric shaver. While others claim dry shaving is the closest shave a man can get! Whichever method you go with keep in mind the essential products you’ll need afterward to get the most out of the shaving process. For instance, when dry shaving you’ll be running a higher risk of skin irritation, and using an aftershave will work in your favor at the end of your shave. Aftershaves contain alcohol and are used to pull the burn out of the skin and quickly allow your skin to heal essentially sanitizing the area all at some time. Whereas wet shaving is good while using water or shaving gels and creams.

The Electric Shaver:

The shaver will only produce a quality shave when it’s running at its optimal settings. Each shaver has their own strengths and weaknesses, that play into everyone’s individual hair types. If you feel your hair is course you’ll need a shaver with a power motor and sharper blades revving with a stronger overall shaver setting. Doing so will allow the electric shaver to quickly cut the course hair follicles without sacrificing speed making it a far less painful process altogether.

Some Electric shavers only work in one stationary direction meaning you’ll have to do more work to follow the contour of your face to get a good looking result. Whereas such shavers like the “Brauns 9 Series” is well known for their smart technology that will adjust itself to the angles of your face. Always make sure you remove the foils and clean the blade underneath to make sure other hair wasn’t trapped inside from a previous shave. Proper oiling and care will give additional life to your electric shaver and ultimately give you the best results while using them!

guy getting a hot towel treatment

Hot Towel:

The hot towel technique has been around since the beginning of classic shaving in the earlier barbershops. Use a shaving gel or lotion throughout the area you wish to shave, then using a hot towel wrap your face before the shaving process doing this will weaken the hair follicles making even the thickest hair more pliable.

Cold Towel:

After a shave the skin is irritated and red, practically screaming to be cooled down. In our barbershop we have water bottles in our fridge that are chilled then poured onto a clean towel and applied to our clients faces to cool down the irritation. We wanted to make sure we added this little trick to our list and believe you’ll appreciate us for doing so!


This wraps up our blog about the best electric shavers along with some helpful tips to get the perfect shave at home. Thank you for reading our article, if you’re interested in our website and all things related to hair, consider checking out some of our other blogs here as well. 


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