T Outliner Blade Sharpener & Setting Tool: Get More Clients Now! Cyclops Brand

T Outliner Blade Sharpener & Setting Tool: Get More Clients Now!

T outliner Blade Sharpener & Setting tool. Ever wonder how these barbers can create crispy line ups and edges? Here’s everything you need to be able to give your clients award-winning haircuts that will keep them coming back for more!


Using The Blade Modifier Tool – Link To Amazon!

Let’s Get Started!

Barbering is a rapidly growing market, with tons of products being developed all the time; Which unfortunately saturates the industry with products that just don’t work as they should.

The 1 Minute blade modifier is a product that claims it can help barbers get that crispy line-up.

But is the product price worth its effectiveness?

“All work and no sharpening makes your Andis Trimmer Blade a dull boy”

The T Outliner Blade Sharpener is very user-friendly. To use, simply place the device on a hard surface and remove the trimmer blade and lock it into the metal cut out on the 1 Minute Blade Modifier.  Now, slide the blade back and forth to sharpen. Once completed, the blade will appear as new and will function at an optimal level. It’s easy to use and great for product longevity.

Another downfall, is that you will need the inclusion of another product. ‘ The Setting Tool,’ to receive desired results. The reason we gave this product a 4 out of 5 star rating is because you need both modifiers in order to deliver what the “1 Minute Blade Modifier Product”  claims it does with the one. Which isn’t too much of a take away, but playing in the big leagues everything matters.

So what’s wrong with it?

The 1-minute blade modifier only works with trimmer blades. Which should seem obvious but not everyone is aware of this.

On The Money Setting Tool:

How Does It Work?

This tool closes the gap between the trimmers fence and the blade, making it flush against one another; Which will present a flawless execution when doing precision detailing.

Fortunately,  they have created a combo value pack where you can receive both products for only $37.00. Check out the value pack for both professional barber products.

Get The 1-Minute Blade Modifier and Setting Tool:

Blade Sharpener & Setter Tool:
Already purchased one a few years back, I was seeing if this tool was still as valuable. It appears to be “Evergreen”, I love this tool. Good Post.
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