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Should I Shave My Face Wet Or Dry?

should i shave my face wet or dry?

Dry shaving is excellent for people that do not have sensitive skin.

Wet shaving is better if you tend to get razor burn or irritation while shaving quickly.

Shaving is one of the oldest ways to get rid of unwanted hair.

These places include stubble on the chin, unruly eyebrow hairs, edges of a haircut, or unwanted hair beneath the armpits.

Razors have evolved as human needs have evolved over the years.

We no longer depend on a single straight razor that we have to spend time sharpening anymore.

Disposable razors can do just that for people looking to get the job done quickly.

Disposable razors are primarily used for long vacations or business trips when users are away from their primary razor.

Some razors have removable and changeable blades, so you don’t have to buy a new one each time yours goes dull.

But, there is a debate going on about if you should shave your face wet or dry.

So, Let’s find out in this article which is better for you and why!

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How Shaving Works

Shaving works by having a sharp razor that gently scrapes the hair growing out of the face.

It’s much easier to get a smooth shave if the hair is trimmed to a subtle after using a beard trimmer.

Shaving consists of a series of razor strokes; these strokes go as follows:

Always start your first stroke going with the grain; the second stroke goes sideways, the last and final pass goes against the grain to give a perfectly smooth feel. 

Each razor stroke takes its turn, slowly chipping away at the hair follicle until the last stroke can gently polish off the shaving process.

What are ingrown hairs?

We all know hair grows back, but when it grows back and gets trapped under a layer of skin, we get ingrown hairs.

The way you shave and what you use have a lot to determine whether you’ll get ingrown hairs.

There are ways to lessen the chance of their irritating appearance, including whether you used a dry or a wet shave.

Another attribute to ingrown hairs includes the razor’s sharpness, the techniques you used during the initial shaving process, and how you applied the various shaving creams and aftershaves.

wet razor blade resting on a mirror

Is Shaving Daily Good Or Bad?

Even if your hair grows back quickly, it is usually not necessary to shave every day.

Razors not only slice off the hair; they shave off a layer of skin cells as well.

While it can be good to shave when you have dead skin to help get that unneeded layer off the skin.

Cells need time to grow and regenerate healthily.

Shaving every day will make it harder for your skin to grow back and leave your skin more sensitive or irritated.

man dry shaving in a mirror

What Is A Dry Shave?

A dry shave is just as it sounds. You shave dry without the use of any water.

This method can be done using a regular razor or an electric razor as well as performed on any part of the body.

You can use oils or dry shaving cream, though.

Tips For Dry Shaving

What’s the best way to perform a dry shave?

Well, for one you need to be extra careful!

Non-hydrated skin can be irritated more easily and more prone to cuts especially with freshly sharpened razors.

If you’re using a straight razor for a dry shave make sure to hold your skin nice and tight after applying an shaving oils or dry shaving cream.

You must shave with the grain in this scenario.

Work carefully and slowly. Try and wash your razor after a stroke or two and make sure to moisturize after.

Electric razors are actually meant to be dry shavers so make sure your skin is completely dry before putting it on your skin.

Move in circular motions with a feather-light touch.

You may shave with or against the grain depending on your sensitivity.

man wet shaving in the mirror

What Is A Wet Shave?

A wet shave is shaving with the use of water.

It can mean using water as lubricant for the razor itself or used just to hydrate the skin before applying shaving cream.

Wet shaves can be done on any part of the body using a regular razor, straight razor or electric razor.

Tips For Wet Shaving

Wet shaving is the most common way to shave unless you have an electric razor.

Lather your skin with water before putting on shaving cream and use long, gentle strokes downward.

If you’re going against the grain be extra careful since the skin will be slippery.

With dry shaving it’s easier to glide the razor through your skin so using a semi-dull razor will be much easier.

However, if your razor is knew it will be much sharper so take precaution.

Rinse your razor between shaves so hair and shaving cream doesn’t get stuck.

Once finished wash the skin free of shaving cream or excess hairs that may have stuck on and pat dry with a towel. Moisturize afterwards.

Which Is Better?

Is shaving your face wet or dry better?

In the end it doesn’t even matter which way you go as long as your skin is happy!

Wet shaving is applicable to all skin types and is usually better for the skin.

And, the extra moisture helps so your skin won’t get irritated.

If you’re prone to irritation, dryness or ingrown hairs shaving with the grain is the better option whether you dry or wet shave.

If you only have a straight razor, though, dry shaving takes a lot more time and care.

If you mainly shave with an electrical razor then dry shaving will work best! Just make sure to moisturize.

Ultimately it comes down to personal preference as there are pros and cons to each.

Try out both, listen to your skin and be careful!


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