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Recommended Products

most highly recommended barbering products

Find out what professional barbers, stylists, and hairdressers are using in the haircutting industry. The majority of the brands listed have been in the industry for over 75+ years. All of which are highly rated and approved by professionals. Whether you’re an amateur, veteran, self-grooming, or cutting your family members in a chair on the back porch. These recommended products are the ideal solution for all your haircutting needs.

Wahlz magic clip haircutting clipper

Wahlz Magic Clips

#1 Recommended Cordless Clipper In The Haircutting Industry. Check Out The Price!

Barber holding up a pair of babyliss clippers

Babyliss FX Clipper

High-Quality Cordless Clipper, Trusted By Barbers. Check Out The Price!

barber holding up andis cordless fade master clipper

Andis Fade Masters

A Powerful Haircutting Tool Used By Professional Barbers. Check Out The Price!

barber showing the wahl cordless clipper

Wahl 5-star senior clipper

Wahl 5-star senior clipper is great for fades and removing bulk quickly. Check Out The Price!

Babyliss Pro single foil electric shaver

Babyliss Pro (SF)

Babyliss Pro Single Foil Electric Shavers Are Great For Skin Fades. Check Out The Price!

wahl hard rubber clipper guards

Wahl Pro Clipper Guards

Hard plastic snap-on guards for Wahl clippers sizes 1-8. Check Out The Price!

sea salt spray for barbers and stylist

Sea Salt Spray

High-end sea salt spray used for styling hair with a matte finish. Check Out The Price!

Billy jealousy matte finish hair fiber paste product

Hair Fiber Paste

Perfect styling paste for medium hold, matte finish-look (Non-greasy) Check Out The Price!

barbering showing a safety razor

Safety Razor

Safety razor for shaving services. Check Out The Price!

billy jealousy shaving cream

Hydroplane Shaving Cream

Professional-grade full service shaving cream (water activated) Check Out The Price!

a spray water bottle for haircutting

Spray Bottle

Spray a mist of water to wet the hair Check Out The Price!

Booster Seat

A booster seat is used for kids to sit higher in the barber chair. Check Out The Price!

a box of latex gloves for barbers

Black Gloves

Latex-free gloves help with sanitation. Check Out The Price!

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