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Q&A: Questions For Barbers!

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Q&A For Barbers:

Ever wanted to ask a question to your barber? Here’s a list of the Most popular questions people have in regards to the barbering industry.

I’m on a budget, what do you recommend for basic barbering equipment to get started cutting hair?

Answer: You will need one main clipper & one trimmer. Your main clipper will be used to cut the hair using the detachable guards to adjust the length of your client’s hair. While the trimmers will be used for precision works such as; Line ups, edge work, and clean up around the ears and neckline.

We recommend these two tools for starters:

Wahl Magic Clips & Andis Slimline Pro Li.

What Do You Call A Female Barber?

The term “Barber” is unisex and not gender-based. A female barber would be called “Barber.”

Learn More* about female barbers in the blog I wrote explaining the difficulties female barbers face on a daily bases, and how to overcome these obstacles.

What Is The Importance Of A Barber?

Barbering is a profession that handles hair and the overall way society looks at each person. Barbers work in places known as”barbershops.” The main purpose of a barber is to give haircuts to the public while creating a connection of trust and loyalty. 

Haircuts are important because they decide the cultural standard for “cleanliness” and often “respect” when it comes to the way a person looks. People that look shaggy and unkempt are less likely to be hired for the job they are applying for. Barbers are entrusted to give a client a look and feel of professionalism offering clients the best visual stimulating appearance for job interviews along with many other society driven aspects that have to do with the way one looks.

Barbers must always stay up-to-date with the modern era and learn new techniques and trends quickly and efficiently.

Do Barbershops Use Hair Clippings To Make Wigs?

Working in the field for over 10+ years in my experience, barbers do not collect the hair that falls on the floor and make wigs out of it. Wigs are best made with one client donating longer hair.

Locks of love:

There’s a great program called “Locks Of Love” the hair must be 10 inches in length before you can donate. After we tie off the hair using a hair tie, we cut from the base and put the hair into a large zip-lock bag, while the client mails it off to the foundation.

Do locks of love make wigs?

This foundation does turn hair into wigs for cancer patients and many other wonderful hair reconstructive purposes.  Here’s the official website for donating hair: Get involved – Locks of Love

Should I Get My Haircut From The Same Barber?

Typically its best to consider using the same barber, this is because haircuts take time to learn and master for each hair type & client. Going to the same barber multiple times will allow for the barber to become familiar with your haircut and the way you like it.

Listen To Your Gut:

On the opposite spectrum, if the barber isn’t to keen on precision work, or perhaps you feel them rushing through the haircut service. You might want to go with your gut feeling and not go to them a second time.

Finding A Better Barber:

Consider finding a barber with higher hair cutting standards to serve you better. Once you find the right barber, its best to stick with them for as long as possible.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Barber?

The schooling for barbers is 1,200 hours followed by taking a state board regulated test to determine if you pass or fail at getting your professional barbering license.

How Much Do I Tip My Barber?

Anywhere between 15-20% is a good rule of thumb. If you felt the service was worth more than a generous tip might be adequate. On the opposite spectrum, if you felt the service was bad. Then tipping can be withheld altogether, but holding back on proper tipping could lead to that barber not wanting to cut the clients hair at all, next time they come in for a haircut.

Example Of A Proper Tip:

For example, I give a client a fresh fade, clean up his beard and style his hair. I would charge $25 at the minimum for the haircut itself. If that client gives me a 5-10 dollar tip I’m okay with that. it’s best to give credit where credit is due when it comes to tipping your barber.


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