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Mobile Barbering & Why You Should Consider It!

mobile barbering and why barbers should consider it

Why Barbers Are Switching To Mobile Services!

What we learn from terrifying events, losses, and economic crashes in society, it’s that when they happen, it’s not long after a new innovative idea is born to help rebuild and revolutionize the world!

During the covid19 pandemic, many barbers were afraid, and barbershops were forced to keep the doors closed to help prevent the spread of the virus. With that being the center of the world’s attention, we all became more aware of our surroundings by staying more protected by taking the proper safety and health precautions. Wearing a mask and gloves became a daily routine, and we all grew more reliable as people.

inside look on a mobile barber vehicle

About Mobile Barbering:

Barbers have decided to bring out the big guns and take their talents to people in their homes. Of course, with proper sanitation and disinfection methods to prevent cross-contamination and protect themselves while doing it. These Barbers are offering the same excellent haircutting services you’d get at your local barbershop!

The idea of mobile barbering isn’t so revolutionary or innovative as it’s another outlet to serve the community and reduce exposure to the virus. Mobile barbering has been taking into consideration these past few months, and now that barbers are allowed to go back to barbershops, it seems like others have decided to take the mobile path instead. But why?

Advantages Of Mobile Barbering:

Mobile barbering has a lot of advantages that barbershops don’t often offer, instead take from the in-house barber. Barbershops cost a barber weekly services fees due to chair rent, or a commission fee depending on the agreement between the owner and barber. It can be a 40-60 split, taking money out of the pocket of the barber performing the haircutting services. 

You Make More Money:

Using basic math, it could potentially cost less to travel to a few local homes in the area and cut hair, spending only a few dollars in travel expenses. Barbers that are doing house calls can also factor in travel costs and use booking apps to schedule incoming clients that need their haircut.

Barbershops are still highly relevant and will always be apart of the haircutting experience. Mobile barbering has excellent potential, and you might not have to spend all day at the barbershop waiting for clients to walk through the door. Instead, you might only need to cut a few haircuts and make the equivalent of the money you’d make at the shop without paying into commission or chair rent fees!

In our experience, making house calls is much more personal than the barbershop. Meaning after you’ve cut a person in their home and created a bond with that client, they’re more apt to tell their family and friends about you. If you’re lucky, you might only have to go to one client’s house and have 3-4 other family members show up needing a haircut!

Disadvantages Of Mobile Barbering:

The only downside to mobile barbering is that you’ll need to carry your tools and accessories with you everywhere. Setting up to cut hair every time can become annoying, although they do make barber cases that make set-up a lot easier. We suggest checking out an article we wrote about the “Top 8 Barber Cases On The Market.” We had mobile barbers in mind while we wrote that blog!

Buying Your Supplies:

Another drawback of working mobile is you’ll need to supply yourself with all the proper essential items such as neck strips, alcohol, hair products, etc. Certain barbershops provide their barbers with these extra essentials, but not all. If not, you won’t feel the financial impact of having to buy your own, as much as the barber that got them for free working at the shop.

Want To Become A Mobile Barber?

There are a few things you’re going to need to check off before grabbing your barber case and walking out to your clients. If you’re planning on making a mobile barbering service a full-time job, consider the legal matter behind running a business. Here’s a great website to start your own business with little start-up costs. Click the ad below to learn more.

Start LLC for $0 at IncFile

The hardest part will be to make your mobile business legal, the good thing about making it legal is you can use other resources to help promote your business. Many barbers want to grab their barber cases and start driving off to their client’s house; that’s okay. But if you’re thinking long term, you’ll want to be verified by Google to rank higher in the search engines for new clients to find you. The only way to have a google business account is to have a legitimate business ID. There are lots of other programs for new businesses and start-ups as well.

Tools, Products & Accessories:

After you have your business registered, make sure you have all the essential tools to make your mobile service feel like the barbershop experience. It would be bad news for the underprepared barber to show up to a house call without the proper tools for the job. We wrote an article called: “46 Essential Barber Tools.” In that blog, we listed out every product, device, and sanitation item you’ll need to be fully equipped for the occasion. 

Barber cutting hair using a mask to stop the spread of coronavirus

Protect Against Covid19:

The scariest part about being a mobile barber during these times has to deal with that elephant called the coronavirus. Being prepared in both tools and knowledge to prevent it from spreading will be your shield and sword when it comes to mobile barbering. We wrote a list of “10 useful items to help you fight against the virus” and help you feel more in control while performing your haircutting services on your clients.

Wearing the proper headgear, mask, and suits to reduce the risk is a must if you’re planning on making this a full-time job. You have to be mindful of your environment and make sure you’re sanitizing everything you touch, your tools, and even your traveling vehicle.

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