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Menswear For The Active Barber | Dress Professional

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Menswear is clothing for men, usually more high-end and of greater quality than most generic brands. Dressing in quality Menswear adds a sense of professionalism and value to the person wearing the outfits.

Menswear For The Active Barber!

Dressing professionally as a barber is unquestionably one of the most significant things you can do in your hair cutting profession. 

Studies have shown that dressing for success increases a barber’s income by a whopping 34%! 

You might be asking yourself, “A simple change in the way I dress has this much of an impact; how so? 

Well, the answer is relatively simple. 

People inherently judge another person by the first glance of their physical appearance.

If you look like you just rolled out of bed, that tells others you’re not putting any value in yourself. 

Let alone manage your time well; nobody wants a barber that runs late all of the time and dresses poorly.

So, why then would anyone put time into you? 

Below is a shortlist of great menswear outfits and accessories that’ll help spruce up your wardrobe and appear more professional.

Long Sleeve – Solid Color Dress Shirt:

Your first appearance matters to your clients, let’s make sure you’ve dressing for success! These solid color, long sleeve dress shirts come with 23 color variants to mix and match your outfits throughout the week.  

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Dress Pants – Machine Washable – Hidden Expandable Waist:

These Dress pants are a MUST have if you’re planning on stepping up your visual appearance.

These Business pants are made of 100% micro-polyester to add stretch and comfortability as you work behind the barber chair.

This particular brand offers customers up to 9 color variants to mix and match with your long sleeve shirts and dress shoes.

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Kenneth Cole Slip On Dress Shoes:

Dressing for success is important, but, so finding a pair of shoes that add comfort and flexibility between your outfits. The Kenneth Cole slip-on dress shoes are a great way to find that balance.

Set at a decent price for the quality and make of the shoe we highly suggest buying a pair of these dress shoes to complete your professional working attire.

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Minimal Timex Dress Watch:

Timex offers a classical look and feels for the times of minimalism & simplicity in styles.

They give their customers a variety of clean and professional-looking dress watches.

Watches are a great accessory to compliment your outfit and show a cohesive & well thought out outfit.

This will add a touch of sophistication and strength to the way clients see you in the workforce. 

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The Power Behind Dressing For Success:

Here are the reasons why dressing professionally will increase personal growth and success. 

In today’s job market, initial introductions can never be exaggerated enough, particularly if you attempt to separate yourself from the pack.

The picture you depict represents your competence as a person on the outside.

Dressing well is a verifiable truth among all experts, particularly the individuals who try to achieve high administrative positions. 

Looking and carrying on like an exceptionally qualified and well-prepared expert will enable you to pick up the adoration of your supervisor, associates, and customers.

Not to mention dressing well offers psychological benefits to the way you feel going about your day.

The phrase “Look good feel good!” is backed by science!

barber in professional menswear sitting on a chair

How Dressing Well Affects Your Work Environment:

I can not stress this enough.

The “The First Impression” is the last “Impression.” 

To quickly maintain a quality impression, you have to keep up with people’s expectations. 

Dressing well and giving a robust professional vibe in front of other employees will add a sense of respect.

Keep in mind, what people perceive of you will determine how far you make it in your career.

Your appearance proves a more serious attitude at work, for your colleagues, and most importantly, your boss. 

It’s not hard to add value to yourself; something as simple as acquiring the right menswear attire could land you the promotions you’ve been looking for. 

If you cannot manage your time to dress appropriately, it tells everybody around you that you do not value your responsibilities either. 

Your outfits closely relate to your Self-respect; paying attention to these small details will give your presence a spark that radiants everywhere you go!

barber standing on a street with a professional outfit and vest

The Reasoning Behind Professional Menswear

How does the way a person dresses influence their success? 

It’s relatively simple. 

After all, success comes from the involvement of the people around you. 

Barbering is and has always been a profession dealing with the matters of the public. 

When other people interact with you, they will invariably be influenced by your appearance. 

You can’t do too much with how you look from birth, but you can always make a cohesive and respectful statement by how you dress. 

Besides the professional menswear attire, a sincere smile and good posture are a few great ways to stand out in a crowd.

Throughout the day, you’re releasing a magnetic force of attraction and positivity. 

Which will either push people away or pull others closer to you. 

The benefits you’ll get by wearing professional attire will arise automatically. 

It’s the easiest way to influence people without speaking a single word.

Others will be attracted to you without them being consciously aware of it.

People believe well-dressed people are more approachable, attractive, competent, and successful even if they have the same primary job. 

barber wearing a nice outfit

Buy Quality:

We always tend to go for either expensive clothes or highly cheap ones when considering menswear.

Rather than doing that, it would be best to ensure that out of the three outfits you choose from, go for the one that looks more dapper and of better quality.

Fabric is the topmost priority, even more than the trim of the collar or any other feature. 

You can consider wearing a nice suit or buy formals that will make you look mature and classy with the complementary take on professionalism. 

Please note it’s normal for a man to wear the same outfits for several years; therefore, it is advisable to pay for quality fabrics knowing your investment will be worthwhile in the long term.

Investing in high-quality menswear that last is always better than cheaper outfits that you’ll end up paying more for in the long run.

 Learn The Psychology Of Colors:

Cyclops Brand - Color Chart to show emotions and values of each color in a professional setting


Think Of Color Pallets:

Each color has its value system when it comes to psychological success.

For example, Red means “Danger,” whereas Green says “Safe,” and Blue screams “Stability.”

Even major companies and social media platforms use this type of phycology when picking their brand colors.

For example, Facebook uses the color “Blue” on their websites and advertisements.

Subconsciously making you feel “Okay with this decision and that it’s safe to be using their platform.”

Navy is the color of success in terms of the psychology of men and women.

Accordingly, the second outfit purchased should be gray, and the third should be black.

After buying the first three colors mentioned, your wardrobe will have a robust professional appeal.

two well dressed barbers standing side by side

Solids Are Priority:

Checks and stripes are undoubtedly alluring but, to start, always go for solids when building your menswear collection. 

Solid colored shirts let people focus on your knowledge and ability rather than your looks and lines on the shirt. 

It is again better for you to go for white or blue to keep it subtle and sophisticated. 

Bright colors and loud designs will bring attention to your clothing instead of your projects.

Dress Socks:

socks should complement your attire. 

Dress socks are always worn at calf length so that only the stockings are seen when sitting and not your skin. 

Never wear socks with holes, wrinkles, or stains. 

Depending on the occasion, some people enjoy wearing socks with designs and patterns to change up the high-strung professionalism that comes with the job. 

Barbers wearing designs such as; shears, straight razors, or having the entire sock colored like a barber pole can sometimes be okay.

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Men’s underwear is not widely visible, although comfortability is necessary. 

Underwear that is too tight, short, or made with material that irritates can be a problem. 

As barbers, we’re used to bending over, moving from side to side, and standing all day. 

It’s best to find a pair of underwear that is both breathable and fits just right around the waistband, thighs, and crotch. 

We suggest “Calvin Klein’s Boxer Pack” for durability and comfort.

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Shoes are a secondary source of a person’s personality and a vital part of dressing professionally. 

Most people choose leather when it comes to shoe material. 

Leather is a good quality choice, although you will need to take care of them properly to keep them looking vibrant and new. 

We suggest buying a Shoe Sponge to polish and restore the leather and help protect it against daily wear and tear. 

Man wearing a belt that matches his outfit


Buy your belts at the same time that you purchase your shoes.

Belts should be leather and should match the color of the shoes.

Belt buckles should be conservative and not too flashy. 


Apart from these super easy tips, make sure you groom yourself properly by getting a nice haircut, have clean and proper-looking nails, as well as a pleasant cologne that’s neither too strong nor too light. 

These tips, if followed, will give you a great kick start to your career that will last as long as you abide by them.

Remember that how to dress reflects how others see you as a collective.

People tend to concentrate on your visual image when forming impressions of you. 

Ensure that your wardrobe always looks acceptable to everybody you interact with at work.

4.3/5 Dressing to impress is the secret to success! wether it’s a small business or a large corporation. The answer is the same, “Dressing Professional” has its advantages. the importance of dressing well as a barber Adrian_King10 Supervisor


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