Looking For A Barber Chair? Here's The Solution! Cyclops Brand

Looking For A Barber Chair? Here’s The Solution!

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Top 10 Best Barber Chairs For Sale in 2021!

In this article I made a list of the best barber chairs for sale in 2021. This list includes an extensive description of each barber chair along with top ratings from barbers on which barber chairs they desired most. I tried my best to pick and choose the most realistic and practical barbering chairs. In doing so, I’m absolutely sure you will find the perfect barbering chair for your barbershop by simply scrolling through our line up!

Table of Contents

Barbers Rated:

#1 Barber/Stylist Beauty Spa & Styling Chair:

With minimal assembly this barber/stylist beauty and spa chair makes for a great addition in your barbershop. Not to mention a fair price considering its functionality and base standards in a barber chair. 

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Barbers Rated:

#2 All Purpose Reclining Barber/Stylist Chair:

This barber chair is great if you’re trying to make your clients more comfortable. Easy to assemble and can rotate a full 360 degrees for optimal haircutting functionality for the barber/stylist. The back seat can be reclined up to 145 degrees with a solid headrest to give your clients the best shaves! This Barber chair comes with a Hydraulic lifting handle and sturdy round base that can hold up to 440 lbs. duel reinforced saddle sticking material help prevent puncturing and tearing the barber chair. Along with a comfortable Footrest to further relax your clients. Stainless steel armrest-PVC leather Cover-High density sponge-Double-reinforced saddle sticking.

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Barbers Rated:

#3 Classic Heavy Duty Reclining Barber Chair:

Artist Hand is a great brand for  Barber & Salon Chairs. Their company takes pride in making high-quality products. So, why would this be any less than expected? Using a high density sponge material with a classical design influence. This Barber chair can be used for any hair cutting type setting, or even tattoo shops!

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Barbers Rated:

#4 Hair Stylist Heavy Duty Reclining Chair:

Another great product from the  “Artist Hand” manufacturing company. This is a chair designed for barbershops and salons. With its reclining feature you can get the right angles to performing a quality shaving service. High-durable with a modern twist, artist hand hasn’t let us down yet! This heavy duty barber/salon chair is easy to clean and water resistant. The seats have a high density sponge material to last through the years. With an extendable headrest to match the comfortability of your client. This chair can turn at 360 Degrees on a swivel base. A 135 Degree reclining functionality for optimal shaving results. Premium steel frame to for additional support and strength. An a extended “U” shaped footrest.

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#5 Heavy Duty Sponge Reclining Barber Chair: 

Looking to invest in the next gen model of barber chair? Well, this is it. Artist hands newest barber chair with flawless stitching making this chair surface stronger and adds a touch elegance. High-quality textured satin leather to be able to withstand 40,000 rubs without wearing down!

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Barbers Rated:

#6 Artist Hand Vintage Barber Chair Heavy Duty:

Vintage-Style Barber Chairs are always fashionable. I’m convinced they’ll never fade. Being able to bring back the classical look of the old time barber shop is every owners dream. This Silver coated aluminum detailed and durable leather with plush seating with a classic styled round cushioned barber chair is a must have! Premium padded Armrests & classical flip footrest with an adjustable & removable headrest. Long single reclining handle for a 50 degree recline. A durable frame made from steel with chrome accents, making every client feel like a king!

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Barbers Rated:

#7 Vintage Barber Chair Heavy Duty Metal Frame:

A skillfully crafted and easy to clean bi-cast leather with high quality memory foam. This barber chair makes for a wonderful take on the vintage style barbershop chairs we’ve all seen and love. I’m not going to lie, this has to be my absolute favorite barber chair of the modern times!

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Barbers Rated:

#8 Beauty Style Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair:

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#9 All Purpose Reclinable Chair With Headrest:

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#10 Retro Barber Chair Heavy Duty:

Barbers Rated:

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barber chair close up

The Barber Chair Complete Buyer’s Guide:

Learn about barber chair specs and what to avoid when picking out your barber chair. Find out what makes a quality chair, along with helping the growth in customer satisfaction by adding more functionality and comfortability to your clients. We’ve created the ultimate guide in choosing the best barber chair for your barber shop. Below is a short list of barber chairs to compliment your design layout. 

“Being a barber is about taking care of people.” – Anthony Hamilton

Customer care is the most crucial determinant of successful Barbershop. Clients should feel pampered & be provided a home-like experience. Adding a comfortable Barber chair to your shop will make that experience that much better! Barber chairs should reflect the direction you have in mind for the barbershop. Finding a good chair can be complicated on the functionality side of things, but for the most part, it should simply bring your design layout together.  

We need to consider a few factors about your clientele that will determine the best chair options for your shop. Understanding you’re demographic such as; the age of your clientele, type of class, and local taste of the town your in are important determinants that should be considered when you’re considering a barber chair. 

1. Comfort:

Before purchasing a barber chair you need to think about it through the eyes of your customer, is this chair firm? would they be comfortable sitting in it for long periods? better yet, would this be a chair you can see yourself enjoying or are you going for the quick, cheap and flimsy route? keep in mind the goal is always customer satisfaction.

2. Quality Of The Cushions:

The cushions on the seat and backrest must be soft, and able to return to its original state after being compressed. Check the cushion by compressing it a few times to see its quality. After it is compressed the cushion should quickly bounce back to its original shape if it does not come back quickly enough, try another chair that’ll add value to your barbershop for years to come.

3. The Shape Of The Cushion:

Cushion shapes also play an important part in providing comfort to the customers. Make sure the barber chair backrest cushion has the curvature that best complements the natural shape of the back. The headrest should also be able to provide comfortable support to the head and neck. 

4. Additional Options:

Nowadays Barber chairs come with calf-comforters. If you want to provide customers with a classic barbershop experience, then look for a chair that has calf-comforters with good cushioning. Adjustable footrests are very important for customer comfort & additional functionality to the design of the chair.

5. Shape & Design:

Next up is the shape and design of the barber chair. Barber chairs come in all shapes and sizes so it’s all about what design will best suit you & the theme of your barbershop. If you have a classical theme for your shop for example, then adding a vintage-classic chair design will make your shop look balanced and congruent. Other the other hand if you want a more clean professional look, then a modern/industrial design will be more suitable for your shop theme.

Also, the size of your shop will be important when it comes to selecting the right chair size. If you have a small shop, then go for a sleek style chair with little to no mass saving space. If space is not an issue, then you can look into extensive stylized chairs. The choice is ultimately yours, and you will make the best logical decision based on your shop and budget.  

6. Functionality:

Consider the services you are providing at your shop. If you’re a salon that offers multiple functions of grooming and styling hair, then you’ll want to have some versatility and find a chair that can help with all these additional services. If you are planning on giving haircuts/shaves, then you can go with a basic functioning barber chair. 

7. Reclining Function:

Reclining is the primary function of a barber’s chair that provides comfort to the customer and ease of access to the barber. Be sure to check the seat for its reclining functions. If the reclining limit is not nearly the same as mentioned in the manual, look for another option. Also check for the dual recline feature, namely the backrest recline and seat recline. Both movements should be frictionless.  

8. Seat Height Adjustment:

To cater to the “height” of your customers, it is essential to check the chair for height adjustment functionality. The dampers (Gas Shocks) of the chair should be in perfect working condition and provide a smooth movement while adjusting the height of the chair. The hydraulic and dampers of the chair must be in a good state. Jerking during the height adjustment can become a nuisance for your customers, and will give them a bad impression about your shop.  

9. Adjustable Headrest:

The headrest of the seat should also be adjustable to accommodate customers of all heights. Look for a pin-stop holder type adjustable headrest as they prove to be the most durable. Look out for headrests with more height options as that will give you more adjustability overall.

10. High-End Automatic Features:

Modern barber chairs come with remote-controlled/electronic adjustment options. These are high-end seats that leave a positive and lasting impression on your clientele without a doubt! You can give the remote control to your customers and ask them to adjust the seat in a position where they feel the most comfortable. Giving your clients the control gives excitement and satisfaction to your customers who will want to enjoy the personalized experience of your shop over and over again. But do consider your budget and the mindset of your clientele before going for this option; if you are running a barbershop in a common area of the town, then a simple manually operated chair will also do great. 

11. Strength and Stability:

The strength and stability of a chair are significant for holding the client in position and keeping the chair stable during the haircutting service. Check the base of the chair; it should be broad, with a smooth base plate or footing that’s strong enough to support the weight capacity of your client. The structure of the chair should be firm, ideally made from steel, a quick way to check the quality of the chair is by checking the quality of the seat frame underneath the carriage. It should be made of solid steel, and the structure should be well bonded together. Rusting, poor workmanship and low-quality joints are all indications of a low-quality chair. Be on the lookout and avoid any of these shortcomings.

12. Seating & Weight Capacity:

Customers will have a highly-varying waistline, ranging from 20 to 50+ inches. And of course, you don’t want to embarrass your chubby client by saying that they cannot fit into the chair! So while buying a barber chair, be sure to select the seats that are broad enough to fit in the chubbiest of your clients. A wide seat can fit a thin chap, but a slim chair will not provide a comfortable place for a chubby fellow. So be cautious about this. The load-carrying capacity of the chair is another critical factor to consider while buying a barber chair. The maximum load-bearing size of the seat is mentioned in the manufacturer’s manual, and you must have an idea about the maximum weight you can put on the chair. Be smart and do not choose a chair that’s unable to support the heavier clients. Buy a chair that can substantially support larger clients and the rest will fall into place. 

13. Color & Style:

The barber chair’s color and style are important in creating a first impression on the customers. Make sure that you select a chair that blends well with the theme of your shop. If you select a chair color that does not match with the other details of your shop, then it will aesthetically spoil your shop and give a horrible impression to the customers. While selecting the right color for your barber’s chair, keep in mind the average age group of your clientele. If you have a fancy shop that is aimed at attracting teens and young adults, then choose a color that will give off energetic vibes to the customers. The orange, green or red color will be best for barbershops that primarily focus on young clientele. Whereas, maroon, black, brown and white colors will best go with your theme if the majority of your clientele is middle-aged. Also, make sure that the color of the chair is not faded. Faded cushions and seats will create an awful impression on your clients. 

14. Weight of the Chair:

When buying a barber’s chair, make sure the weight of the chair is moderate and not too heavy to create problems for you when moving it around. But do not compromise on the quality of the material. Some manufacturers use sub-standard materials to reduce the chair’s weight. Beware of buying the chair from a sub-standard brand that has a bad reputation. Make sure the chair’s material (steel or wood) is of good quality and in good shape. 

15. Parts Availability:

The availability of the chair’s spare parts is also a crucial factor to consider while buying a barber’s chair. Look for chairs whose spare parts are readily available in the market. Also, look for chairs that have spare parts available at an economical price in the market.

barber chair from a distance

The parts that usually need replacement are:

Foot Rest:

Due to constant adjustments and varied loads, the footrests become damaged very easily and need replacement.  


Frequent adjustments of the headrests create issues with pin-stop and require replacement very often.  

Arm Rest:

Sweat ingress damages the armrest cushions that need to be replaced often. 


With constant use, dampers become weak and start giving jerks during the seat height adjustment. 

Hydraulic Pump:

The barber chairs with hydraulic Pump function need a lot of maintenance as hydraulic failures are common that need pump/fluid replacement.

It is strongly advised that while buying a chair, you must select the option that has the most readily available spares in the market, at the lowest price and with the shortest lead time. If you do not keep the chairs well-maintained, it will create problems for the customer comfort damaging your image among the customers.  


And now we come to the elephant in the room, the price of a barber chair. Price is perhaps the most important factor to consider while buying a barber’s chair. A lot of factors will influence your decision for the price you are willing to pay for a barber chair. Factors like the size of your shop, the location of your shop, the class-background of your clientele and the type of service that you offer all play an important part in selecting the chair with the best price for your shop. 

For instance, if your shop is situated in a posh area that houses a lot of well-to-do people, then you might have to spend the extra bucks to get a stylish and elegant barber chair that will appeal to the clientele in the area. Whereas if you have a small set-up where only the middle classed people visit then you can go with a much cheaper option.  

Similarly, if you provide the simple services of haircuts and shaving, then you can work with the basic type of barber chairs available in the market. But in case you have a high-end salon that offers services like hair grooming and styling then you might have to spend more on getting a chair that supports these functions. 


In short, while selecting a barber chair, keep in mind the size of your business, the type of clientele you have to deal with and the amount that you are planning to spend. Considering all these factors will help you select the best barber chair that will fit your budget, fulfill your requirements and create a lot of returning customers in the long-run.  

Barber Chair Blog Post:
“Owning a Barber Chair is an Investment period. If your worried about the cost being to expensive, take a lesson from me, I’ve spent more money trying to re-pollster my old chairs and fix hydraulics every few months. Totally not worth the headache.”
cyclops brand barber chair post testimonial response
Barbershop Owner In New York






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