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How To Cut Men’s Hair At Home!

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How To Cut Men’s Hair At Home!

During COVID19 barbershops around the world have closed down, meaning barbers have been out of work for months now. But unfortunately, with or without us being there, hair continues to grow. Making it hard to get a top-quality haircut like the good old days a few weeks back. Many families started researching how to cut men’s hair at home. Gathering together in the kitchen passing the scissors & combs around trying to figure out which family member has been given the gift of barbering.

Turns out there’s been a lot of horrible haircuts being posted, So Instead of turning a blind eye and laughing at your next “MEME” worthy Facebook post. How about we equip you with some basic haircutting techniques to hold you over until we get the green light to go back to our favorite barbershops. Cool? awesome, here are a few videos you learn from and a small list of the proper tools you’ll need to tackle any basic haircut until this whole COVID19 is behind us!

Table of Contents

Tools & Supplies:

Before you start cutting men’s hair at home make sure you’re using the right tools, for a “DIY, cutting hair at a home type of project” it doesn’t take much to get the results you’re looking for, although you will need these four items in particular to start. We made it easy for you and created a quick and easy list of items below:

  • Clipper – Clippers machines made for cutting large amounts of hair.
  • Trimmer – A trimmer is a smaller machine that is used for detail work such as; necklines, beard trims, sideburns, and around the ears.
  • Scissors – or in the industry we call them “Shears” which are made to blend hair. Think of this tool as the final polish to your haircut. Mostly used with the Traveling Guide Technique to get optimal results for the top section of the head.
  • Comb: A comb will quickly become your greatest asset when you start using the clipper, trimmers, and scissors. Allowing yourself to have total control over the hair your cutting.

Basic Haircuts:

These haircuts are easier to accomplish with little to no hair- cutting experience. Our suggestion to cutting men’s hair at home is to take off less hair at a time, unfortunately, it doesn’t grow back (Quickly anyway) it’s Better to be safe than sorry in this case.

The Buzz Cut:

A crew cut is a haircut where the hair around the head is all the same length. This involves using “Clipper Guards” to get quality precision on your haircut. Using guard is a safe and effective way of getting even hair length, the hardest part about this haircut is making sure you pass the clipper a few extra times over on the back of your head. Making sure you’ve polished off this look without any straggling hairs.

How To Line-Up:

A “line up” is a fancy word for “Cleaning the edges of the hair” around the face, sideburns, neckline, etc. You will need a pair of “trimmers” to perform this part of the haircut. 

The Basic Fade: 

Fade haircuts come in all different sizes depending on which “Clipper Guard” you’ve decided to use. Most basic fades start with a number #2 guard and progress upward into the top section of hair. For example; #2 will be used towards the bottom of the head, then switch the guard to a #3 and slowly inch your way into the #4 and so on, Using the shears on top is optional.

More Advanced Haircuts:

If you’re feeling frisky from all that cabin fever it only makes sense to try your hand at something challenging and complicated. Here’s a list of 3 Advanced haircuts you can try on your family.

Skin Fade:

As the name suggests this process is done exactly like you would do a “Basic Fade” although there are more components to getting the “Blended” look. Instead of starting with a #2 guard you will start without a guard and completely bald out the bottom section of hair all the way around the head. Using “Pro Guards” such as the .5 Guard and the 1.5 Guard, these specialized guards rest in between the generic guards you’re used to seeing in the standard set. Meaning you will be going from a “0” which is the clipper without any guards attached to it, to blending into a .5, #1, 1.5, #2 and so on. Make sure you inch your way into each new section of hair, and erasing the lines caused by each pre-existing guard before until it blends smoothly without any harsh lines.


This haircut is rather easy to perform although this will take preparation in holding the hair in place on the top to be able to run the clippers under the hair giving you that “disconnection” basically meaning the hair on top is longer and the sides are dramatically cut shorter. You can achieve this by using a comb and wetting the hair to fall to one side and re-wetting the hair on top to lay down until you’re done using the clippers underneath the hair. We suggest using a #1 or #2 guard for your clipper when cutting this style.

Scissor Cutting:

When it comes to using your scissor/shears the “Comb” will quickly become your best friend. Think of these two as “Bonnie & Clyde” when scissor cutting precision is key. Using the comb to gently grab the hair, bringing that section of hair between your fingers, and then making a clean straight cut across. When it comes to trimming the top of the head, first use the comb and hold the section of hair straight up to the sky or 90 degrees and bring the scissor across the top of your index & Middle finger, then cut. This first initial cut will determine the rest of the length on top of the head will be so make it count! after making your first cut, use the comb to pick up the “already cut section” with a few new “uncut hairs” then pull it up to the sky again straight up 90 degrees. Now you will see a distinction between the cut hair mixed with the uncut pieces of hair, simply cut and match the previously cut hair and continue this method from the front of the head to the back. This technique is called a “Traveling Guide” as the name suggests.


I Hope These how to cut men’s hair at home demonstrations help make you and your family stop looking like “Werewolves” and start feeling human again. These are difficult times, and I, along with the amazing staff at “Cyclops Brand” want to personally wish, pray, and hope for your family’s safety during the COVID19 crisis. May God continue to bless you as you remain under his wings for protection and guidance. Psalms 91 


Make sure to clean and sterilize your combs & clippers after every person. These techniques are ONLY to better your knowledge of cutting hair & safety of, For the sole purpose to cut your family’s hair unlicensed, to maintain well-being for your family and nobody else outside of your home. This information can easily be obtained through the internet publicly, via YouTube, Udemy, or various other online classes.

Cyclops Brand isn’t responsible for any misuse or damage, please use common sense and a general understanding of these techniques. Otherwise, we suggest you not perform them at all and wait for the reopening of your barbershop.

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