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Is It Normal Not To Talk To The Barber During A Haircut?

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Is it normal not to talk to the barber during a haircut? 

Talking to a barber isn’t necessary to have the barbershop experience. However, Barbers are excellent at reading conversational ques and body language, if they notice any warning signs coming from their client they may choose not to conversate. Often times clients enjoy the peace and quite preferring not to talk and relax instead.

The short answer is: yes, of course! 

Here’s the long answer and the reasons behind it:

Being the client is easy because you will be setting the vibe of how the haircutting process will go. 

If you want to talk a million miles an hour, that’s entirely up to you, and your barber will more than likely chime in and say a few witty lines to keep the conversation fun and interesting. 

On another note, sometimes these moments are better left to relax and practice the art of mindfulness by not speaking and just enjoying the moment. 

There’s really no rules when talking to a barber

There’s no rule or societal staple that suggests every trip to the barber needs to be conversational. It’s best just to let the chips fall as they may (let it just flow without trying to make it into something more than the moment implies) 

As the client, you do not have to talk, although if you don’t, a barber may try and pry to test the waters on how you feel about talking.

They might say things like; how’s the family, or ask if you have any plans for the weekend? 

If client responds with short answers like “families good, or I don’t have plans for the weekend.” Then the barber might not ask questions anymore and feel the client doesn’t really want to talk.

Regardless it’s not rude, but it’s always polite to explain why you might not be feeling talkative that day, especially if you’re usually talking when sitting in your barber’s chair. 

Say something like sorry if I’m not talking much today, it was a long day at work. To let him know you’re not trying to be rude about your quietness but rather just not feeling it today.

image of a barber talking to his client in the barbershop

Sometimes its the barber that don’t talk to clients

But that doesn’t mean the client is always quiet either; sometimes, the barber is the one who isn’t talking. Remember their human just like you, and get tired themselves. Or they could be going through something in their own life.

Especially if you come into the barbershop towards the end of the working day, this is because they’ve been cutting hair and talking to clients for hours before you. 

Barbering can be mentally draining, and to finish up the workday conserving energy, a barber might be quieter than usual. 

There’s an underlying business rule that a barber shouldn’t complain to their clients about their tiredness because they may think they will get a worse haircut. So to avoid coming off as tired altogether, a barber might remain quiet. 

The barber has a horrible personality

The other reason is the barber may not be a people person and have a lousy personality. (Yes, this can happen even in the barbering field, knowing their job will be to service clients) but this type of behavior is frowned upon in the haircutting industry. If you feel this is why they’re not talking to you, I suggest changing the barber and avoiding them during your next visit. 

I also want to encourage you to try another barber in that barbershop because not all barbers act that way. It would be best if you gave somebody else a try before forsaking the entire shop altogether. 


Talking to a barber isn’t necessary during a haircut, although telling them if you are tired or want to relax would be polite. In most cases, a barber will go with the flow and pick up whether a conversation is necessary. Barbers are excellent at reading the client’s social cues, body language, and tone of voice. 

I also discussed why a barber might not be talking, and to give them the benefit of the doubt, they, themselves, might be tired and need a mental break. 

On the other hand, the barber could have a lousy personality for his line of work and be rude. If you feel this is the case, try using another barber next time. 

Thank you for reading; I hope I answered your question, be sure to check out our other posts about the haircutting industry you might find interesting!


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