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Is Barbering A Good Career Choice?

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 Is Barbering A Good Career Choice?

Barbering like many other hand on jobs require a strong will and drive to reach the pinnacle of this career. 

Overall, most barbers wont become millionaires just off cutting hair, but they do feel satisfied and enjoy the process as time goes on.

Let’s dive in and answer all the questions you may have, and see if this career is the right one for you.

The career of Barbering has been an age-long business.

Dating back to ancient history over 6,000 years ago!

Barbers have always played a vital role in grooming societies over the centuries.

The barber business won’t be going out of style anytime soon, that’s for sure!

To consider Barbering as a career, you must weigh the advantages and disadvantages from the vantage point of your goals as an individual

In this article, you will have your answer if Barbering is the right career path for you.

Let’s keep reading on!

woman in barber school cutting a manikin

Barbering School:

Barber school is where new barbers can learn entry-level courses, such as the science behind chemical services, how to roll perms, and both beginners to advance barbering techniques. 

Barber school takes 1,200 hours to complete the entire course and graduate with a diploma. 

The estimated time of completion is around eight months to a year in length.

Based on:

Barber school tuition costs between 13,000 – $16,000. 

Most Barber Schools offer individual grants and financial aid programs to help fund the tuition cost.

Barber schools have instructors to help aid their students by giving them hands-on experience using the best barber techniques and practices. 

This trade is primarily hands-on learning; you will need to learn some bookwork to pass the state board exam for your certificate of completion.

licensed barber cutting hair in the barbershop

Two Type Of Barber License:

Restricted license:

Which simply put means you can only cut hair within the state you graduated from.

The final test for your restricted is only 30 questions. Another stipulation to getting your restricted license is not being able to use certain tools or give special services to your clients, such as: 

  • Using a straight razor.
  • Hair dying services.
  • Depending on your state’s laws.

Master Barber License:

This is achieved by passing the 150 questions final exam, which allows you to perform any type of service and is needed if you’re planning to open your own barbershop.

Side note: when opening a barbershop you must have at least one barber with his/her master’s license. You do not necessarily need one for yourself as long as somebody in your establishment has one. Although if that barber leaves your Barbershop you will have to close down your barbershop. 

So, try your best at finishing School with your master barber license and save that from happening in the future!

Skills Required:

To grow in a career, you need to have the necessary skillset; for barbering, it does not take a long while to learn this skill. 

To startup, you do not have to own a barbershop before you start earning. 

Most barbers started as apprentices under an already established barber, learn how to cut and shave. 

They get paid some percentages, depending on the agreement. 

So, starting up a career is not much hassle.

After learning the skill, the prospective barber will need tools like: 

These items are relatively cheap and easy to come by.

Some also do servicing and repairs of this electrical equipment. 

Since the endpoint of most businesses is to increase yield, this is an advantage in the career of barbering.

Opening A Barbershop:

If you plan on taking your barbering career to the next level, understanding the ins and outs of establishing a barbershop is a MUST!

Let’s figure out what you’ll need to execute your business plan properly.

The barbershop has been a place for shaving faces and cutting hair, cultural speak, and emotional grooming.

If you are interested in impacting people’s lives, barbering is an excellent career choice. 

The barbershop does not have to necessarily be a prominent place: a room with three or more chairs, tables, and a big mirror is an ideal beginner-level barbershop.

These also are easy to set up with a not-so-humongous capital.

Every state has its own set of laws for creating a professional work environment.

Filing for insurance, utilities, and deposits will be worked out between you and your property manager/Landlord.

Pro Tip: Make sure you, as the barbershop owner, have enough clientele and pay the cost of “Rent and utilities” on your own. Instead of relying on your barbers for the weekly chair- rent, and commissions to make ends meet financially.

Click here* for more attentional information such as “Booking, Taxes, Insurance, Location, leasing, chair rent, and state board meeting requirements.

How Much Do Barbers Make?

Based on the “Bureau of Labor Statistics” filed yearly to the IRS, The average income a barber makes is between $27,000 – 35,000 annually.

Although, this number could change drastically depending on how you brand your business. 

The barbers that make 65,000 – 85,000 have an established clientele base that is willing to pay for premium hair services.

These upscaling services may include:

Watch these videos to see how to apply these upscaling techniques!

Barbers Are Self-Employed:

Finally, another advantage of a career in barbering is that you can do it in a part-time job. But as a career, professionalism should be the driving force for the business.

If people know that your barbershop offers professional services, they will pay you for your attention to detail and being mindful of their time. 

How you respond to text messages and answer client phone calls will determine the longevity of your newfound career path. 

Although being Self-Employed sounds like a dream.

You will have to create a scheduled system to manage your time wisely. 

The Cons Of Being A Barber:

The few disadvantages of starting a career in barbering are the extent to which you can earn — knowing that most barbershops have their prices regulated by somebody.

Hence there is a limit to how much or how less you can demand from customers.

The business of running a barbershop is not very lucrative, except you have a broad customer range.

This low turnout will not be very encouraging for starters in this career.

Developing a strong clientele base will be directly related to the professionalism you’re giving to your clients.


If your goal is to earn a steady income either full-time or part-time without having a large capital base, then a career in barbering is the right choice.

But in an otherwise scenario where you want to earn much within the shortest possible time, without considering or going through the pains of patience and growth, a career in barbering may not be the best for you.

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