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How To Trim Your Own Hair At Home

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Cutting Your Own Hair:

In this post we’ll be breaking down everything you’ll know to know about cutting your own hair. From the proper cutting tools you’ll need, to having a portable four way mirror to make cutting angles easier for you as you continue to cut your own hair.
“Did you know Two haircuts a month comes out to an average of $960.00 each year?”
There’s no question getting a haircut can be costly over time. This day and age someone is creating new and innovative ways to make life easier; this is why I wanted to bring up this revolutionary invention has taken the world by storm. Helping the average person be able to cut their hair with ease. It’s called the “360 Mirror” Below I listed the specifications on this award-winning invention that people have been using instead of going to a barbershop. (With enough practice of course!) Barber Rated: 4.5/5 Buy Now On Amazon!

This Helpful Invention consist of four mirrors connected to one another to give you a better perspective view on your hair cutting angles. The self-cutting System has easy to use brackets that fold out, giving you the power to control angles while cutting your own hair.

Don’t Have The Skills?

No worries, it does take a lot of practice to understand the different levels and functionality behind the tools. We suggest to anyone cutting their own hair to start off small, use a basic guard size on your clippers and use that all over your head. Doing this will make your haircut all one length, Then use the trimmers to line yourself up and give yourself a pat on the back!

The Tools You Will Need:

Cutting hair take a little knowledge when it comes to trying to figure out what tools are best. For the most part, when doing a simple trim around the face or over the ears a pair of quality shears will do the trick. Although, if you’re looking to do a more detailed haircut you might want to invest in a quality clipper, trimmer, shear and combs:  Barbers Rated: 5/5

Barber Comb:

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In order to capture or style your hair you’ll definitely need to invest in a decent barber comb. This will make your life much easier when your using the clipper and trimmer. Being able to lift up or over extend the hair is a huge deal if your planning on having a sort of success trying to cut your own hair!

Barber Rated: 4/5

Andis SlimLine Pro Li

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As for the trimmer, a trimmer is used to do more of the detail work, around the ears and neckline. basically this tool is to polish off the look of your haircut. We suggest using the “andis slimline pro” which like the clippers will also be cordless and easy to maneuver around your subjects head while performing the haircutting service.

Barber Rated: 4.3/5

Wahl Magic Clips Cordless Clipper:

We suggest using the “Wahl Magic Clips” being that there lightweight and cordless with the same cutting power as a corded pair of clippers. This makes it great for beginner barbers or hair cutting enthusiasts.

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Haircutting Shears:

Buying a quality pair of shears is an essential tool for cutting hair period. Being able to freehand cut stray hairs or make technical layering or texturizing incisions can really bring out the best in the haircut all together as one full and complete look! 

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Beard Shaping Tool Guide: 

Quickly and easily shape up your beard and neck line using this self-cutting tool. Finding out were to make the first cut is a daunting task for most brave trimmer wielding enthusiast. I will say, if you’re not comfortable in making the first move, I suggest investing in this guide to make your life easier! Buy Now On Amazon! 4/5

Shark Tank’s Hair Catching Cape:

This product was seen on shark tank a few months back for its innovative design. Two suction cups that are attached to the ends of the cape, that can stick to the mirror while will help trap any unwanted hair from getting on the floor or sink of your bathroom.

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Hairline Shaping and Neck Hair Shaving Template:

The hardest part about cutting your own hair is the inability to see the back of your own head…But thankfully this neck hair shaving template can do it! all you have to do is strap it around the back and use the hard plastic edges to help guide the trimmer across the backside of your hairline. It truly is a  fantastic tool for anyone having trouble getting those lines straight and well-groomed!

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Learning The Basics Of Cutting Hair:

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be able to cut hair. Although it would be beneficial for you to take an online class, or a few videos on youtube before taking the clippers to your head. Quickly research these terms and understand the basic haircutting elements to give yourself a proper haircut: If you’re trying to simply have all your hair be the same length around your head, or looking to cut it all off, then this four way mirror is ideal.
Using the
The Self Cutting System – Link To Amazon


There’s nothing is as good as getting a refreshing haircut from a barbershop. Although there are other options you can try. If you’re up for a bit of a challenge and willing to do the research necessary to achieve a quality haircut, then cutting your own hair won’t be that difficult. Cutting Your Own Hair: 3.7/5 Thought It was kinda silly at first, Until I realized I really did start to save. Why blow $20 just to get a number 2 guard passed all over my head. Logically speaking, and as easy as it is to use. There’s no question about it, just Buy the dumb thing haha! cyclops barber testimonial for blog post " Self cut system" how to cut your own hair professionally John Doe Designer Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram


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