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How To Sell More Retail Products In Your Barbershop!

how to sell retail products in a abrebrshop

Did you know on average, barbershops that offer retail products to their customers make an additional $10 more per client that walks out the door? That’s huge, why are you not doing this you silly goose?!

This increase in profit can only be done by choosing a creditable brand that offers a variety of great products. Another “heads up”, is that any client that makes a retail purchase from you is 23% more likely to become a returning customer.

That goes for both coming back for haircuts as well as picking up more retail products from your shop. I’ve listed 5 Great tips and tricks below that are sure to help you take home a little extra cash in your pocket!

the best product displays

1. Product Placement

Without a doubt, you need to consider a place in your barbershop where people gather together while waiting for their haircut. *Cough* The Sitting room *Un-cough*  

Hey! That’s a great place to start, the sitting room! great idea Johnson.

Why is this? This is because people take time to make decisions, by having a large organized display full of great products available this makes your clients think. It’s all about finding the balance, having too many options scare people away. 

Whereas having too little shows your lack of inventory and care, making it seem like you’re showing off an un-fruitful selection. we recommend about 2-3 of each type of product. For example, 2-3 shampoos, 2-3 conditioners, 2-3 pomades, and so on.  

Another tip is to keep this area as clean and organized as possible. You should be able to easily walk up and quickly pick out the product for your client in a flash!

barber trying hair products on clients hair

2. Try Before You Buy

This tactic is as old as the day the first caveman sold a dry stick to another caveman to make a fire. We wouldn’t go around calling our clients caveman, although some certainly look like one coming in for a haircut. (More painfully written jokes well underway!)

The idea of landing a retail sale is easier than one might think, you need to show what the product can do for them. Nobody wants to buy a product and take a gamble on whether or not it’s going to work for them.

The best salesman knows how to eliminate all the risks and showcases only the best results. You, my friend, are a professional hairstylist, you know what they are missing out on. Now Share it with them during your next haircut and explain the benefits and how great it makes them look!

barber wooden chalk sign for services and displays

3. Make Your Display Stand Out!

Large signage like this rustic wooden chalk board, Posters cleverly placed, and stickers that can be put on your workstation mirrors are  great ways to peak curiosity. Quickly get new products noticed with stickers and prompt a conversation about them.

The best part is this works when you’re not even trying to make a sale. You never know where a client’s eyes may be wandering to, so having options cleverly placed throughout your barbershop will only spark a profitable conversation!

In the words of “Mowie” from the movie Moana ” You’re Welcome!”

finding great products for your barbershop display

4. Pick Your Products Wisely

Before buying a crap-ton of retail products in bulk, thinking you’re going to be rolling in retail sales dough. You might want to consider doing a fair bit of research on products first. 

You need to make sure these products do the job. These people are trusting you, some are going to be your most loyal clients that have been coming for years. It’s in your best interest to inform them and give them a product that does what it says it does.

It would be a horrible business tactic to sell crappy products just to make a quick buck to loyal clients. The idea is to keep people coming back and building trust with your barbershop. These products you’re going to be selling will directly reflect your expertise as a professional.

Here’s a shortlist of brands I put together that have a high reputation as hair grooming products. You can always branch out from here, I just wanted to get your foot in the door.

For clippers, trimmers, and shaver devices I recommend:

If you’re looking for hair products, shampoos, conditioners, pomades, etc, these are the best!

Just to name a few off the top of my head, of course within these brands some products and hair cutting devices might not be for everyone. So you’ll need to pick wisely for your client base, and barbershop demographic. 

5. A Gold Nugget For Retail Selling Masters!

Keep in mind, these people are not barbers. They are regular people that more than likely don’t think about their hair unless their wives are yelling at them to get a haircut. Or unless they need to look well-groomed and professional for their line of work.

Other than that, they could care less. (In most cases) It’s your job to educate them and make them care!

Show them how to apply these hair products, or how to use hair clippers at home. If that’s what it takes to make a sale.

    I know what you’re thinking, “No way buddy! I’m not about to teach them how to cut their hair at home, I’ll lose money as a barber!

    Let me ask you, “have you honestly lost a client by them cutting their hair at home?” In most cases, you end up having to fix these types of DIY haircuts right?

It’s not about losing clients by giving them heaps of information. It’s to showcase your knowledge as a professional, there’s a huge difference. People love to learn and our craft is highly interesting to people that aren’t around the industry every day like we are, it’s fascinating to them. 

People love to ask questions and see demonstrations. By showing them what you know, will only build trust with your clients. When you explain how a clipper guard works, or how you enjoy doing a particular technique. It’s fulfilling their curiosity bucket.

Nobody could learn your 10+ years of barbering experience in 15 minutes by sitting in a barber chair. It doesn’t work that way. Let alone confidently buy a clipper and start cutting a perfect skin fade when they get home. 

Nope, never heard of such a thing, and the slim chance they do, you just planted a wonderful seed and helped the world gain another barber, Which is amazing!

Anyway, It’s always better to be the educator, and build trust is all I’m trying to say fam. This is how you can continue to make retail sales throughout your career. 

You’ll only get better at explaining, demonstrating, and teaching, before you know it you’re well on your way to making a lot more money as a barber!


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