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How To Remove Back Hair – [Recommended Tools]

how to remove back hair

How To Remove Back Hair [Recommended Tools]

Wife tired of shaving your back? Here’s the solution 

The time has come; your spouse has hit her breaking point when shaving your back hair. That pesky back hair reaching up from under your shirt collar has to go!

We’ve all been there, my friend; in this article, you will learn your back hair removal options and the recommended tool and products you can start using today; to get your back feeling smooth and hairless.

Why do we get hair on our backs?

Genetics is the number one cause for a hairy back; these genes are susceptible to testosterone (a male hormone responsible for producing hair.)

In a survey done by Harris interactive, out of 1,000 women between 18 and 44, more than 90% found hairy backs unattractive. 

How common is back hair?

More than 25% of men after 30 will experience changes in their body when growing hair on their upper back, while 26% may start to see hair growing on the lower back.

What is the purpose of a hairy back?

As we age, ear and nose hair work as a filter to protect us against dust, debris, and impurities found in the air. Eyelashes work in the same way to catch dirt and particles.

Unfortunately, scientists haven’t found the reason for hairy backs; many theorize it’s to collect sweat for cooling off the body’s temperature when exposed to air or insulating and trapping in heat during the winter seasons. 

What are my options for removing back hair?

Hairy backs in our society is considered undesirable and can affect self-esteem. We want to look our best and feel good at all times; here are a few options that have helped men with hairy backs throughout the years.

Laser hair removal: 

This is a technique done by a licensed laser technician under the supervision of a healthcare professional, using a small laser that directs lights beams on a targeted area, similar to electrolysis. This method isn’t always a permanent solution; some follow-up procedures will be needed to see the best results.

Laser hair removal can cause skin irritation and develop rashes on the post-treated area. If the patient experiences these symptoms, typically, an ice pack can remedy it. 

How much does laser hair removal cost?

The average cost of one laser hair removal session was $389.00 in 2020, based on an article by WebMD.

The primary cost factors for removal treatment are; the part of the body that treatment will take place, surface area and how much will be removed. These factors can amount to the number of sessions needed to achieve the best result.

laser hair removal process

Laser Hair Removal Options (For Home Use)

Not everyone can afford expensive hair removal sessions; here is another option to try for yourself at home that could give you the same results.

  • Hair Removal Laser: The FDA approved this device to remove Hair four times faster than its competitors. Slowly pass the laser over the spot you want removed; the manufacturer recommends doing this process once every two weeks until the hair is entirely removed. 
  • Hair Removal Glasses: These glasses are designed to protect your eyes from harmful laser rays such as; UV, blue, red, and infrared and are highly recommended if you decide to use the Hair removal laser at home.

Depilatory creams: 

a chemical solution applied to the skin that breaks down proteins compounds for hair removal. After letting the solution sit on the skin, use a wet cloth to wipe away the cream. Please note that this option isn’t for sensitive skin; the chemicals in depilatory creams often irritate.

Here is a depilatory cream that has many good reviews from other men dealing with hairy backs.

Men’s Hair Removal Cream: This plant-based formula is fast and effective at hair removal with no side effects that most depilatory creams typically have, which can cause burning, irritation, and discomfort to the skin. Great for all skin types and odor-free.

waxing for removing back hair


Wax in its basic form is hard as a candle; the wax is heated in a metal container and applied to the unwanted hair with a flat wooden stick. After it’s on the area the user wants to remove hair, a small cloth or pad is used over the top before the wax hardens. The wax and padding adhere to each, then ripped off in a swift motion, removing all hair that the wax was covering.

This method can prevent regrowth for almost one whole month. Waxing is an excellent alternative for removing stubborn hair but can be painful if not done correctly. Adding too much wax or not pulling the strip off fast and hard enough can irritate the skin.

If you decide to use this option, we recommend a few products to make the experience well worth it.

  • Waxing Stripes: These stripes adhere to the wax and then quickly remove hair in one swift motion.
  • Waxing Sticks: Used to retrieve the warm wax from the heated metal container to apply to the unwanted hairs (before placing the waxing stripe over the top.)
  • Wax Heater: A device that heats the wax before applying it.
  • Wax: wax comes in tiny beads to help melt quickly in the wax heater.
shaving razor


is a removal method that involves using a razor, usually a safety or electric razor. By applying a large amount of shaving cream over the area of the body you plan on shaving. It uses a safety razor blade to glide across the back, cutting hair on the surface. 

Because the follicle isn’t cut or removed from the root, it’ll grow back a few days after shaving. You will need continual maintenance to keep your back looking smooth and hairless.

Shaving is a daunting experience for most men, usually involving an unwilling volunteer to do the job. Below is a fantastic solution for that man who prefers the shaving method.

Bakblade 2.0 elite plus: 

Bakblade offers men a quick, safe, and smooth alternative to shaving your back. Whether your shaving wet or dry will give you the results, your wife or girlfriend would approve.

Check the price

How long does it take to shave with? 

extremely fast, as one verified comment states,” it’s as quick and easy as using a back scratcher!”

This back shaving tool doesn’t require batteries or moving parts, a top-selling feature problem for men. Reach your shoulders, lower and upper back, and use its built-in exfoliating brush to remove and clean away unwanted hair after using the shaver. The shaver comes with snap-in cartridges to get your back as smooth as possible.


Removing back hair can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to modern sciences and the tools developed, men have solutions for their issues. Although some options can be expensive, their a less costly options that work just as well!

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