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How To Have A Great Shave At Home!

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How To Have A Great Shave At Home!

Shaving should never feel like a chore. However, the injuries and dry skin you sometimes get after shaving can discourage the whole experience. Hence, we sometimes go to our trusted barber to do it for us. But if you are on a tight budget, this solution will cost you a lot in the long run.

In such cases, you have no one else to depend on other than yourself. Shaving is effortless to do if you have the right tools and techniques in your hand. In this article, we’ve collected the tried and tested methods on how to shave that you can do to have a convenient and hassle-free way of shaving at home.

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Invest in your shaving equipment

First of all, you should never cheap out on your shaving equipment. These are your weapons, and choosing cheap products not only makes the experience much more inconvenient, but it could also damage or hurt your face. As a general guide, getting a good quality shaving bowl and a brush could give you a whole new wonderful experience.

Next, you must now choose a high-quality razor with a lot of good reviews. Sometimes, a razor will look cool and all but in terms of performance, they downright suck. Hence, it would help if you researched this one so that you will be guided on the current best razors in the market today.

Lastly, the shaving lubricant you will use. Different shaving lubricants include everything from shaving cream to shaving gels. There are also shaving oils that you can use if you’re into that. The key here is that whatever you use, it should leave your face smooth and moisturized.

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Prepping up your face

The hairs on your face can be too stubborn and hard to tame, which causes the different problems you usually have while shaving. Hence, to make the shaving process more manageable, you need to do a lot of prep work on your face.

Start this step by washing your face with a gentle scrub so that you could remove any excess oils and other dirty stuff on your face. If you want to skip this one out, you can start shaving after going out from a warm bath. Wet hair is more manageable and could prevent irritation, which you should always aim for when shaving. If the beard hairs are too long, you can also trim them down to make the whole process easier.

Now, get your shaving bowl and begin lathering up your chosen lubricant with your shaving brush. Take some of the lather, and using your fingers or brush, gently massage it all over your mouth and neck area. This way, you could further soften your bristles and help dig up ingrown hair. Make sure that you are using a product with a moisturizing effect to avoid dry skin afterward.

Leave the lather alone and get your weapon of choice.

shaving a long with the grain with shaving cream and razor

Shave along the grain

Although it does not need one to be a genius to shave, there is a wrong and a right way of doing it. The wrong way is going against the grain, which could potentially cause more irritation and injuries. The right way, on the contrary, is shaving along the grain.

You can start wherever you feel the most comfortable. Gently push the razor against your skin and slowly move it around. Wash your razor with clean, warm water after every stroke to keep it from being clogged up from all the bristles.

Use the lather on your face as a guide to where you should shave next to prevent shaving the same area many times. If you have to shave the same place again, wait until you’ve finished with the other regions, then re-apply lather to where it is needed.

man washing his face after a great shave at home

Wash up

If you are finally satisfied with the results, it’s now time to wash up. Use cool water and thoroughly wash your face to remove any excess hair and lather. Cool water can help close down your pores, which further lessens the chances of skin irritation.

Afterward, get a clean towel and dry your face with it. Remember, pat it dry. Avoid scrubbing it all over your face like cleaning a dirty floor since your face is still sensitive after the shave.

man putting on lotion after a great shave


Based on your skin type, you might be required to use a moisturizer to avoid drying up your skin. Even if your skin does not need any more moisturizing, you should still do it if you can to add another layer of skin protection.


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