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How To Get More Likes On Instagram Haircut Images

barbers using photoshop

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Barbers can speak more than a thousand words if they know the skills to create high-quality, eye-catching images. Learning and effectively using Photoshop can literally give barbers the “Cutting-edge” over their competitors.

Mastering Photoshop:

Learning Photoshop for barbers in 2020 is more important than ever, Especially when appearance and quality images are what social media enthusiast are craving! Photoshop can help barbers improve the way people portray them and their brand. Don’t you want to be noticed for your hard work and talent? Of course you do!

With the right skills, barbers can work wonders using the Photoshop software to boost their traffic and get plenty of likes on their instagram pages!

But before we start with the importance of photoshop, it’s even more important that we share the basic fundamentals of taking great photos. The good news is you don’t have to be a professional photographer to land a viral haircut image. You just have to get it close enough, and photoshop can do the rest. Imagine what can you achieve when you have a great picture to start with? absolute perfection.

Canon Rebel DSLR Camera

1. Camera:

A good camera is extremely important in making your photography stand out from the rest. Make sure you have a DSLR camera, with variable lens fitting options. Canon and Nikon are the best DSLR options from which you can choose for taken fantastic headshot images of your clients, We recommend, the Canon EOS Rebel DSLR for hair photography.


50mm Rebel Canon Lens – Link To Amazon!

2. Lens:

The lens is the most vital part of the process. Having a good lens is extremely important for great hair photography. Two of the best available options are Canon 50mm f/1.8 and Canon 50mm f/1.4. Both lenses give you amazing results that will create great images.


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3. Lighting:

Lighting is extremely important for creating great images. You have a few options to choose from depending on your shop’s space and location.

If your shop has a window that allows a good amount of light exposure inside the shop, then you can work with the natural lighting for photography. But for evenings and night time use you will need to arrange an artificial lighting option.  We Highly recommend the “Neewer Ring light kit” for professional hairstyle photographs.

4. Photography Angles:

Photography angles play an important role in the final appearance of the image. In order to get all the angles covered, take photos from all angles including sides, front and the back.  Experiment a little with the photography to see which angle gives you the best results.  But remember to stay in line with the light and not go against it, or you will end up getting very bad results.


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5. Background:

Backgrounds can make or break your images. Even the best of the photographs can get neutralized because of poor background selection.

The best background to have for hair images is a white background. If the background is dull or cluttered, it will interfere with the appearance of the hair and give poor results. 

Light backgrounds provide the best contrast for dark-colored hair. A proper white background can be placed in the shop, especially for photography. But if you are cramped for space there are a lot of alternates to a proper white background. 

You can work pretty well with a white wall using it as a background. And even if you don’t have a white wall, then you can work with an H banner with white background. 

White Back Drop – Link To Amazon!

It will prove to be a good portable background for your photography in addition to acting as a promotional banner for your brand. Once you are done with photography, now you are ready to create magic using Adobe Photoshop.

“Now that we got that out of the way let’s talk about the benefits of using” Adobe Photoshop“. Here are the reasons how learning Photoshop will help barbers improve their brand’s image and leave a lasting impact on your clientele”


6. Create A Stronger Brand Image:

The better the quality of the hairstyle images you send out to the public, the better your brand image will become. Barbers can use Photoshop to give a royalty touch to the photographs that can otherwise appear ordinary and lifeless. 

You can improve a few aspects of the images using Photoshop such as:

 Some images might need to highlight the hair-style more than anything in the background, you will have to increase the image’s sharpness. in order to achieve this magazine type look.

This can easily be done if a barber knows how to work on Photoshop. Also, you can increase the image’s resolution and make it look richer and livelier by just a few clicks.

Using Photoshop you can adjust the contrast of the images to create a clear contrast for the dark hair color to become prominent on the light background. In case you don’t have a light colored background than by using Photoshop, you can edit the image and add a light background to give the perfect contrast and highlight the hairstyle further. In case you are working on a grayscale then you must improve the resolution of the image and increase its sharpness so it appears clear and elegant. There are many more tricks you can play with on Adobe Photoshop to create wonderful looking and spellbinding images. But in order to do that, you’ll have to learn Photoshop first.

Here’s a great video that explains the power behind the adobe photoshop software:

7. Increase Social Media Engagement:

Well-edited and high-quality images will do wonders for you on social media. People on social media love to follow pages that have high-quality imagery and give off great vibes. 

If barbers can learn Photoshop and create eye-catching images for their posts, this will definitely lead to higher social media follower-ship and clientele.  Check out our Instagram page with over 38k Followers.

8. Experiment With New Hairstyles:

This can prove to be the most interesting aspect of barber learning Photoshop and applying it. With Photoshop you can experiment with new hairstyle without having to risk it practically on your customers.

You can create thousands of unique hairstyle by just a few clicks and discover which hairstyle can better suit the specific hair-types and face-cuts. 

This can prove to be a revolutionary step in the barber niche and help you develop new hairstyles that could become the trademark of your identity and make you famous among your clientele. 

Give Customers A Real-time Preview of The Hairstyle Once you have created the unique hairstyle on Photoshop, you can give a real-time preview to your customer on how the style will look on their face. 

And not only that, using Photoshop you can provide a digital catalog to the customers and show them how they will look after the haircut. 

This can give your business a great customer service reputation that will sky-rocket the popularity of your brand. 

Watch This Incredible Video How This Guy Added Hair To A Completely Bald Guy!

9. Build Trust With Clients:

Showing to the world how great your clients look after the haircut will greatly increase your customer’s trust in your brand. The great photography will result in creating a bond between you and your customers that will be priceless. But all of this is not possible until a barber learns how to use Photoshop. 

Pro tip: Ask your clients if they use social media, then ask if it would be okay for you to tag them in your next Instagram post!

“A Satisfied Customer Is The Best Marketing Tool You Can Have.”  -Cyclops

Cyclops Brand Premium Pomade Ad Using Photoshop

10. Better Facebook/Social Media Ads:

Attractive, sharp and eye-catching images are the trick behind successful social media marketing campaigns.

With the help of Photoshop, barbers can create their own personalized social media ads and rank much higher than their competitors who are not using Photoshop. 

Photoshop Can Help Barbers in Making better Brochures/Banners for Marketing 

With good Photoshop skills, barbers will be able to create customized brochures and attractive banners using their own made hairstyle rather than using a third party created ads, with random hairstyle images. 

Your self-created banners will do great on local ad spaces and billboards. 

And perhaps the greatest advantage that learning Photoshop can give is your independent marketing  Capability, without having to involve a third party.  

11. Correcting Mistakes:

Mistakes are a part of being human. But if you know Photoshop, you can easily correct the mistakes made in taking the picture. Small blemishes, red eyes or unwanted color-contrasts are a few major errors that people make during photography.

But with the help of Photoshop, the barbers can correct the slight errors and ensure that the images that go out to the public are pristine and perfect. 


12. Give A Better Experience To Your Customers:

Having impressive haircut images around your barbershop can have a very positive effect on your customers. When they walk in to see the great pictures around them they immediately feel the confidence in your professionalism. But this is cannot be possible unless Barbers start learning Photoshop, and effectively apply it to their work.


Learning Photoshop could very well set your online presence to a whole new level. Along with learning a few technical photography skills to create a strong looking image. The Adobe Photoshop Software can enhance your images to build trust and gain lots of traffic to your social media websites!

Why Barbers Should Be Using Adobe Photoshop: 4.4/5 At first I was against photoshop, but it depends on how you use it. Some people over saturate the image with enhancements and it loses its “Realness” and starts to look fake. If you’re using the software sparingly to correct slight mistakes or blemishes I don’t see the big deal. Photoshop is great tool for barbers to start Enhancing their haircut images! Barbershop owner image of his dog for a testimonial response on a blog post from cyclops brand TheReal_JohnGoodman Barbershop Owner Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube


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