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How To Fix Damaged Hair? The Causes And Remedies

How to fix Damaged hair? The Causes and Remedies

Damaged hair is caused by many factors, such as; dry weather, low humidity, heat, certain hair products, an unhealthy diet, and the stress of daily life, which can affect the hair negatively.

Thankfully in most cases, damaged hair is reversible; some treatments repair and strengthen hair. So you don’t have to live with a bird’s nest on your head anymore!

Below are in-depth explanations of particular attributes that may further damage your hair and should be avoided, along with a great list of remedies and products that can help.

Let’s Dive In!

What Causes Damaged Hair?

More than 91% of the United States is damaging their hair without realizing it. The biggest factors are, chemical products, over using tools that expose the hair to high heat, diet, and using shampoos with sulfate as their active ingredient.

1. Chemical Products

Perming, hair dyeing, and relaxing products include chemicals that weaken the hair and make it more prone to breakage. Shampoos can dry out the individual hair follicle and can cause the hair to frizz, become brittle, or split.

image of a hot iron straightening hair

2. Using Hairstyling Tools

Heat is the most destructive element to hair; without using preventive products like oils or thermal resistant spray, the hair follicle can “fry,” resulting in elevated porous and cuticle hair. Using heat too frequently or at high temps can cause damage to your hair in the long run. 

If you want to use heating tools in your regular styling routine, we recommend using a thermal spray for an easy spray-on application that adds a layer of protection for the hair while being exposed to heat.

Here’s a great thermal hair spray to protect your hair.

3. Diet And Nutrition

The importance of nutrition in promoting healthy hair cannot be overstated. People lacking in specific nutrients may experience weaker hair and appear dry, dull, or brittle. Severe nutritional shortages can also cause hair loss.

What you consume can have a significant impact on your hair’s health. A lack of certain nutrients, such as vitamins A, C, D, and E, zinc, B vitamins, iron, biotin, protein, and vital fatty acids, can lead to hair loss or delay hair development.

We recommend taking daily vitamins for repairing your hair at the biological level to form new follicles and strengthen the hair you already have.

Here are a few popular vitamins that are proven to be attributed to a healthy head of hair.

shampooing using sulfate free shampoo

4. Sulfate Shampoos

Sulfate is a chemical used in shampoo to strip away the oils in your hair; this chemical is common in most shampoo products to give the hair a clean and refreshing feeling after a shower. It can be rather harsh, drying the hair and scalp out over time, overusing can lead to damaged hair that can become susceptible to breakage and split ends.

Common sulfates: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)

We recommend a sulfate-free shampoo to counteract this problem. Or if you do use a sulfate shampoo only to use it between sulfate-free shampoos to give your hair enough time to recover between uses.

Here are a few sulfate-free shampoos:

How To Fix Damaged Hair? ( Split Ends And Brittle Hair)

Argan oil hair products are rich in nutrients, making them ideal for damaged hair. Vitamin E is the critical element in its makeup, which your hair needs at all times. It aids in the healing of damaged hair by stimulating hair cell development, promoting new growth, and helping in the repair of what is already there.

It’s also fantastic since it’s a great moisturizer. Damaged hair is generally drained of all moisture in the hair follicle, leaving it fragile and brittle. Argan oil for hair can help restore moisture to the hair and get it back on track.

Check out these Argan Hair Products

Morrocanoil Treatment oil

This Moroccanoil hair oil is a multi-functional product that may treat, style, and finish hair. Argan oil and vitamins are used together to enhance shine, detangle hair, and shorten drying time.

OGX Renewing Argan Oil Hydrating Shampoo

This unique, priceless combination with Moroccan argan oil penetrates, moisturizes, revives, and strengthens your hair while protecting it from damaging styling heat and UV damage.

OGX Renewing Argan Oil Hydrating Conditioner

Ogx Argan Oil Conditioner is free of sulfates and parabens, much like its shampoo version. Argan oil strengthens and nourishes hair follicles. It softens your hair and restores luster to drab locks.

Magic Split Endz Repair Cream

This is a great Repair Cream that fixes frayed and split ends quickly and prevents further breaking. Argan oil, Hemp Oil, and Vitamin B5 work together to improve hair structure and condition, while Wheat Proteins assist in strengthening, healing, and preventing future damage.

image of a guy with healthy looking hair


Having dry and damaged hair is never fun; thankfully, many helpful options for all hair types that can reverse this problem. This article explains the leading causes of damaged hair, what to avoid, and some valuable solutions to remedy your damaged hair. 


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