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How Much Do Barbers Make? [2021 Update]

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How Much Do Barbers Make?

How much do barbers make? Based on the reported income of 2021. The average barber makes $19.90 per hour. With an annual salary of $75,603 in the United States. Making the Barbering profession above average in terms of income.

how much do barbers make?
Based On The 2020 Labor Statistics For The United States

Learn How To Make More Money As A Barber:

Below is a short list of things you can do to boost your income as a barber. Being able to sell yourself with a good marketing strategy & good use of social media you can quickly make more money than you may initially think as a barber. Find out what the professional influencers are doing that could double if not triple your income!

  • Prove yourself Worthy In front Of New Clients.
  • Make Your Online Presence Professional & Clean.
  • Dress Like A Professional. (Increase Profit by 34%)
  • Going the Extra Mile (Tips Included In This Post) 
  • Remove All Distractions And Stay In Your Lane. 

Getting Noticed:

Establishing a strong barbering presence is critical when it comes to creating a strong clientele base. After learning the basics of barbering, you’ll need to adapt to the behaviors and habits of the industry professionals. Studies have shown that the first three chairs in a barbershop are the honey pots for increasing traffic and income. The first chair increases the barber’s profit by 12%, the second chair in by 10%, and the third chair at 7% and decreases as you descend towards the back of the barbershop.

Why is this? the answer is simple, “Visual Presentation.” Clients automatically assume the first chair is for the “Best Barber” In the shop —a visual “Showcase” of what the barbershop has to offer. Not to mention, the first chair gets to say the “Opening greeting” when the new clients walk through the door. This advantage lays the groundwork inside the client’s mind, giving them a sense of peace about your services right out the gate! If used correctly, the first chair in the barbershop can be a goldmine. So, how do you get to be apart of that cash flow?

barber cutting clients hair in barber chair

Here’s How The System Works:

Most barbers stop learning after barbering school and continue to use their already learned knowledge for years to come as they progress through their profession. Many barbers get complacent in their craft, and leave a lot of potential growth and money on the table by doing so… Here are some things you’ll need to do in order to break this cycle:

  • Step out of your bubble and participate in barbershop conversation.
  • Get your skills up to pare, then the barbershop owner will have no choice but to think about “Promoting” you closer to the front door.
  • Good haircuts mean more clients, more clients the more popular the barbershop becomes, the happier your boss gets! opening more doors for professional interactions, conversations, and greetings which trails down to Generating more  “5-star google Reviews” in the future! it’s a win-win!

The more traffic the shop gets, the more haircuts you cut, and the more likely you are to be promoted to a closer chair towards the front of the barbershop. Thus leading you to a higher percentage in profits.

Go Further & Beyond:

Have you ever looked around your barbershop and saw everyone on their phones playing games, taking to many smoke breaks and complaining about how slow the shop is all the time? we’ve all been there before, one thing is for sure that person is not you. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post to begin with. Let’s continue to dive further into the art of barbering and how you can fatten-up your wallet!

Make Your Presence Known:

People value social media a lot this day and age, It’s a no brainer that your social media is a direct reflection of your professionalism and a place to showcase your talent! Mastering the art of a clean visual presence is hard enough already. Learning how to take professional “Haircut Images” with proper lighting and knowing which camera is best is a whole other blog post to read, thankfully I’ve already done that for you in the post called “Best Camera For Taking Professional Haircuts & Growing Your Instagram.”  that’s a whole other monster that I’ve written an entire blog post about to help boost your confidence in taking this leap!

Learn The Software:

learning powerful software such as “Adobe Photoshop” won’t only give you the edge in creating visually pleasing images. But will be a great asset for you to start creating a world of self-promotion and visually stimulating images! The difference between a barber and a world-class barber is how much their willing to study to expand their territory. If you feel your talented enough to start taking photos of your haircuts, then go the extra mile in making them look amazing using adobe photoshop. Which will lead you to creating powerful ads on facebook to target the thousands of local customers that have never heard of your before!

Here’s a short video on “How To Use Facebook Ads” to target your audience.

Become a local super-star in your area, human nature is funny. The more you promote yourself with clean and professional images, people will start to collect the dots subconsciously. Giving you a platform to gain new clients just by stepping up your game on social media. You become locally famous the more you blast your haircuts and face all over the internet!

When people click on your Facebook ad it will direct them to seeing your High-quality professional haircutting images. Once people see your work, you can increase your traffic by a whopping 12%!

Dressing Professional:

What’s the difference between a beginner barber and a professional one? besides the many years of working experience, a professional barber dresses like he/she is the boss. Don’t be pulled down by barbers that aren’t shooting for professionalism and think it’s okay to dress down every day they go to work. The research of human psychology tells us the majority of people prefer going to barbers that dress up rather than looking like they just got out of bed. Just by dressing-well, you can increase your profit margin by 34% Now That’s huge!

 I’ve written a detailed blog called ” How Dressing Professional Can Increase Your Profit By 34%” based on real business statistics used in multi-million dollar corporations. The blog goes into great depth about how dressing-well works psychologically in the minds of your potential clients. We go over how certain color schemes bring vibrancy and happier moods, while others can be less stimulating. Which in return can be potentially harmful to your profits as a barber. If you’re interested I’d highly recommend checking it out!

man getting his haircut

The Secret To Success:

Here’s how to beat your co-workers when it comes to making money in the long run. Most barbers finishing school go into the barbershop industry like a raging bull! Ready to work long strenuous hours cutting hair all day thinking they need to burn out to make a lot of money. 

The Wise Follow Their Direction:

Here’s the lesson, in a nutshell, just because somebody is pushing the pavement and working long hours doesn’t mean they’re following the right formula to benefit themselves in the long run. Anyone can cut through clients, make a lot of money, and be done with the day, although very few can keep those clients returning for more haircuts for weeks to come. Clients are paying for the “Experience” not because you can cut hair quickly. Granted, “cutting hair” is a considerable role being a barber and all, but that’s not the “End Game” anymore. It would be best if you shot for the marathon rather than the sprint.

How To Advance Quickly:

When was the last time you used a “Facial steamer” with aromatherapy on your client? Perhaps offered a Black mask service” or “Exfoliation?

Here’s a good one, when was the last time you did a full scale “Old Fashion Shave With Hot Lather?”  What if you did all three of these services on one client and took a whole 45 mins to an hour, including a fresh skin fade? The answer is simple; you gained a client.” The more clients see the extra services you’re doing, the more they will inherently crave your work from afar. You are eventually ending with them curious about your routine and not paying Mr.Speedy Gonzalez” any mind. Somewhere along the line, barbers have lacked in their work-ethic. So, you going the extra mile in your services will only reap a massive advantage for you!

“If you do things other people are not doing, you will get the results others are not getting.” – Cyclops


Work Smart Not Hard:

Why do 10 haircutting services each day when all you have to do is 3 hot towel shaves with a  fade?

instead of wasting time burning out and adding wear and tear to your body, use the extra time to run Facebook Ads and Promotions about your “Top-Tier Services!” Get so involved with your services that clients begin to envy the people coming out of your chair. people aren’t stupid, After a while, clients will start to pick up on what you’re all about and will want a taste of your incredible services.


For one facial shave & haircut, I charge $55 – $65 Which’s not even with the “Tip” included. so roughly about $75 each? As for the fades. I get it done in 25 mins and spend the next 10 mins doing the line-up and re-touching the blend until it’s absolutely perfect.

In barbering it’s always “Quality Over Quantity.” frankly, any Barbershop owner that’s running their establishment with the “Zip N’ Go” mentality needs to check their priorities. Most barbershop owners and even barbers for that matter are leaving a lot of money on the table!

Quick Up-Scale Services:

Have you tried using “Hair Fibers?” hair fibers are a great way to add that extra spark to your haircuts. Using it conservatively will enhance the haircut and make your client feel like he is royalty. Unfortunately, a lot of Amateur barbers tend to over use this wonderful hair enhancement tool. This is why some clients have strayed away from wanting to use it all together. Hair Fibers are natural hair substances made up of microscopic fibers that are sprayed on thinning areas of your client’s head to add density. If used properly it’s a great way to get those extra sharp and crispy line-ups and beard edges!

If you do decide to upscale your haircuts I suggest using the “Hair Fiber Kit

Pro Tip:

After Spraying The Hair Fibers, Lock them in place Using a thin Mist of “Hair Spray” Then Go back over with the “Straight-Razor” to get those lines screaming “Hallelujah!” I always add the cost of the hair fibers into the cost of the haircut in case I begin to run out. It’s rather expensive at first, but after you buy your first bottle you can upscale your haircuts a bit to compensate for the loss and ultimately having them pay for your next bottle. This technique is ideal when you’re ready to take those High-Quality and engaging Haircut photos! 

Remove All Distractions:

I saved this one for last for a reason, in order for you to tip the scale of earning profits as a barber you have to do the things other barbers aren’t willing to do. Even if it means you’re doing this alone, in a barbershop full of people. Allow me to explain, Unfortunately not everyone is capable of breaking away from the daily routine of barbering. Infact, most barbers are completely okay with waking up early and leaving the shop at 5pm. There’s nothing wrong with that, well, unless you’re okay with putting a cap on the potential the industry has to offer, but hey that’s on you!


Breaking The Mold:

Here’s how to do it, go through your phone and delete every app you don’t use anymore. Start by removing all the clutter from your Subconscious. Free up the “Rented space”, this goes for friends and even family members that are leaving a negative impact on your life.

The secret to tapping into your power source is taking care of all the small stuff that built up over time. Having a large pile of trash in your mind leads to procrastination and ultimately a lack of focus. Zero in your goals like a laser beam, and work towards one thing at a time until it is completed. People think opportunity comes and goes like missing the train or a bus ride.  News flash, Doors open and close all the time, it’s what doors do. But it’s up to you, if you want to walk through quickly through every door that opens or be patient.

You say, “I am allowed to do anything”—but not everything is good for you. You say, “I am allowed to do anything”—but not everything is beneficial. 1 corinthians 10:23

Slow & Steady:

Take life one day at a time, because one day has enough troubles of its own. When it comes to social media, focus on just two main outlets for all your barbering needs, wants, and desires. My suggestion for you would be Facebook; For their ads and direct audience targeting capability. Use Instagram; for the user-friendly and visual aspect of showcasing your haircuts. Both are perfect for creating a powerful online presence as a barber. 

Start narrowing down your skills and try your best to make your weaknesses your strengths. Do you suck at using the straight razor? No worries, watch a few youtube videos on “The Best Ways To Shave In Under 9 Strokes” or something like that. Anything that will close that knowledge gap and make you a better barber all around is worth learning. Sharpening your skills is something other barbers are more than likely not doing. Sharpening your skillset will only make you that much better. Don’t worry about what people are thinking about in your last Snapchat video, but instead try doing the homework and master your profession.

Go home and learn how to take apart a pair of “Wahl clippers.” Learn the difference between the “Andis fade masters” and “Wahl seniors,” on a technical level. Find out the difference between “Ceramic blades” and “The Factory Default Blade.” which one of these work best for you and why? Master your craft inside and out. Doing so will give you confidence even when others try to sway you into believing otherwise. 

Want to learn how to become the authority in the barbering world? It’s easy, start doing the things people are afraid to do. It will be lonely at first, and failure is almost inevitable. As you begin rising from the ashes of your failures and building yourself up, people will remember you for leaping when everyone else was too afraid to jump. 

cyclops brand logo

Quick Testimony

When I started “Cyclops Brand,” I worked full-time as a barber and started the idea from scratch. I learned everything I possibly could about how to build a “Brand.” I had no idea what I was doing or getting myself into; my poor wife was concerned because I was utterly consumed. I thought that someday Cyclops brand would be the leader in the barbering industry.

I wanted to know the ins and outs and make the most strategic plays to get the best results quickly and efficiently. It’s funny looking back at it because I genuinely thought I was doing it right, but it turned out to be wrong in many areas of business.

I had to restart many times, and I started to get frustrated. I had to learn how to draw, use photoshop, and understand how to create an authoritative and straightforward logo. It also needed to be meaningful, with a sense of purpose and strength for other barbers to be attracted to. 

Later, I felt confident and decided to buy my first few shirts to print the logo. I purchased twelve black t-shirts, mind you, everyone else in the barbershop saw me grinding daily. Some even came up and tried to add to the dream with their ideas. But none of them put their money where their mouth was.

At the same time, they all decided to sit on their phones and take smoke breaks every 15 minutes. While I was writing blogs and building the brand to an “Internet Ghost Town,” meaning when I was writing, not a single soul saw what I was doing for over six months. I was sitting in the back of the barbershop, feeling like I might have bitten off more than I could chew. It wasn’t until I had learned everything I needed to brand myself that people wanted to jump into the “Cyclops Brand” barber project. 

I made my first Tee-shirt (With The Cyclops Logo) and wore the prototype around the barbershop. It was a hit! Other barbers saw the massive potential, but unfortunately for them, the ship had already sailed. They offered their services, wanting to do artwork for me, and promote the brand. The only problem with that was, I already learned how to do all that myself by this time. I was fully capable of establishing the brand and running it at optimal levels on all social media platforms. 

That’s not bragging rights, that’s just being too poor to hire help with my vision, and not putting my value in the hands of other people. Remember this always: “Nobody will care about your vision the same way you do, don’t count on anyone. If you want it done right, do it yourself. If the mountain is too large, work at it from another angle. Not all mountains meant to be climbed; it might be easier to walk just around them.” 

I spent a lot of money learning and failing, but I’ve made so much back from understanding where it all went wrong. I also learned that people wouldn’t pay if you’re not valuable to them. So, make yourself a person of value, and people will come to get the services that you offer.

Going Back To You:

Bring something new to the table, offer services other people are afraid of doing. Don’t be scared of failure. Most importantly, don’t get caught up in all the distractions of this world. Be the person people on Instagram are following, liking, and sharing content. Don’t be the person doing the “Liking” and “Sharing.” You’re just as capable as any one of those who you envy and idolize on social media. Stop helping people chase their dreams, and start tracking your own. It’s okay to be a little selfish towards what you want in life. You deserve a great experience; in fact, we all do! No more excuses and that goes for me too!


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