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🏃 Hurry! Your Beard Is Dying, Get Beard Oil Now!

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Learn About Beard Oil Before It’s Too Late!

Beard oils are essential to add moisture to the hair and skin under the beard. The ingredients found in beard oils help soften and protect the hair. According to Men’s Magazine a well groomed beard is one that’s silky to the touch and not dry, flaky or unkempt.

It’s great to know we live in a day and age where we can have products that are specifically designed for making our beards look and feel amazing! I put together a  list of popular products for growing a healthy beard below, along with a few grooming kits to help further manage your beards!

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#1 Naturenics Premium Beard Grooming Kit for Men

Are you ready to experience the power & performance of this 6 piece beard grooming kit? We really enjoyed this bundle because it covered a wide variety of beard issues. In the kit your get, some great products like; beard oil leave-in conditioner, Beard Balm, Bees Wax Butter, a comb for your beard, a boar’s hairbrush, Dual Tooth Comb, and scissors all in a cool magnetic bamboo styled gift box. Definitely a lot of items for the price, I gave it two thumbs up!

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#2 Viking Revolution Beard Oil Conditioner

known to tame even the wildest of beard, this beard oil is completely organic. I loved the way it made my beard feel so smooth and soft with so little product. Just a few drops in my palm, took the dryness out while working into my skin underneath. The next day I noticed the dandruff was damn near gone too! I enjoy my beard oils with some light smell to make it feel clean and fresh, this beard oil is scent-free. Which to some people is a plus, so if you’re into non-scented beard oils this one is a must!

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#3 Fragrance Free Beard Oil & Leave-In Conditioner

Ranger beard oil claims you’ll get more kisses if you use this product. I haven’t tried it myself, but the ingredients are not to be overlooked. This beard oil is full of natural, scientifically proven ingredients to re-build broken hair follicles. Ranger bottles their oils in amber glass for more reasons than it looking old fashioned. Beard oils are light sensitive and the amber tint increases the shelf life of its oil. Without it, beard oil runs a risk of losing its potency over time and become useless. Please keep in mind this applies to most “Organic” labeled products.

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#4 Isner Mile Beard Kit for Men

Isner’s beard oil kits are perfect for all types of beards, mustaches, both Long and short, thick, thin, coarse, and outrageously tangled. regardless of your mane, it can be tamed!

These unscented beard oil and beard balm both have organic ingredients to keep your facial hair and skin hydrated, moisturized, silky soft, healthy, and groomed during a long day.

To be fair, women love a well-groomed beard, even women that don’t convert right away will slowly start loving your beard. This is basic science, I think. No matter the case, the reasoning is the love of cleanliness. Beards are usually known to be messy and unkempt. This is the grim reality we live in, a reality where men walk around without proper beard maintenance. But truth be told, it doesn’t have to be this way. With beard oil kits like this, they can quickly turn the tides for the fate of our beards. 

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#5 Honest Amish – Classic Beard Oil

Yes, you’re right,I saved the best for last. If you’re familiar with the “Amish” people that live off the grid and have long full looking beards? whelp, this is the same stuff they use. Each bottle is handcrafted and full of nutrients for your beard to grow full at the fastest rate possible. If you noticed every beard oil on this list is “Organic”? that’s because I know certain artificial ingredients can really damage your hair and make it more brittle over time. Bristle beards lead to breakage, and breakage leads to you’re beard never reaching its full potential. Hands down, if I could be 100% with you and give you my barber seal of approval on natural beard oil. Honest Amish is the very best on the market!

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7 Benefits Of Using Beard Oil

Growing a beard is a hard task for more men than you might think. The biggest challenge, however, is maintaining a healthy, attractive beard. As for active veteran beard growers, beard oil is a must-have in their arsenal! This is because of the several advantages it has for not only your beard but also your skin. We’ll be breaking down the 7 benefits of using beard oil daily!

1. Eliminates Beard Itch

The worst problem many beard growers find is the battle of beard itch! You’ve probably spotted a man scratching his beard aggressively in public, it’s embarrassing especially when they’re wearing a black shirt and you see the white flake falling down like snow. Beards itch for different reasons, the most common one being dryness. For hydration options, facial hairs such as beards, require sebum or moisture to counteract this problem. 

Beard oils nourish and coat the hair follicles while moisturizing the skin beneath at the same time, which in return eliminates beard itch. Beards can also itch when it’s in the growing stages without any underlying problem. To prevent beard itch, beard oils moisturize your beard and facial skin while promoting sebum production at the same time. So applying it daily will keep your beard growing strong and your face feeling clean and fresh! Not to mention a lot of beard oils come with a variety of scents, so be sure to really look into the best smelling one for yourself!

Beard dandruff is common for those who live in areas with really harsh weather. Make sure, that you moisturize your beard with beard oil every day. 

2. Helps With Growing A Full Beard:

Most people deal with patchy beards which are characterized by an uneven beard development. It actually prevents a lot of people from keeping their beards. You’ve probably seen some pretty incredible looking beards in your life and thought, “how do I achieve this? like seriously!”

Several things cause patchy beards the most common condition is alopecia areata, which causes baldness in certain spots using due to stress. Other reasons include hormonal imbalances, drug and substance abuse, or even poor dietary habits. 

All these can, however, be cured by using therapeutic beard oil. Beard oil not only moisturizes your skin and beard but also fixes the skin underneath the beard which can cause patchiness. Beard oil has nutrients, to sets the proper conditions for the healthy growth of your beard. Again, using beard oils daily can reduce a lot of these problems just by applying it. 

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3. Styling Of The Beard

We all have something in mind for our beards when it comes to styling it. Using beard oil makes your beard manageable and moldable for styling into your desired look. To truly customize your beard you have to keep it smooth, which requires moisturization. Although to really get a husband looking beard you’ll need to invest in some premium beard balm or wax!

Beard balms offer a firm hold of the beards, which can’t be said for the oil. Using beard oil alongside a beard balm is the icing on the cake. Beard oil is also made from natural ingredients. 

4. Beard Appearance

One of the benefits of using beard oil is that it makes your beards look better. It moisturizes the beard, which in return gives it an all-shiny and vibrant appearance. Beard oil also softens the beard, removing all the knots that prevent you from grooming your beard well. The rate of sebum production and hair growth is not similar, and therefore, beard oil acts as a supplement to keep your follicles looking all rich and healthy. A well-kempt beard automatically becomes an amazing one! 

5. Building Confidence

There are a few things in a man that guarantees confidence. There are a few things that determine the value of a man. Besides dashing good Looks, strong physique, and great personality… it’s a beard! A well-kempt and nourished beard gives a man a towering sense of well-being, which builds his confidence tenfold. People with good looking beards are usually respected even in their places of work. 

An unkempt beard, on the other hand, brews negative first impressions, and people may think of you as being lazy and unmanageable with your time. A well-oiled and moisturized beard will also make you look more masculine and mature. Women love men who are masculine and confident of themselves. A properly groomed beard will, therefore, bring women your way. 

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6. Improving The Smell Of Your Beard

I couldn’t imagine the rank smells coming out of some of those unkempt beards you see walking around. The main sources of stinky beards range from dirt accumulation, sweating, or cigarette smoke. Beard oil can help with cleansing the beard from most of these stinky contaminants but overall healthy hygiene is key.  

7. Lightweight Oil

Lastly, beard oil is not bulky. It usually comes in a lightweight formula, which gives it an edge over other grooming products. Beard oils are not easily noticeable after application, making them a great product overall.

Here’s a list of the main ingredients found in beard oils, for you to get a better understanding of the benefits found in them:

Coconut oil

Coconut oil locks in moisture both in your skin and hair, keeping the two adequately hydrated. It also prevents the skin from flaking, therefore fighting beard dandruff while at the same time reducing irritations occasioned by shaving your beard. 

Almond Sweet Oil

Almond sweet oil works similar to coconut oil. It treats sensitive skin to prevent acne breakout and treat inflammation at the same time. It also reduces beard dandruff since it acts as an exfoliator. For those with a patchy beard, almond oil prevents hair loss and breakage, ensuring that your beard remains sleek. 

Jojoba oil

The last main ingredient is Jojoba oil, which is extracted from the Jojoba plant. Jojoba oil is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins that help grow a thicker beard. It is gentle on the skin and works on acne. 


Growing a healthy, good-looking beard doesn’t have to be a struggle. Beard oil contains nutrients that are essential for beard growth and development. With regular use, you will have a shiny, good-looking, and well-kempt beard. Beard oils have several benefits that you don’t want to miss out on. We hope to better inform you of their benefits and make your decision in buying beard oil an easy one. 

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Beard Shampoos & Conditioners:

One of the most significant disadvantages of keeping a beard is that a bushy beard amasses a lot of harmful things when it comes to your skin. On a regular day, grime, dirt, pollutants, among other things, will collect in your beard, exposing your skin to acne-related issues. Make sure to wash your beard often with beard shampoos and conditioners.

Beard Growth Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Did you know they make a beard shampoo and conditioner specifically for beards? Crazy right, just another thing t reach for while you’re taking a shower am I right? super annoying…BUT ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!

The ingredients in these products are tea tree, rosemary, biotin, Aloe, Argon oil, Peppermint, Manuka Honey, and Eucalyptus. All of these together are guaranteed to build a beard that a Viking king would respect. Sure beards are a handful at times, I wanted to make your life a little easier in choosing the right products the first time around. I’ve been to friends’ houses that have a whole bathroom full of all types of products for beards. It’s super weird, like why do they need all of those?…

Here are all the key components you need, a beard kit, an extra bottle of oil, beard shampoo, and conditioner. Done! 

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As always I try to keep my writing fun and engaging to my readers while offering high-quality reviews and information to help you make the best possible decision. Especially when making a decision with your beard on the line. My beard would kill me if I lead another bearded brother down the wrong path. Anyway, I hope you have a better idea now about beard oil products then before you started reading the blog. Have a great day! 🙂


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