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Hair Fibers Are The Solution For Thinning Hair – Here’s How It Works!

top 7 best hair fiber solutions for thinning hair

Hair fibers are small statically charged keratin protein particles that are applied to reduce the appearance of thinning or balding. Low Grade fibers are made of hooves, nails and fishbone. Whereas, premium hair fibers use high quality keratin that replicates the natural-look of hair.

Hair Fibers Add Volume & Thickness!

Since you’re reading this article, you’re probably in the process of  trying to solve your thinning hair problem.

Or, it could be that you’re a barber searching for a product to apply to your client’s hair to give them a crispy line-up.

Either way, this article will help.

In the following sections, we briefly defined what hair fibers are and how they are effective making thinning areas of the hair thicker-looking.

Additionally, you’ll learn our suggestions for the seven best hair fibers available; please read on.

man with thinning hair before using hair fibers

What are hair fibers?

Hair fibers derive from a natural source of premium keratin proteins almost identical to that of normal hair.

Most premium quality fibers have a slight static charge to help it adhere to individual hair strains. (Which makes it more resistant to wind, and sticking only to one area.)

This build up of fibers is what fills in thinning or balding areas for a more realistic, undetectable appearance.

not all hair fibers are made the same, some consist of a lower quality, with ingredients such as; hooves, nails and fish bones.

As 40% of men in the age of 35 can experience hair loss, doctors and experts had to develop solutions.

While there are countless medications and remedies out there, a popular solution lately is hair fibers.

hair fibers attaching to individual hair strands

Are Hair Fibers Safe To Use?

Unlike other hair loss medication that uses implants, lasers, and different artificial mixtures, hair fibers are typically all-natural.

Also, there is no need for advanced application since one only needs to spray, spread, and comb hair fibers on the hair.

Regarding potential hair growth, trusted hair fiber products won’t block the follicles and scalp.

However, getting only a trusted and well-reviewed brand would be best.

man with noticeably thicker hair after using hair fibers

Are hair fibers effective?

Yes, hair fibers are highly-effective for thinning hair.

Since most products use Keratins, concealing balding spots should be more effective.

Regardless, should you get other variations with different compounds, it should still hold up for at least a day of use.

In regards to duration, a high-quality one can withstand sweat and even a bath.

Besides, when you apply in the morning, you’ll probably wash your head the next day, so it’s still practical for regular usage.

Should you buy one, hair fiber products typically include applicators which make spreading on hair more manageable.

If you need suggestions on what to get, please read our recommendations below.

How to apply hair fibers for maximum coverage:

Hair fiber come in one or two ways, either a shake bottle with small holes in the top to sprinkle onto thinning areas or, with a spray applicator that attaches to the bottle for easy application.

Most people prefer the spray applicator to get a even spread of micro hair fibers.

top 7 best hair fibers we recommend

After reading about the benefits and advantages of hair fibers, you’re probably interested and are looking to buy one. In that case, our seven suggestions below would help.

1. Toppik Hair Building Fibers

The best way to start the list would be to recommend probably the most popular brand in the hair fiber industry, Toppik. As it’s well known for quality, it’s no wonder why the Toppik Hair Building Fibers garnered over 14 thousand reviews. Due to its demand, it gained both Amazon’s Choice and Amazon’s Premium Beauty classifications.

Should you want choices, this item comes in nine different colors as Black, Dark Brown, Gray, Auburn, Light Blond, Light Brown, and a few more. Regardless of what variant, Toppik still maintains Keratin as the primary mixture; a good thing. Also, by using natural magnetism, the hair will still look realistic and the tiny bits undetectable.

During application, one only needs a few seconds to spread the solution to the hair. After that, Toppik makes each hair strand thicker, shinier, and younger-looking. Moreover, when going out, the wind, rain, and sweat-resistance also help sustain a day of use.

2. BOLDIFY Undetectable and Natural Hair Fibers for Thinning Hair

The BOLDIFY Hair Fibers is another popular and effective product for everyone. First, it has over 10 thousand positive ratings and the trusted Amazon’s Choice marker. When considering this fact, there’s no doubt a purchase would be worth it.

Again, since everyone has different hair, colors, and styles, having more options is essential. Thankfully, the BOLDIFY has 12 various color choices and two size variants: 12 or 28 Grams.

Moving on to the product, it uses clump-proof fibers that result in a more natural look and undetectable application. Additionally, it thickens the thin or balding spots in the hair and can blend well with follicles. As a result, it treats the rest while still allowing hair to grow.

When applying, the solution only needs a few seconds to stick. Also, washing is quick and easy with no side effects and significant residue. While these things are already reasons to get the BOLDIFY, its generous free replacement for when the color doesn’t match your hair is highly appreciated.

3. FEBRON Hair Fibers For Thinning Hair

Third, on the list is the FEBRON Men & Women Hair Fibers. Similarly, it’s also one of Amazon’s Choice selection awardees and a convincing over two thousand ratings from satisfied customers. However, is it excellent to use? Let’s find out.

Unlike the previous items, the FEBRON also comes in a large 30 Gram variant. It’s similar in terms of colors, where it offers nine styles like Black, Light Brown, Gray, and even White. Despite this, FEBRON kept the same rain, wind, and sweat-resistance and 100% natural mixtures among all variants.

In actual usage, one only needs to shake the bottle for an adequate time and then apply. Furthermore, the mixture can easily attach to each strand and cover the thinning areas when spreading to the hair. After that, you’ll achieve a natural look, thicker and fuller appearance.

4. HAIR ILLUSION Men and Women Hair Fibers for Balding and Thinning Hair

If you’re looking to try hair fibers but don’t want to get a large one, then the 18 Gram bottle of HAIR ILLUSION Men and Women Hair Fibers is ideal. Aside from the tiny footprint, the near two thousand customers found it excellent in concealing hair loss. If that’s not enough, then the Amazon’s Choice label is a safe guarantee.

Apart from the 18 Gram option, the item also comes as a 38 Gram bottle. Also, there are six different colors to choose from should you want something other than the standard black. As the maker states, all variants include all-natural fibers, free from synthetic dyes and powders, and are suitable for all hair types.

Regarding performance, the HAIR ILLUSION can deliver a stronger hold that lasts all day. As such, the hair fibers won’t easily run off when sweating or exposed to rain or wind. Besides, with quality mixtures, the bits won’t clog the follicles and scalp, resulting in healthier hair.

5. Caboki 90-day Supply Hair Loss Concealer 30G

Contrary to the previous one, the Caboki Hair Loss Concealer is the largest on the list at 0.7 pounds. Accordingly, a single purchase will last you 90 days. However, quality should be in focus. In that case, let’s find out if the near two thousand positive reviews are accurate.

Unlike similar products, the Caboki provides two bottles per purchase, one containing fibers and the other to compliment the hair. Additionally, this one also has one of the most colors coming in at 14 options. Regarding ingredients, the maker only used natural fibers from plants that are both safe and suitable for all hair and skin types.

In only a few seconds, the solution will stick firmly to the hair, leaving a natural and shinier effect. Besides, even under direct sunlight, the fibers are practically undetectable. Moreover, in rain, winds, and sweating moments, the bits won’t easily fall and stain the clothes.

6. LUXE Hair Thickening Fibers – 2 Months Supply

Next on the list is the LUXE Hair Thickening Fibers. As a 25 Gram product that can conceal hair loss, the maker proudly calls it “confidence in a jar.” Aside from the near two thousand ratings, dermatologists agree that the LUXE Hair Fiber is safe and effective.

As an unscented solution, it’s available in seven colors like Black, Blond, Dark Brown, and a few others. After purchasing, you can use it for at least 60 days, depending on the thinning area’s size. However, right after using it, you’ll likely realize its value thanks to the stain-free formula and safe for skin application.

After spreading to the hair, the fibers will hold firmly and resist sweat, rain, wind, and even blow-drying. Consequently, you can wear it to the gym, beach, and other places. Above all, it provides great hair texture and coverage, scalp friendly, and is fully undetectable.

7. ELEVATE 100% Natural & Undetectable Hair Fibers for Thinning Hair

Finally, the last recommendation would be the ELEVATE 100% Natural Hair Fibers. Again, given how it received the Amazons’ Choice label and over a thousand reviews from users worldwide, it should be a reliable investment.

Similar to the previous items, this one offers various color choices, namely four: Black, Dark Brown, Light Brown, and Medium Brown, with two sizes: 28 and 40 Grams. Should you purchase one, it can sustain up to 3 months of use.

Moving on to the quality, the ELEVATE can instantly thicken the hair in seconds. Additionally, it makes the bald spots undetectable, resulting in a boost of confidence and looks. Moreover, cleaning is also quick, requiring only a little washing and shampoo application. Finally, when you’re not satisfied with the results, the makers offer a full money-back guarantee.

Enjoy a Richer, Thicker, and Natural-looking hair!

Since you’re reading this passage, you’re likely into hair fibers now more than before.

If that’s the scenario, then the seven products we recommended are great options that will be useful for your thinning or balding areas.

Should you buy one, there are links in all product names above.

Good luck and enjoy your thicker looking hair!


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