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Get A Fuller Beard Using A Beard Roller!

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Beard rollers are a beard grooming tool that uses a small roller at the end with microneedles that prick the skin to stimulate blood flow and collagen across the areas of the beard you wish to add more hair growth. 

Looking into a mirror and seeing yourself with a thin patchy beard isn’t a good feeling. Growing a full beard isn’t easy to do; if your beard seems to grow thinner on one side or patchy and uneven, I have your answer!

In this article, you will discover a tool that’s helped men grow a thicker, more pronounced beard.

Let’s keep reading to figure out precisely what a beard roller does and how to use it in a way that’ll give you the results you’re looking for!

beard roller

What is a beard roller?

A beard roller is a small device handheld device with a roller at the end.

The beard roller has tiny needles known as “micro-needles” used to penetrate your skin and stimulate hair follicles. Using this method to encourage beard growth was highly effective in a clinical study back in 2013.

The reason behind its success is that micro-needling creates tiny pricks on the skin; Tricking your brain into thinking the skin is injured, and begins producing collagen in those areas.

Collagen is used to help heal wounds naturally in your body. The idea behind a beard roller is that while it’s pricking the epidermis layer of your skin, collagen and blood flow will be increased.

In this case, hyper-focusing on those thinning or patchy areas of your beard. Most people with patchy or thinning beards are because of the lack of blood flow to the individual hair follicle.  

How To Use A Beard Roller:

The Roller is relatively user-friendly, but regardless, here are a few great ways to use a beard roller to achieve optimal results.

Applying Beard Growth Oils:

Beard growth oils help the beard roller quickly guide along the face for a smoother feel.

Add a few drops to the palm of your hand and rub your hands together.

Apply the beard growth oil evenly on both cheeks, gently work the oils into your skin by rubbing your fingers and thumb from the top of the cheekbone towards your adam’s apple.

Make sure you cover all the regions thoroughly before using the beard roller.

Beard growth oils have a blend of various vitamins and ingredients such as: 

These ingredients treat dry skin, itchy beards, reduce irritation and promote healthier hair follicles. Having Healthy follicles means the hair will be stronger and look fuller when the beard grows. Using beard growth oil is a MUST. We recommend getting a small bottle of Beard Boost; It’s quick, effective, and straight to the point. It works.

Best way to use a beard roller (Full Coverage strokes)

Start by using the beard roller micro-needles from your cheekbone towards your bottom jaw, then down your neck, and stopping at your adam’s apple. After a full stroke, repeat the method moving the original position you started from over by a quarter inch. Repeat going from side to side, then cross hatch diagonally. Using the roller in this way will optimize your coverage. It would be best to do this 10-15 times each way to ensure a good amount of pricks to increase collagen stimulation.

man with a full beard

Does A Beard Roller Work?

The simple answer is: yes!

As we mentioned earlier, a clinical study was done on whether micro-needling helps promote beard growth. The study is published in the International Journal of Trichology. Stating, “Micro-needling” is safe for use and promising for hair stimulation.”

With 100 men volunteering for the trial, they divided into two groups; the first group of men that used a beard roller grew beards four times faster than the group that didn’t use the micro-needling method. Beard rollers stimulate natural collagen, keratin (hair protein) production, and stem growth. All of which are major contributing factors for growing a fuller-looking beard.

If you are interested in the clinical study, here’s a link that explains micro-needling in more depth.

man using a beard roller on his face

How Often Should I Use My Beard Roller?

Most users find the best results using the beard roller 2-3 times a week for several weeks. 

Remember to give your skin time to rest in between using the beard roller. Giving yourself this time will help your beard grow faster as it takes time for your body to react to the micro-needling.

Over applying the beard roller can irritate or even damage your skin.

Depending on the size of the micro-needles used, here are the recommended practices.

  • Small 0.25mm needle size roller – 3x per week.
  • Medium 0.5mm needle size roller – 2x per week.
  • Large 0.75mm needle size roller – 1x per week.


Using a beard roller is the cheapest alternative to growing a fulling looking beard. 

Micro-needling is proven scientifically to promote hair growth by stimulating blood circulation, collagen production, and keratin.

Beard growth oil is recommended before applying the beard roller to allow for a smoother application and quicker recovery time when using the roller.


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