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Do Barbers Do Eyebrows?

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Do Barbers Do Eye Brows?

Barbers are trained to cut all hair types, from the hair on top of your head to facial hair and eyebrows. However, not all barbers are comfortable in trimming or shaping eyebrows. However, high-end barbershops tend to have a more extensive skill base in performing eyebrow services. 

Working in the haircutting industry for over 10+ years, I’ve learned that although barbers are licensed to cut hair, there are certain areas where they are more confident than others.

Asking The Client About Their Eyebrow Hairs

Taking care of the eyebrows, it’s somewhat more personal than cutting the hair on the head or trimming the beard. 

Some people expect you to trim their eyebrows, while others are afraid that if you trim them, they will grow back worse than what they look like before cutting them.

As a barber, it’s always good to politely ask if they would like to have any of the straggly hairs trimmed. 

If the client agrees, these are a few steps are barber will take when dealing with the eyebrows.

image of a barber using a clipper and comb

How Barbers Trim Eyebrows

If you have coarse eyebrow hair, the barber will use your comb and trimmer to trim the eyebrow. They will scoop up any overhanging eyebrow hairs using the comb and then use the trimmer to cut across the comb. The comb will act as a guide that won’t cut any other hairs besides the ones peeking through the bristles of the comb.

The barber may have to maneuver the comb a couple of times to ensure that the eyebrow is trimmed evenly. This is one of the fastest and most preferred methods of cutting the eyebrows.

image of a barber using a straight razor to trim the eyebrows

Using A Straight Razor To Shape The Eyebrow

Another option a barber might use is shaping the eyebrows using a straight razor. Some barbers are uncomfortable and avoid this method. But it’s great for creating a defined-shaped eyebrow. Usually, this is used in combination with a Comb and Trimmer method To add the final touch to the eyebrow. 

When the barber uses a straight razor To shape the eyebrow, they will place the razor blade into the end of the straight razor. And use either conditioner, water, or a small amount of shaving cream that’s diluted with water. They keep the formula thin to see the entire eyebrow while shaping it while remaining lubricated and moisturized enough to help the blade cut the hair without irritating the skin.

The barber will work the perimeter of the eyebrow and see the way the hair grows. They will gently stroke the blade across to remove any excess hair and create the eyebrow’s natural shape. 

image of a barber using shears to trim eyebrows

Using Shears To trim The Eyebrows

Another method of trimming the eyebrows is to comb the longer hairs out gently and use the shears to cut the eyebrows lightly. This, of course, is the most subtle way of maintaining the eyebrows; it doesn’t take much effort to get a presentable look. We suggest that barbers only use this technique if they have a steady hand and remember not to go overboard in cutting too much hair. 

Using this technique is rather hard to do because it involves a lot more freestyle work than using the guide of the comb-like with the method I mentioned previously.

image of a barber waxing a clients eyebrows

Waxing The Eyebrows

Barbers took a page out of the spas and salons when it came to using wax. You might not find a barber waxes eyebrows in a standard barbershop because high-end shops usually see this. Barbers who work in these shops tend to have a more extensive skill base besides just doing haircuts and beards.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Exfoliating facial scrubs.
  • 7 step facial shaves.
  • Tea tree hair treatment.
  • Colors, dyes, and tints.
  • Waxing ears, nose, and eyebrows.
  • Using hot towels, and eucalyptus oils.

eyebrow waxing is much faster than using tweezers or shaping it with a straight razor; whenever a barber waxes your eyebrows, the hair that’s removed can take anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks before coming back. 

When you’re waxing, you remove the hair follicle Instead of shaving it down at the surface. 

The last option that barbers use is tweezers; This is a small metal device. It has an angled tip where you use your thumb and index finger to close them together, creating a pinching motion between the two tips. Using The tip, You can pick up a single hair at a time that is then plucked from the hair follicle. The barber will continue this method until the client gets the desired look with shaping and thinning the eyebrow. 

image of a man raising his eyebrow

Frequently Asked Questions About Eyebrows:

How to trim your eyebrows at home (using a clipper and guard)

If you’re at home and you own a clipper and a #1 clipper guard to attach to the end of the clipper, you can open the clipper (using the lever on the side) to pass the clipper across your eyebrow to get it to a standard eyebrow length fast and easy. 

I recommend using this technique if you have relatively thick eyebrows; this won’t work if you have thinner eyebrows. This is only used to remove bulk; it doesn’t shape them as straight razors, tweezers, or waxing. 

Should Guys Do Their Eyebrows?

Eyebrows are a big part of men’s grooming and looking presentable. Men should keep up with their appearance by maintaining their eyebrows and incorporating them into their grooming routine.

What Do Barbers Use To Shape Eyebrows?

Barbers a small assortment of tools; trimmers are used to reduce bulk, straight razors for shaping, and shears for trimming long hairs that stick out from the eyebrow.

Is It Bad To Shave Your Eyebrows?

Unlike urban stories suggest, shaving eyebrow hair doesn’t make it grow thicker; the hair follicle disruption is based on genetics and biology. You can’t form new strands by shaving them off. Shaving your eyebrows is safe but should be used with caution if you’re doing it yourself to avoid Nick’s and cuts. 


This article talked about how a barber can perform Eyebrow-related services, although some barbers may not be comfortable doing it. We recommend going to a high-end barbershop; it has a more extensive skill set and knowledge base to perform eyebrow and other additional services. 

If you’re curious to learn more about the barbering industry we have a lot of insightful blog posts that cover everything from men’s grooming to what not to do in a barbershop. If you enjoyed the read I encourage you to check out some other content on! Start with this one; 8 Things Clients Do That Barbers Absolutely Hate!


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