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Considering Hair Transplant Surgery? | Read This First!

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Hair Transplants are used to help restore the hair to people suffering from baldness. The average cost of hair transplant surgery is between $4,000 & $15,000. In this article we will be giving you all the information you will need when considering the hair transplant procedure.

Hair transplantation is a permanent solution to the problem of hair loss. The hair transplant operation could be described as a micro-operation that is carried out in a specialized clinic. The term microsurgery in hair transplantation refers to a process in which experienced surgeons work using a microscope. Hair transplantation is an effective solution for people suffering from male pattern baldness, also known medically as androgenetic alopecia. Besides, this operation is also suitable for people with scarred hair loss or hair loss due to certain diseases.

Understand the difference Between FUT & FUE Procedures and find out which one is best for you: 

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery:

Although advances in hair care go back a long way, the term hair transplant was only coined in its current meaning in the mid-1990s. The hair transplantation operations performed in the 1990s with the FUT method were replaced by the FUE method. Such was developed in the early 2000s and increasingly used after 2005. Minor improvements were made in the years that followed, but the basic principles remained unchanged. FUE is still considered the most advanced hair transplant method. The FUE method is the most modern and latest hair transplant method. It is now the gold standard in the field of hair transplantation and guarantees people with severe hair loss a particularly natural-looking result. The big difference is that this method leaves fewer traces and ensures faster healing. Depending on the improvement in the materials used in the FUE method. The success rate of the operation also increases. The FUE method has several variations with different names. These are:

• Classic FUE (micromotor)

• Robotic FUE

• DHI method (FUE with Choi implant)

• Sapphire FUE (FUE with the sapphire needle)

For example, the FUE hair transplant method with sapphire tips is an important technique to enable the transplantation of a large number of hair follicles in one session. The difference to classic FUE is that if you open channels with sapphire blades (a much smoother material), these heal much faster and leave fewer traces.

The DHI method enables a higher hair density to be achieved with this method of hair transplantation with Choi needles, natural and satisfactory results can be achieved.

How Is An FUE Method Carried Out?

Hair transplantation takes 5-8 hours with FUE.

The proper removal of the hair follicles is repeated a hundred to a thousand times in precise and concentrated work, as required. What is unique about FUE is that there is no clear distinction between the removal and re-implantation phase. Still, all hair follicles are directly re-implanted in favor of an optimal aesthetic result. Since this procedure requires exceptional experience and routine, hair transplants using FUE are only carried out by separately trained FUE specialists. In this way, they ensure that the growth rates that tend to be somewhat lower compared to the FUT receive compensation. With this measure, it is possible to achieve a consistent quality standard for hair transplants, regardless of the chosen FU concept. The FUE technique is a type of treatment that has been tried and tested for decades. It has been used worldwide as the gold standard, particularly for treatments of smaller areas, receding hairline, remodeling of hairlines, but also for beard transplants, eyebrow thickening, and breast hair reconstructions.

FUE method: completely scar-free – perfect for a short hairstyle.

Instead of removing the skin strip, the hair follicles are removed individually in FUE so that there is no need for a scar. The tiny holes formed during the removal heal without any problems, but leave micro-scars in a number corresponding to the grafts previously removed. As a rule, these are barely visible to the human eye, and in most cases, short hair covers them. The FUE method, therefore, allows even extreme short hairstyles as far as possible without restrictions and gives patients even greater freedom in choosing their future hairstyle. FUE technology usually requires a much larger, healthy, and dense donor area and is significantly more time-consuming.

For this reason, the costs for FUE interventions are also slightly higher than for FUT interventions of the same amount of grafts. The FUE techniques for short hair only, so shaving the donor area is necessary. Cutting the recipient area is typically not needed, but can significantly shorten the duration of the procedure.

Immediate Hair Transplant For Best Results:

The receiver area of the previously bare and thin areas is provided with tiny, approximately pore-sized puncture channels, so-called slits, in a highly precise arrangement. An FUE consists of hundreds to thousands of individual small hair transplants. At Medical One, however, we laboriously rework each individually removed hair follicle – in favor of an even more natural direction of hair growth and improved comb-ability. The instruments necessary for performing an FUE are carefully selected in advance following the properties of the hair follicles and, if necessary, newly determined in the course of the treatment, depending on the exact positioning of the follicle to be transplanted.

Treatment Procedure With The FUE Method:

•Before your hair transplant, the ideal treatment concept including the drawing of the later hairline will need you to discuss it with your doctor

•The doctor communicates the approximate duration of treatment to you: Individual hair transplants using FUE technology at Medical One take about 5 to 8 hours. In the case of particularly extensive cases procedures, the intervention can also be scheduled over two days

•A well-tolerated and gentle local anesthesia is used for treatment that is as free of stress and pain as possible

•The procedure begins with the proper removal of the follicular units to be transplanted from the donor area or hair ring.

•Exclusively for patients at Medical One: Immediately after each hair follicle has been extracted, Preparation is by hand. This procedure increases the naturalness of the hair growth of the transplanted hair follicles and improves the compatibility.

•The recipient area is ready for the re-implantation of the grafts by tiny puncture channels (so-called slits)

•Our hair technicians insert the follicular units directly into the bald areas. Here, too, the original direction of hair growth and natural modeling is particularly important

•After the procedure, you will receive the most critical information and recommendations for behavior for the first days after the procedure

•You should only wash the freshly transplanted hair strictly according to the instructions of Medical One for the early few days. Your hair is now in a resting phase

•The final result of your hair transplant can be seen after about 12 months. Then your permanently healthy hair has grown back and is already a few centimeters long

Sedation Method:

In the field of anesthesia, sedation is one of the essential and particularly advanced tools. It is so gentle that you don’t have to worry about it even with infants. During sedation, a doctor administers an analgesic agent, the dose of which is individually adjusted to the patient’s body weight. The patient is wide awake during the entire procedure, and only his pain sensation significantly reduce. Such prevents the patient from suffering pain during the operation. To ensure maximum safety and comfort, the anesthetist must be present at all times. The dosage of sedation can also be regulated as required during hair transplantation.

Primary phases of hair transplantation:

The procedure is the same for all types of hair transplantation and comprises the following steps:

1. Collecting the hair bulbs/hair roots

• FUT: collecting hair in bulk with areas of skin

• FUE: collecting hair individually

2. Opening channels

3. Implanting roots

Collecting the hair bulbs/hair roots

The artistic success of the hair bulb collection is characteristic of the FUE method. This innovation also ensured that the FUT method completely disappeared. In the outdated FUT method, a section of the skin was cut out of the back of the head. It is then prepared by cutting the hair bulbs again. In contrast, the FUE method uses circular needles to collect the hair individually. Such means that fewer injuries occur. Depending on the size of the hair bulbs from 0.7 mm to 0.8 mm or in people whose hair bulbs always consist of 3-4-5 strands of hair, the use of needles of size 0.8 mm is another essential point. The sharpness of the needles and the use of disposable needles are other factors that make the operation successful significantly influence. The removal of the hair according to the angles of its roots is another criterion. It prevents damage to the hair bulbs. For example, the U-Graft needle is used for operations on people with very curly hair. With its curved shape, it enables hair to be removed without damaging the hair bulbs. These are all subtleties that the doctor takes into account before the start of the operation. All this depends on the patient’s status.

Opening The Channels:

In the channel opening phase, the classic FUE method uses metal slots made of steel. By the use of slots, sections must be created according to the natural direction of growth of the strand. Such allows grafted hair to grow in its natural course. The direction of growth is determined while opening the canal. The angle of the hair to the skin is a point to consider during the hair planting phase. The FUE method uses steel blades (metal slots) to open the channels. These blades need to be replaced after a few hundred channels have been opened. Such is the only way to ensure that they do not lose their sharpness. Because sapphire FUE blades are much smoother and sharper, this problem is not relevant. Depending on the thickness of the hair bulb, the use of a few different tips is sufficient. It should again be ensured that each suggestion is used for a single customer.

Hair Transplant:

Transplanting the hair bulbs is the last phase. In this phase, the strands are planted individually in channels with adequate angles from 40 to 45 degrees. Each stage has its peculiarities. Experience naturally plays the most crucial role in all phases. FUE is a hair transplantation method that leaves no traces and does without seams!

The follicular unit extraction (FUE method), is the most modern version of the hair transplant, with a sapphire blade.

Necessary Information About Hair Transplantation:

• People between 20 and 60 years old can have a hair transplant.

• It is sufficient for the patient to plan three days before and after the operation.

• Depending on the number of hair bulbs required, the operation time is usually six to eight hours.

• It is necessary that the process is carried out in a well-equipped clinic in the unlikely event of complications.

• The operation is carried out by a doctor and at least three medical assistants, all of whom are specialists in their field.

• The final result can only be assessed after six to 18 months. In other words, new hair can grow up to 18 months after the operation.

The Hair Transplant Process In 7 Steps:

1 Consultation: The surgical plan and the hairline are determined by the doctor.

2. Preparation: This step consists of sterilizing the operating area and local anesthesia.

3. Collect: Collect the hair from the donor area of the person.

4. Channel opening: Opening of the channels that correspond to the natural direction of hair growth.

5. Transplantation procedure: transplanting the hair at the optimal angle into the recipient area.

6. Treatments after surgery: This step consists of medical wound care and application of PRP treatment the following day. Such should accelerate the recovery time of the hair.

7. Hair washing after surgery: This is the washing treatment that lasts 15 days, taking into account the sensitivity of the transplanted area and the donor area.

The advantages of the FUE method

• Thicker and natural-looking hair can be transplanted.

• It is a permanent solution to both light and complete hair loss.

• It is a convenient method because its design reduces pain and leaves no trace.

• Patients recover quickly after the FUE operation; You can return to your healthy everyday life and travel the next day again.

• If a hair transplant has been optimally planned, the hair bulbs removed from the donor area will not be damaged. Even if the patient undergoes multiple operations, he will not have to fear any adverse effects on the appearance.

• The transplanted hair grows from the transplanted area with a productivity rate of 98%.

What is the measure of the success of the FUE method?

Critical Success Factors for Transplants:

Practicing hair transplants on several thousand patients over the years gives the proper doctor understanding of the needs of patients. The experience provides the doctor with the competence to decide on the right treatment method for patients and allows them to use the FUE method better.

Area Of Specialization:

An expert in the field does hair transplants. People can have different causes of hair loss. The doctor must carry out the correct examinations to be able to make the most accurate diagnosis possible. The dermatologist diagnoses patients so that they can assess whether they are suitable for a hair transplant or not. He will also provide patients with detailed information about the operation and the postoperative phase. A right specialist not only cares about the results of his hair transplants but also the health of his patients.

man with thick beautiful hair

Artistic Quality:

To achieve a natural look, the forehead hairline must be adapted to the shape of the patient’s skull.

Understand The Patient:

The basis for the operation is the physical examination. It is essential to understand the client. To respond to his needs and to be able to plan the intervention accordingly.

Additional Funds That Increase The Success Rate:

Sometimes a hair transplant needs different approaches than usual. For example, if the neck as the donor area does not have enough hair bulbs, the hair transplant performed would not have a high success rate. In this case, you can access other areas of the body to get the hair bulbs you need.

Hair Transplantation From The Beard:

Hair bulbs from the beard are suitable for a hair transplant if the donor area on the neck is insufficient, and the area to be transplanted is wide. Hair bulbs from the beard can remain in the growth period for a long time and are considered in the second line as a donor area after the base of the neck. Beard bulbs are known to be thicker than the hair bulbs on the back of the neck. Therefore, hair that is removed from the beard area is not transplanted at the right front. Instead is planned for the middle area.

Hair Transplantation  From The Body Hair:

For the hair transplant planned for men, body hair is considered the third option. If the collection of hair in the neck and beard areas is still not enough, chest hair is seen as the best choice as an additional graft. There are two main reasons why body hair is the third option. As in the beard area, the hair is thick, curly, and slowly growing. For this reason, hair from the chest area considered being transplanted on the forehead.


All in all the hair transplant procedures are well established in our modern times as we develop in our society. Being able to restore hair and confidence to balding men & woman is a win in itself. As we develop in hair transplanting methods the costs, and time it takes to perform them will decrease allowing them to be more readily available to people with lower income along with providing flexible payment plans. 


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