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Clothing & Apparel

It’s been a long time in the making, but I’ve decided to finally make it official for everyone who has supported this brand’s outreach. I present to you Cyclops Brand’s Signature Line.

Thoughts Behind The Clothing & Apparel:

I wanted Cyclops Brand to resonate with everyone; I’ve always been a huge fan of minimal design, which speaks volumes. High contrasting colors represent the industry as a whole.

The Cyclops Brand isn’t for the faint of heart, and I wanted this brand to break the social norms and give a sense of power and strength to the person wearing the apparel. Its basic text font and bold lines scream barber from across the room. The barbers that wear the brand are the ones that genuinely care to dive in and study the art form.

If you’re not a career barber, this brand isn’t for you. I say that with respect for my peers and barber family that grinds this lifestyle every day. Even if only one shirt gets sold, I want it to be on the back of a barber that treats the barbering industry with class and respect for the craft.

Shop: @CyclopsBrand For New Barbering Apparel & More!

Shop: @CyclopsBrand For New Barbering Apparel & More!