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Best Instagram Hashtags For Barbers [Copy & Paste]

adding hashtags to barber posts

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Best Instagram Hashtags For Barbers!

Ever wonder how barbers gain tons of followers and likes on Instagram with their haircutting images? The answer, Hashtags! Instagram Hashtags have been around for years now. these highly adaptable short keywords help the search engines to understand what it is you’re promoting. Think of it this way, The search engines are just a scanner, they can’t do anything unless you help lead them to the topic. In this case, the topic is related to barbering. Instead of using a series of 0’s and 1’s also known as binary-code for your computer to understand. We use hashtags in the same manner just with words.

Why You Need Hashtags 

Using Hashtags help the search engines read your targeted keyword. This helps the “platform scanner” categorizing the hashtags and places the Tagged images in front of the right audience. As barbers, we want to make sure our hashtags are catered to other barbers. Or people interested in hair cutting or perhaps brand influencers. So instead of writing to each person, we simply add specific hashtags related to our images. Instagram presents them in front of the right people.

Best Hashtags For Haircutting Images

#barbernation #barberconnect #faded #fadehaircut #cyclopsbrand #fadegame #mensgrooming #men #menstyle #barbero #barbersince #fades #wahlpro #pomade #taper #beardgang #menshaircut #barberstyle #barberlifestyle #barbersoul #showcasebarbers #barbeiro #barberhub #hairdresser #barberpost #haircolor

#hashtag Image showing the reader what a hashtag looks like

Best Hashtags If Your Posting Daily

#barber #barbershop #barberlife #barbershopconnect #haircut #fade #hair #barbers #hairstyle #barbering #wahl #barberlove #menshair #beard #barbergang #andis #cyclopsbrand  #hairstyles #barbersinctv #thebarberpost #barberworld #style #nastybarbers #sharpfade #barberia #hairstylist #skinfade #barbearia  #haircuts

How To Make A Hashtag?

Hashtags are made simply by using the “#” symbol in front of the word you’re going to be using, For example, #haircut #barber #fade, etc. Or you can use compound keywords such as; #barbershop, #barberinfluencer, or #skinfade

Finding The Best Hashtag For Your Post

You don’t need to worry about tracking down the right people interested in your images. Most social media platforms already understand this method of categorizing your hashtags. The biggest thing you do have to think about is to make sure you’re using actual keywords people are interested in searching. Certain keywords have a larger following than others, and if you’re using a hashtag that nobody uses, the chances of your hashtag being found are almost nonexistent. 

using google keyword planner for keyword research

Boost Your Online Presence

So, how do we find popular keywords that’ll be beneficial to images and boost our social media presence? the answer, Keyword research. Researching popular keywords is essential to finding great hashtags to tag in your images. Let’s take the Keyword “Barber” for example and run it through google’s keyword planner tool. examples below.

Use The Keyword Planner Tool

using the google planner tool to find the best hashtags for barbers

As you can see here in the image above, the keyword for “Barber” has 100k – 1 million searches every month. So, let’s see how powerful this keyword could be if we used it as a hashtag. Let’s run it through Instagram and see how other people have been using this same keyword.

This keyword passes the google keyword planner test and dominates the Instagram platform as a powerful hashtag. Making it a great hashtag to add to your hair cutting images!

Although, please keep in mind that overly saturate hashtags aren’t always the best either. Having 23,220,516 posts means that people are using this tag quickly, probably thousands of times in a single day. Which is great, but could also run the risk of your image being buried under a mountain of other #barber hashtags.

Knowing tactics like these will help you determine how you’re going to plan your social media success. If you feel like you can create content daily, then using this hashtag could be a great asset to how your social platform grows! We recommend a hashtag with a lower saturation if you’re starting out. 


Adding the right hashtags for Instagram can make or break your social media presence. A great rule of thumb is to try and post 1-2 times a day using various combinations of hashtags related to your images. We hope these hashtags serve you well. Instead of reverting back to this blog post, simply copy and paste these hashtags into your “Notes App” on your smartphone. Then when it comes time for you to start making Instagram posts, just paste them into the caption section of your Instagram image


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