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Best Hairstyles For Receding Hairline In 2021

Man With a receding hairline

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Best Hairstyles For A Receding Hairline

As you already know, your hairline is receding; by now, you’ve probably looked into the mirror about 20 times today. Thinking to yourself, “how in the world did this happen? why me!” Your friends posted a funny picture of your friend mike chugging a beer in record time but wait, whos that guy in the background with the prominent forehead? I don’t remember seeing him at the party let me zoom in…oh no, that man is me!?

If you’re anything like me, you silently cry to yourself every time you look into a mirror. Maybe Your lovely wife cracks a few jokes on you like “Hey Nicholas cage! are you still looking for the decoration of independence? Cause if so, it’s where you left your hairline!” she laughs, the dog laughs, and you die a little inside.

Being a professional barber, I’ve had the opportunity to help other men with this receding hairline problem and helped them find confidence again. I understand how it feels, not because of my schooling, or expertise behind the barber chair. But in a way, because I’m just like you. I want to bring you back to your old self again before I know first hand what It feels like to find hairstyles for a receding hairline by using the rest of the hair on your head. Continue reading to find your best options, I really took this particular blog post seriously.

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getting off a plane with receding hair line

What’s A Receding Hairline?

Receding hairlines by definition are; the front of your hairline losing volume & hair density, making it look thinner as time progresses. It’s a slow, painful process as you which your forehead climb up and the curtains peel back. Receding hairlines occur anytime between late teenage years into adulthood. Without any underlying disease, in most cases receding hairlines are genetic.

Things to Keep In Mind With Your Haircut:

At this point in your receding progression, it’s essential to keep your sides relatively short and grow out the best you can. People often suffer from brittle and damaged hair. We suggest you always use a “leave-in” conditioner after every shower to restore and strengthen the hair you have left on top. Avoid spiking your hair up, and hair products like “gels, Pomades” or anything that’ll give your hair a “wet” look. Doing this will make your hair stick together, making you look like you have less hair on top than you do!

We’re not trying to be counterproductive here, so keeping your hair dry & clean is very important to keep it looking healthy. Hair products that are light and airy can give you the illusion of more volume and texture. Which is what you should always be shooting for when you have a receding hairline.

This is a great hair volumizer and thickening agent for men with thinning hair. it’s a light spray that helps give the appearance of a full head of hair using the hair you already have on your head.

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The Types Of Haircuts To Consider:

skin fade haircut for men with receding hairlines
Credit: @igorviniciusbarber On Instagram!

Skin Fade: 

skin fades are a drastic transition from bald to whatever length you have on top of your head. Having shorter sides will pull the viewer’s eye towards your sides rather than putting your hairline in the spotlight. I suggest a clean “Mid-Skin fade” is great because it’s always a trending look and it’ll give you a lot of options for the way you can style the top. Flip your hair to the left, to the right, even towards the front wouldn’t be too bad.

Texture top haircuts
Credit: DannyJB_Barber On Instagram!

Scissor Cut:

If you want to keep some length to your hair we suggest a light scissor cut. Scissor cutting is great when it comes to getting a precise hairstyle, creating a “point cut” texture to your front bangs can help add “Balance” to what your receding hairline has been taken away. Receding hairlines are a pain in the butt for many reasons and everyone is at a different stage of its progression.  

The classic combover haircut for men with receding hairline
Credit: @TheUltimateShave On Instagram!

Classic Combover:

Now before you skip through this one, please keep in mind you’re living in a time period where this type of haircut is trending in both the youth and elderly. combovers are as the name suggests, it’s where you comb the top part of your hair to the left or right. It’s a great hairstyle for a receding hairline and will make your hair look fuller. Although if you feel like your hairline is too far gone I wouldn’t recommend growing it out too much. Doing so can add an unwanted emphasis to your initial receding hairline problem and make it the star of the show. which would be highly counter-productive to what we’re trying to do here, a medium-length comb over is recommended.

classic crew haircut for men

The Crew Cut

The crew haircut is a great alternative for people with receding hairlines. The reason is that it removes the focus from your actual hair and helps guide the eye to other features of your face. Again, this haircut might not work for some people, if you don’t think your the right candidate to rock the crew cut let’s keep looking for more options!

layered haircut for receding hairlines

Classic Layered Cut

A layer styled haircut is another alternative for a receding hairline. Without being too flashy, a layered cut helps add more volume to the areas that are thinning. layered haircuts can be styled in many ways, but most prefer it to be somewhat customized to their weak areas. overall it’s a fantastic and casual look!

Business haircut for men with receding hairlines

Classic Business Cut

The business haircut is one of the world’s most noted haircuts of all time. This is because it doesn’t take much maintenance and looks highly professional in all situations. If you have a beard you can easily shape the sides and lower the temple areas to help blend it into your business look. With a little hair wax, all you need to do is brush it back and let your natural hairline take shape, and you’re done! 

toppik hairfibers for receding hairlines

Adding “Toppik” Or Another Thickening Agent

If you feel a certain hairstyle for a receding hairline isn’t going to hide it well enough. we recommend using a thickening agent as another option.

Brands like “Toppik” have a product that you spray micro-fibers of your same hair color into the corners of your hairline. Doing this will add hair density to your thinning or bald areas. Surprisingly enough we’ve come a long way in this area of hair restoration. Although this isn’t a permanent solution, it works wonders for going for a night on the town, weddings, and other special events!

If you’re interested and want to do some further research on “Toppik Hair fibers” here’s a link to the product & video below showing you the quality of this microfiber hair thickening spray. 

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Things To Avoid With A Receding Hairline

  • Avoid combing your hair straight back, and wearing bands, braids, or anything that pulls and tugs at your hair. Over time this will breakdown the base of your scalp causing further balding! 
  • Hair dyes and hard products tend to damage the hair follicles because of their harsh chemical compounds.
  • Make sure you keep a healthy diet full of proteins, hair is made up of protein and if you’re not getting the proper nutrition you’ll see it in your hair. We suggest taking vitamin B12’s and try to reduce stress from your life and focus on building a good sleep routine. Doing this will give you the best fighting chance of keeping your hair!


What Causes Hair Loss?

Well, technically hair is a protein, so essentially having a more protein-packed diet would promote hair growth. Although, in some cases when the hair follicle is damaged or non-producing. Hair will not grow from that area period. Which is why it’s almost impossible to find a natural alternative. Which by now, I’m sure you’ve done your fair share of research.

Let’s start with understanding the main factors of hair loss. Here’s a quick and easy read to get a better understanding of what the causes might be for you. 

Does Reducing Stress Help?

Telogen Effluvium:

Is the result of high stress that puts your hair follicles in a resting type phase. Meaning they will stop forming new hairs, this particular stressor is most common in high stressful working situations (Being a cop, ER doctor, Paramedic, School Teacher, Etc.) You’ll quickly notice that your hair is falling out each time you wash the hair out in the shower or perhaps seeing hair on your pillow when you wake up each morning more so than usual. Thankfully, this specific type of hair loss stress can be remedied by removing yourself from stressful situations and a change of diet. 


This is a mental condition where the person pulls out their hair in such places as their head, nose, arms, legs, and eyebrows. Doing this helps them cope with high levels of stress and anxiety. Most patients that suffer from PTSD or other traumatic events are more susceptible to undergo this type of stress-related condition.

Alopecia Areata

Again, During high-stress clients have complained of a condition where they’ve seen spotty or large circular patterns of balding on their scalp. Alopecia is more common than one might think, this happens when the body’s natural immune system starts to attack hair follicles at the source and ultimately leads to hair loss. Most of the time hair loss due to alopecia isn’t permanent, and like other stress-related hair loss conditions, this can be solved with proper dieting and removing stress from everyday life.

Content Source Credit: Mayo Clinic.

Is Balding A Genetic Condition? 

Baldness on a genetic scale is inherited by the mother’s father.

There’s a myth within the hair loss community that has lead people to think hair loss has to do with their father, and his father before him. This is not always the case, studies have shown that woman carries two X Chromosomes while men only carry one. The X Chromosome is the Androgen receptor gene that determines whether or not you will have the mother’s father’s hair. 

You are two times more likely to receive the “Mother’s Father’s Head Of Hair” because the woman carries two X Chromosomes. This isn’t always the case, but the majority of the time it is.

The Best Solution For Hair Loss?

Ah yes, this is the reason you came to this post in the first place right? Unfortunately, we’re very limited when it comes to this dilemma. But as we advance as humans and Instagram along with countless other visual stimulating platforms evolve. Comparing yourself to a man with a strong hairline and a thick full head of hair might be daunting to your ego. Especially when having hair is a symbol of power and strength in the sight of most people. People with hair get better job opportunities, make more money and yes, get the ladies 43% more than men without hair.

It’s a rational thought to want to fix this issue, It’ll make your overall life on this planet better. Remember how I said we’ve evolved a lot when it comes to hair loss solutions? well, here’s the answer.

Professional Grade Long Lasting Toupees

Toupee? like the corny rat’s nest that blows off people’s heads when the wind blows too hard? yes, and no. We’ve come along way in the way we make these products now, in fact, we’ve come so far people pay up to $400 for a toupee fit and haircut. Granted not everyone has that type of money lying around, well, I know I don’t. Here’s a few things you need to know to gain your confidence back.

Hair loss restoration using toupees and hair pieces
Yes, This Is A Toupee!

How Do I Get A Toupee, Which One’s Best For Me?

Toupees can go from anywhere between $100 to $500 depending on the size of your head, and the type of hair you’d like to wear. The best toupee/hairpieces are ones that match your hair color and type.

When people go bald it’s mostly receding from the top of the head. The hair left on the sides and back always seems to grow as it used to when you were young and vibrant. The hairpiece will be placed on the top of your head, and a well-trained hair cutting professional will be able to blend your “Hairpiece” in with the hair on your sides and back for a seamless look!

Two Types Of Hairpieces

  • Synthetic Hair (Fake Hair): Composed of plastic fibers using low grade-heating process, strung into laces for hair extensions and hairpieces.
  • Human Hair (The Most Expensive & Realistic looking alternative): As the name suggests is real human hair. This gives the most realistic looking wigs and hairpieces but also needs to be re-styled like real hair after washing.

Buying The Perfect Hair Piece

Now that you understand the difference between the two, let’s start looking at our options and find the best fit for you. I’ve done a ton of research and these are the very best hairpieces/toupees I could find that won’t break your wallet and still give you professional-looking results!







7 Great Hairpieces – Build Your Confidence

***IMPORTANT*** Please keep in mind not all toupees/hairpieces come with “Adhesive Tape” and “Glue” make sure you add that to your list when purchasing*


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