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Best Haircuts On Pinterest!

best haircuts on pinterest

Best Haircuts On Pinterest

Pinterest Is a great place to gather information about the barbering industry along with trending haircut and styles. It’s unfortunate but haircuts on Pinterest are probably the most overlooked resource on the internet. Cyclops Brand wanted to open the door to new possibilities using the Pinterest app and help both barbers and clients find the right haircut for any situation.

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haircuts on pinterest

Need a quick reference for the haircut you’re looking to have done? Follow our Pinterest board and find the right hairstyle for you! We categorized the top trending haircuts for men to make searching as easy as possible. Follow us on Pinterest to always have a quality reference board at your disposal. 

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best haircutting baords on pinterest

Remove The Worry:

Getting a haircut is a delicate decision, each person has their own set of hair problems. Some have curly hair and feel if you cut it short, it’ll look uneven and out of wack. While others face their share of hairstyle dilemmas, like deciding if they want the hairstyle left longer with a light trim? Or perhaps trying to find a haircut to help hide a receding hairline.

haircuts on pinterest board from cyclops brand

Faster Services:

Using a reference board can help you confidently explain your hairstyle to your barber or stylist. Not only that but showing a clear image of the haircut will help paint a picture of what you want in the mind of the barber —making it easier for both of you in the long run. 

Combination Ideas:

The coolest part of being a barber is to be able to customize a haircut. You being the client can use our Pinterest reference board to save multiple images on your phone. When you get to the barbershop, you can share with the barber/stylist a small variety of haircut ideas you found to create a new hairstyle. Perhaps you like how the sides are done in one image but prefer the top length of another in the photo reference. Please share your thoughts and concerns and allow the barber to work their magic!

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Updating Constantly:

With over 50,000 Viewers each month, we are continually expanding our boards and brand to new and exciting heights. We are absolute hair nerds, meaning we want to ease your mind and allow us to study the numbers, trends, and hairstyles as they become relevant within our society. All you have to do is follow us on Pinterest and enjoy the show! 

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Fill Your Imagination:

following our Pinterest boards will open your inner creative genius; we post and stay relevant in whats happening in the barbering industry. Keeping a gauge on what’s trending in a great way to impress and show others you know what’s in style and often before everyone jumps on the bandwagon. 

products on pinterest for haircutting

Best Products On The Market:

We want to remove any questionable thoughts about the industry for our Pinterest friends and family. We keep tabs on popular hair products and accessories; the cool part is you don’t necessarily have to be a barber to follow our boards. No, we want to welcome everyone that has a fascination with hair or wants to buy an item or product that is worth the money. These could be hair clippers, trims, shavers, etc. 

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We Are The Face Of Professional Barbering:

Our Cyclops brand strives to be the best at everything we do; we’ve taken an oath to offer our barbers and clients the most user-friendly and reliable source experience on the internet. We are continually growing and developing new and improved ways to generate more traffic and relevance within the industry, ultimately making the Cyclops brand a one-stop-shop for all your barber related questions, products, hairstyles, and ideas!

what is pinterest?

What’s Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media network for users to discover images, services, and products posted by other people on the platform. Think of Pinterest as a giant web-based bulletin board full of great ideas and pictures to inspire, educate, and even sell products. — but with greater organizational functionality!

Pinterest was founded in December 2009 and has been an internet sensation ever since it’s launch. Pinterest allows users to create pins with images and descriptions to have the viewer click the embedded link inside to their website or source, where they initially found the pin. Pinterest also lets you save your pins or the pins of others you found interesting to a set of “Boards” just like you would pin a paper to a cork-board at the office. You can always come back to these boards and find the pins you saved!

There are a few browser plugins you can download as well; these plugins will be with you everywhere you search on the internet. If you see something casually browsing the internet, you’ll be able to capture what you’re interested in as a pin and save it directly to your Pinterest board. 

Later you can click that pin and go back to the exact source you found it, or share it with other pinners on Pinterest. It’s best to keep your pins organized so other people searching Pinterest can quickly discover your board. Pinterest is about inspiring others by what you pinned to your board, and by what you find pinned by other pinners.

why barbers should start using booksy to set up their appointments

Why Barbers Use Booksy App:

Booksy is a fantastic app to consider if you’re panic-stricken and want a way to help manage your clients without having to reach out or organize your messages manually. Using the booksy app has helped many barbers and stylists maintain and even grow their original clientele base; this is due to the quick and smooth functionality of clients setting up their appointments.

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barber cutting a fade with a knife and tape measure being funny

15 Fade Haircuts That’ll Blow Your Mind!

What’s a fade haircut? Fade haircuts are established when a barber uses a variety of freehand and clipper techniques to create levels for graduation in the hair from shortest to longest. If done correctly there should be flawless blend that adds elegance and precision to the haircut.  Fade haircuts not only look great with a flawless gradient blend. They also represent the level of skill the barber has behind the chair. 

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