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Wahl Magic Clip – Product Review

Best Clipper In The Industry? Find out now why Wahlz cordless Magic Clips are the Industry Standard.

Best Barber Clipper - Wahl Cordless clippers!

Let’s Get Started:

Let’s see why the WAHLZ 5 star magic clip is the best barber clipper and can help you  become a great barber.

Have you ever wondered what makes a person go to the same barber over and over again? 

Because customers are satisfied with their work, their professional approach and the level of ease the customers have with them.

Naturally, for a barber to make a lasting impression on their customer and create a long-lasting relationship, a lot has to be done.

The most important of these factors is the barber’s selection of equipment. 

Wahl magic clips a state of the art barber equipment provider that gives barbers freedom to display their skills and leave a lasting impression on their customers. 

With the modernized, hi-tech, cyclops equipment, the barbers can now work with the latest tools that will give them perfect results.  

Also, the high mobility of the WAHL Magic Clip wireless equipment gives freedom to the barbers to move around the area while working on their customers. 

This high level of mobility helps the barber to work in ease and give out the maximum results, consequently increasing the number of satisfied customers. 

WAHLZ 5 start magic clip is the epitome of equipment. We are sharing a few of its features with you to get an idea of what the best Barber Clipper on the market can do. An in the right barbers hand, can make all the difference between an ordinary barber and an outstanding barber:

1. No Tired Hands.

Tired hands due to a large number of customers in a day or because of using a heavy clip is a factor that often frustrates most of the barbers. This often results in mistakes and dissatisfied customers. On the other hand, The 5 Star magic clip is sleek and stylish, with a 6.25” handle which weighs only 1 pound. This makes it easy for the barbers to freely move the clip around without feeling any tiredness on the hands.

The high precision blades of the 5 star magic clips provide fine tapering and fading over the comb on scalps. This enables the barbers to create new hairstyles with ease and perfection, giving their customers a reason to smile. 

3. Multiple Blade Adjustments

The WALTZ 5 start magic clipper comes with adjustable blades with a cutting precision blades ranging from 1/16“ to 1“.

4. Rugged & Durable System

The v9000 motor of the clip is highly rugged and gives a reliable performance. The battery is high powered and gives multiple clips before the requirement of re-charging arises. 

WAHL 5 star magic clip is one of the best barber clippers,  that every modern barber should be using. 

The WAHLZ 5 star magic clip will make any barber, a successful barber with lots of satisfied and returning customers. Our Cyclops Barber Supply Store is your one stop solution for all types of barber accessories and equipment that will help you become the best barber in town.  Stop waiting, get yours today!

Best Barbering Clipper:
I Love the Wahl magic clip! It’s a game changer. I would suggest every barber add this tool to his/her barber arsenal.

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