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Best Female Barbers On Instagram!

female barber @staygold31 instagram

Best Female Barbers On Instagram!

Regardless of gender/sex, a female that performs a haircutting service under a state board barbering license is considered a “barber“. The roles of both male & female barbers are the same. Based on the percentage of women that are Barbers worldwide is 44%.

best female barbers on instagram

1. @StayGold31

Staygold31 is a female barber from L.A, with an edgy style and competitive mindset Sofie quickly elevated her platform and became known as one of the best female barbers in the world!

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popethebarber on instagram

2. @PopeTheBarber

sponsored by monster energy drinks, Popethebarber is a professional barber with a powerful influence in the industry. Barbering means everything to pope, but also enjoys quality time with her friends and family!

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Can A Female Be A Barber?

In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to see new faces in various industries that have been known to be predominantly male. Barbering isn’t an exception from the list. With an impressive 44% of the woman being barbers, this is starting to become the cultural norm in the barbering industry. Personally speaking, I think it’s great. I honestly don’t see too much of a difference between being a “Hairstylist” working at a salon and being a “Barber” Besides the fact that barbers “Shave beards” and use the “Straight razor.” Whereas a “Hairstylist” is more focused on performing services such as “Perms” and “Hair Coloring.”

Regardless, barbers and hairstylists perform the same essential functions like cutting hair with scissors, clippers standing for long periods, and trying their best to build a strong clientele base. With that being the main job description of the industry, it falls perfectly in-line for any female to swap roles from being a “Hairstylist” to being a “Barber” almost effortlessly. All you would need to do is learn a few new skill-sets, as I’ve mentioned before about facial shaves and using the straight razor.

If your worried being a female and entering a “Man’s Profession,” don’t be. Most of the time, barbers understand how the world is changing, and 9 times out of 10 barbers enjoy having a female co-worker to help educate and share their knowledge.

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Breaking The Boundaries.

Remember when I said it’d labeled a man’s profession? Well, it’s true. Although its growing and ever-expanding, there are a few things that need to change for it to be more “Female-friendly.” let me explain. Men can be rather vulgar, rude, or even overly flirtatious towards a woman in certain situations. In life, it’s easy to avoid it and walk away. But if your a “Barber,” it’s something you’ll be around a lot daily. Not every man is a slobbering idiot looking for ways to impress a woman. Although being around men all day might drive a woman to insanity if you don’t have the “Thick-skin” to handle it.

Coming into the world of barbering wouldn’t be fair for me to not add that “perception” on the list. I’m trying to give you the most honest answer I possibly can without sugar-coating anything. Don’t let that discourage you! That solely relies on the barbershop you decide to work for, a quick way to know a shop’s value-system is learning about the services they perform at their shop. Along with the costs of haircuts, this will determine a few things right off the bat about the shop’s over-all functionality.

  • Cheap haircuts lead to cheap clients, and ultimately barbers who are willing to work for cheap have no sense of self-worth in their skill-set. Most of the time, this reflects the mindset and attitudes of the barbers working. “If you want to work at a “Ghetto” barbershop, be prepared to meet ghetto barbers and clients.”
  • If you’re planning on making a lot of money off each of your haircuts, you need to find yourself a high-end barbershop. The shop’s prices will determine the type of clients it brings in; high-end barbershops tend to bring in; doctors, lawyers, surgeons, and even celebrities. These are professionals in their own right. They force the barbers to keep a sense of professionalism to reach that caliber of the audience.

If somebody gets easily offended, please note the industry hasn’t fully evolved yet to receive female barbers 100% openly. Although it’s making great leaps and bounds to accommodate you! For thousands of years, barbershops are known to be the central hub for men to talk about their lives and cultural events. Their conversations can be rather upsetting for a woman to hear. Although if you can handle it, and earn your stripes and respect with barbers. The barbershop team will support you and see you as one of their own. If I could relate the barbershop to the animal kingdom, it would be a “Wolf pack” type mentality. Any sign of weakness and they will attack your craft and question you, but if you can prove yourself, you will be welcomed with open arms!


lici_ladybarber from instagram female barber

The Sad Truth.

Clients at first glance seeing a “Female barber” may want to deny your services. It’s very unfortunate but it happens, this is because men are used to going to other men for haircuts. Even from the time they were young, It’s embedded within our society that men go to men for haircuts. It’s your job to break that mold! 

cyclops brand rosilia_rod1 from instagram female barber

Making Your Presence Known:

Through all of this, I want to encourage you to remain positive after clients get used to seeing you in the barbershop and perform amazing haircuts. They’ll slowly start coming out of the “woodwork” and ask if you have any openings. Keep in mind, word travels fast in the barbering world, and being female, could be used to your advantage! Now, I’m not saying flirt with all the clients or strut your bad self around every time you hear the front door open. 

It would be best if you didn’t have to degrade your self-worth to gain the attention of people, That’s what your “barbering skills” are for. Being a woman in general, men tend to go the extra mile; if they see you trying and willing to put in the effort, they will “risk” a few haircuts to know how you perform. After doing a few haircuts to build your confidence, you’ll be well on your way to show the barbershop what you can do!


If you’re planning on being a female barber, do it! You’re this far along in the decision-making. If this post did anything for you, I want to inform you and give you a sense of “Understanding” and, most importantly, “Confidence.” You’re more than likely a strong woman and determined to prove herself at whatever cost, this career to you “Ain’t Nothing But A Thing, Chicken Wing!” Listen, friend; life is to short not to do the things you love. If this is your dream, then leap, with everything you got! Life, in general, isn’t easy. But I promise it will be satisfying for you to set a goal like “barbering” and go out and accomplish it like the fearless woman you are! 


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