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Best Disposable Razor Blades For Straight Razors – Barber’s Choice!

What’s The Best Razor Blade To Use?

“The best razor blade is one with premium coating, sharpness, and durability. These qualities will create a smooth shave without causing skin irritation. “

After a perfect shave:

The skin should feel soft and smooth. There should be no nicks/cut marks on your face. You should feel fresh and energetic. You should radiate with confidence. 

If you are missing out on any of these feelings after a shave, then you’re probably missing out on some very important features of shaving. 

Razor blades have seen quite a lot of evolution throughout the years. 

Back in the day, people would shave using their swords and knives (it’s true, no matter how strange it might sound). The knives then evolved into full-time straight razors that were in use for a good part of centuries, until the safety razor was invented in the early 1900s. 

Safety razor give you the freedom to change the blades when one wears out without having to sharpen through the blade as was done in the past.

Today, the market is flooded with many razor brands that claim to be the best in the market, and you might have difficulty in choosing the best blade behind all those smiling ladies on the advertisement boards claiming “their brand is the best in the market!”. 

Before selecting the best razor blades, you must know the key features that make a razor suitable for shaving. 

Sharpness is the Key

Sharpness is the key factor when it comes to the performance of razor blades. The sharper the blade, the more elegant it cuts giving your face a clean and refreshed look. A sharp razor blade has a practical tip that cuts clean through your hair.

On the other hand, blunt and ineffective blades do not provide a smooth shave and create many cuts and nicks on the skin. Don’t ever shave with a dull razor blade as it can cause cuts and irritation on your skin.  

Blade’s Life

Another indication of a good razor blade is the retention of its sharpness after numerous shaves. The right razor blade will stay sharp even after a higher number of shaves as compared to an ordinary blade. The re-usability of the blade will also depend on the type of hair it has to shave and the environment in which the blade is kept. 

People with coarse hair will get a fewer number of shaves with the same blade as compared to a person with thin hair. Generally, good blades retain their performance levels for at least two shaves.    

Quality of Material    

The material of the razor blades plays a very important role in determining the quality of the blade. An ideal choice of material for making razor blades is stainless steel and stainless platinum. These materials are extremely resistant to corrosion and hence increase the effective life of the blades. 

It is important that you only buy blades made of stainless steel or platinum. All other blades will rust much faster and give undesired shaving results. 

Protective Coating

A few manufacturers coat their blades with extra protective coatings to protect them against corrosion and protect your skin against unnecessary cuts and nicks. Chromium plated blades are much stronger against corrosion and provide you with sharp shaves for more extended periods.  


Another important factor in determining the quality of the blade is its durability. The strength of a razor can be measured by the strength coating done on the blade. Usually, the ceramic coating is used to provide the extra strength for the blades.

Now you know how to separate a good blade from an ordinary one.  
Keeping all these factors in mind, here is a list of the top 6 razor blades in the industry that make exquisite shaves and make it easy for you to get a perfect shave for your clients. Let’s Begin!

1. Astra Platinum – Double Edge Safety Razor Blade

Astra Platinum is the market’s most renowned brand that provides high-quality shaves and a feeling of satisfaction to its users. 

Each blade gives approximately three shaves (depending upon the hair type) before you have to replace one. The durability and quality of the material of each blade are incredibly high. 

The price for each blade is meager as compared to the quality of the product being offered. You can get a pack of 100 Astra blades for less than $15.00. Astra Platinum blades make it to the top of our list and many other lists of top-quality razor blades in the world. 

2. Derby Extra – Double Edge Razor Blade

The highly versatile and classy Derby razor blades are another great brand that is extremely popular around the world. 

The exquisite blades are available at an extremely economical price of $8.25 per 100 pieces. Derby is providing such a high-quality product at that low a cost. That is precisely what makes them one of the most excellent blade manufacturers in the industry.  

The reduction of sharpness after five shaves is in no way a drawback of the product, and it is just that there is such a high competition that every small thing matters. Nonetheless, Derby covers it up with their low prices. 

3. Feather – Double Edge Stainless Steel Blade

Feather DE is one of the finest razor blades available in the market. Manufactured by Japan, the blades are pure Hi-stainless steel. 

The tip is extremely sharp and gives a smooth and comfortable shave. The Feather brand has a reputation in the medical and surgical industry too, which they carry into the razor blade industry. 

The blades are highly flexible and can fit any safety razor holder including ‘shavettes’.

WARNING: This razor blade is not for beginner barbers, please note the barber using this brand should be extremely careful and light handed when working with this razor blade.

4. Personna – Double Edge Razor Blades

Next up is the Personna double edge razor blades. The glide-coated SS blades are incredibly sharp and make a clean shave.

The blade comes with a perforated line to divide the blade into “two” and use each blade individually. 

The blade has been designed for use with all types of straight/safety razors with ease. The blades come in a pack of hundred that costs a mere $11.00 on Amazon. 

You cannot imagine getting the extreme value for money. Although the Personna blades provide significant advantages, the blade does not last long and is only suitable for 3-4 shaves. 

5. Dorco Prime – Platinum Double Edge Blades

Dorco Prime is next in the list. The platinum-coated modern DE blades are the choice of elite barbers. 

The platinum coating on the blades gives them substantial strength and keeps them efficient even after a few uses. 

A special double Teflon coating is also provided to ensure extra smooth shave that will last longer. 

Dorco Prime is a blend of modern shaving technology with the elegance of classical shaving equipment, giving you a fulfilling experience and a smooth shave. Dorco blades are extremely economical with a pack of 100 blades costing as low as $9.07.

Wilkinson Sword Class Razor Blade

6. Wilkinson Sword – Double Edge Safety Razor Blade

Another big name of the razor blade industry is Wilkinson Sword. As the name suggests, the blade makes shaves like a sword cuts through its enemies. 

The deluxe blade tip provides a very close shave and works well on the coarsest of hair.  Wilkinson Sword double edge classic blades come in packages of five.  

Perhaps the most significant thing about the Wilkinson sword blades is its triple coating. The chromium layer provides protection against corrosion, the ceramic coating to add durability to the blade and the PTFE coating to reduce irritation. 

The extra surfaces make Wilkinson Sword as one of the best blades for beginners. 


As making a perfect shave is an art, the selection of the right razor blade is also an art. Unless you master the art of selecting only the best blades for your shave, it’s difficult that you’ll ever get the perfect shave that your clients are looking forward too. Choosing the right blade will give you a clean and fresh look that will invigorate  enable you to make it through the day knowing you’ve offered your best services. 

Meanwhile, making the wrong choice in the selection of a razor blade can leave your clients face with a burning irritation and lethargic look. We recommend you, use this guide in the selection of the right blade and make every shave a perfect shave. 

Tip: Barbers who want to make it to the top of the ladder must pay heed to the minute details of making every shave a great shave.  

Best Razor Blades:
I’ve Always been a fan of the “Feather Blades.” Although they don’t last to long, they’re worth every stroke! #Crispy
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