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The Best Camera For Portraits!

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The Best Camera For Portraits:

There’s more to barbering than just cutting hair all day. If you’re looking to start stepping up your visual presence on social media, I have your answer. The Best Camera For Portraits is the canon rebel Dslr SL2 here’s why. Barbering is a highly competitive field, so, if you’re finally ready to spread your wings and fly. You’re going to need a strategy that pans out better than the hustle of the barbershop alone. The answer? a Camera. Not just any type of camera or your cell phone, you’ll need a camera that’s able to showcase your best works as a barber. People want to see your talent in its rawest form. Unfortunately, most barbers leave a lot of money on the table, neglecting the social media spotlight. Our cyclops brand studio has been through plenty of cameras, lenses, and light studios to get the crispiest looking headshots but to no avail. until we discovered the “Rebel DSLR SL2. This camera will change your life when it comes to taking professional-grade magazine-worthy images. That’s not the best part; the best part is it’s incredibly user-friendly! Below is an easy-to-read article that breaks down this camera and the best attachments to take clean and professional results as quickly as possible. Good luck!

Canon EOS Rebel SL2 DSLR Camera

Without a doubt, The Canon DSLR EOS Rebel SL2 Is hands down the best canon I’ve ever used when it comes to taken Portrait Shots and Haircuts for Our Instagram Page. @CyclopsBrand

We Use It In Our Studio:

With our brand reaching over 24k Followers, It’s no brainer images help sway the vote in gaining a follower on the page. People do enjoy looking at quality photos and the Canon DSLR EOS Rebel SL2 Delivers. I’m a massive fan of creating mini clips of our haircut process as we work throughout the day. The video quality on this camera is fantastic! It does what I need it to do. I’m not a professional photographer, so it’s good to know the camera is user-friendly and still manage to take great looking headshots.

Built-In Audio:

The camera itself has a built-in mic that works well when your creating short video clips to share online. Still, the camera is much better at taking quality photos than anything else. Most videographers recommend the rode mic attachment to enhance the sound intake if you want to improve the audio quality of the DSLR camera. Let’s get down to the technical side of this camera for a second, I’m going to keep this somewhat short and sweet so don’t worry if you’re not too tech-savvy, I’m not either. The main reason I wanted a camera was for the quality of photos I could get to showcase my haircuts. After doing some research and asking a few well-known local photographers, everyone pointed me to using the Canon EF 50mm Lens. The 50mm lens creates a firm portrait headshot, which is excellent for taking haircut images for Instagram and other social media platforms. This lens blurs out the background, bringing out the focal point of the image, which is the “haircut.” The Image Below: Was taken using the Canon Rebel DSLR SL2 with the 50mm lens attachment.
professional haircut photo
Image Credit To @Young_Picasso
***IMPORTANT*** This camera picks up on everything, and I mean everything! if you’re planning on using it to “Showcase” your haircuts, You Absolutely have to make sure that haircut is #Fire. Otherwise, you’ll see the smallest lines in your fade work. Leaving no room for error in your haircut designs!

Sandisk 32GB SD Card

The best Camera For Portraits  will need is an SD card. These cards are the way cameras save photos, later you can add the SD card to your computer and export all your images! The reason I’m recommending this Sandisk 32GB SD Card is that it’s the exact same one I’ve been using for years & it works great! With 32GB of storage, you can take anywhere between 3,000 – 4,000 images. Or 30 minutes of Ultra HD Video Footage. In my personal opinion, 32GB’s is plenty of storage, especially when you’re doing a photoshoot and exporting your images from the SD Card to your computer constantly. Doing this will free up additional space on your SD Card for more images and video anyway. If you feel like you need more storage and plan on taking a lot of video footage try using the 256GB SD CARD for film-makers and content creators! Buy Now On Amazon!

Neewer Ring light

When it comes to taking great-looking photos, a proper Light setup is critical. Thankfully we’ve come along way in technology and buying professional-grade lighting studio kits is relevantly cheap. I recommend getting the “Neewer Ring Light”  for starters. It’s perfect for single headshot images, and many famous YouTubers really love using it for up-close video clips. Being that the light itself is round you can buy Camera Mounts to hold your camera in the middle while performing your haircutting videos, clips, or tutorials. Buy Now On Amazon!

Lighting Studio Setup (With Backdrop)

Studio Lighting:

If you’re planning on taking this to another level in your barbershop. You can buy the entire “Lighting Studio.” This light studio comes with literally everything you need to get those Showcase good headshots! Including “Back-drops Curtains” to block out any background distractions.

Cheap & Practical:

Studio lightings are an investment; if your planning on going all out in taking quality headshots, using The Best Camera For Portraits this is worth it. But if you’re trying to get some decent lighting just for Instagram or Facebook feeds, then the “Neewer Ring Light” is all you’ll need to be honest. Don’t break your wallet on the entire lighting studio unless you’re planning to mix photography and barbering with your everyday workflow.

Saves You Money:

Without having to spend thousands of dollars on hiring a professional photographer buying a proper Camera and lighting setup will help you start building a brand for yourself and gain more organic traffic to your social media accounts. Each Light Studio set is different as some are more extravagant than others. I just needed the bare minimum, enough to light up a small area in my barbershop while taking photos with a basic White Backdrop. Buy Now On Amazon!


Whichever route you plan on taking, I hope I gave you plenty of helpful equipment options to consider. So, what are you waiting for? Start delivering those high-quality photos using the best camera for portraits and start promoting yourself today! easy course to help somebody learn how to edit their haircutting images

Master The Art Of Photo Editing:

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