Top 10 Best Barbers to Follow On Instagram! [ With Pictures!] Cyclops Brand

Top 10 Best Barbers to Follow On Instagram! [ With Pictures!]

best barbers to follow on instagram
Top 10 best barber accounts to follow on instagram!
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Best Barbers On Instagram!

Instagram has taken the top spot when it comes to visual presentation,  it’s to no surprise this smart phone app has taken the world by storm with it’s simple & Clean layout.

Being in a visual stimulating industry, barbers have quickly taken hold of the benefits of using this platform. Many barbers use Instagram to gain a following by showcasing their best haircut images, or use the platform to buy new product accessories. Easily keep tabs on another like-minded  tonsorial artist by using instagram and following each person on our list!

Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Barber Instagram Accounts that you should be following If you aren’t already!

Instagram account barbers should be following "Barbershopconnect"

1. Barbershopconnect

Their Instagram is known for its top tier haircutting imagery. Barbershopconnect is a big contender in the world of cutting hair. Working beside one of the most significant hair show events to this day, known as “BarberCon.

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2. BarbersincTV

If your a fan of Reality TV & Professional barbering this is the instagram account to follow! BarberincTV is a great tool to draw inspiration for your own personal haircuts, You can learn a lot and stay entertained for hours!

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3. Barberlessons_

Looking for a place to learn barbering techniques? Than “Barberlessons_” is a great place. Built on the foundation of “Helping Professional Barbers” in their craft. BarberLessons_ has helped many build confidence in their profession.

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4. Robtheoriginal

Need a spark of creativity? “Rob the original” is known for his clever artistic abilities. He’s not only a “Barber” but also an art enthusiast, always looking for more ways to showcase his artworks in the barbering industry.

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5. CyclopsBrand

Cyclops is a professional Barber product & Apparel brand. Claiming to be the “Best” isn’t good enough, The Cyclops Brand is known for their strength & Authority in the barbering world. Leaving a Legacy behind is the only thing that matters.

Follow Now On Instagram! follow the best barbers on instagram wester the barber

6. Wester Barber

Wester is a professional & highly talented barber, A prime Ambassador for the “Elegance studio” delivering quality hairs time & time again. Wester’s haircuts will not let you down when scrolling through your Instagram feed.

Follow Now On Instagram! follow pacinos the barber on instagram

7. Pacinos The Barber

Starting out in West Palm Beach Florida, the Pacino barbershop name has caught a flame in the industry. From a local city barbershop to creating hair products & making special guest appearances around the world!

Follow Now On Instagram! best barber to follow on instagram drew nice

8. Drewnice561

Clean & Stealthy Drew Nice is a young entrepreneur with the skills to match his dreams and dedication. He’s a high caliber barber with a deep love for modifying barbering equipment for professional stylist all around the US.

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9. Taylorcutz1

Platform barber & “Elegance” ambassador, Taylor has a clientele base he calls: “Taylor Gang.” Taylor is known for his great personality and professionalism when it comes to designing new and exciting haircuts for both male/female clients.

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10. AROD The Barber

Top barber from the island of Puerto Rico, Arod came into the game swinging! With his hilarious youtube videos & wacky hair colors. Arod recently Hit a whopping 1.8 Million Followers on Instagram, the reason? in one word… “Unique.”

Follow Now On Instagram! igot the barber best barbrs to follow on instagram

11. Igor The Barber

Igor is a barber instructor from brazil whose known best for his quality haircuts and attention to detail. Performing in various hair shows and competitions, Igor’s talents surpass most veteran barbers in the league.

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By following these amazing artist/brands you will stay relevant with what’s going on in the barbering industry. Staying inspired constantly gives us “creatives” the fuel to keep our engines burning as barbers.  

Top 10 Barbers on Instagram: 4.5/5

Grow Your Instagram:

These barbers and their legacy have been around for many years, making their haircuts and even their photography skills something worth checking out. If you’re trying to build a following like these guys, learn what it is their doing differently with their social media platform then how your spending your afternoons on yours. Following your favorite barber will give you great information on how you should be using instagram for your own haircut images. Not every haircut you do should be uploaded, rather take the time to edit and properly setup your station with good lighting and using a camera that’ll make your haircuts as life-like as possible for the viewer.

These barbers already know the best camera angles and marketing strategies, so, try and adapt your posting schedule as such. This is how the most amature account can become a legend in the industry! 

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