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Benefits Of Steaming Your Face!

what is a facial steamer and how can it benefit you

A facial steamer is a device that heats water in the reservoir. After it is heated the steam travels up the adjustable shaft and releases steam from the top. Facial steamers are used to promote perspiration, which works in opening pores, softening blackheads, and restoring blood circulation.

Benefits Of Steaming Your face!

Facial steamers are a must-have if you plan on having healthy-looking skin. There are more pros than cons when it comes to steamers. That’s because people use them for many different reasons such as; Relaxation with aromatherapy, aiding the removal of acne, and for professional exfoliation services.

Now more than ever people are giving themselves the same treatment as a spa in their own homes. But what are the benefits of a facial steamer? why should you consider one at all? In this article, we made it hella easy to read along and learn about facial steamers. We also wanted to explain how you can use one effectively for all your facial needs!

learn about facial steamers and how they can benefit your skin
Extended Arm Table Steamer

What Is A Facial Steamer?

A facial steamer is a device that holds water that is then heated until steam is produced and escapes through the top. In moderation, this steam has a lot of great benefits to your skin.

Most people that use a facial steamer are looking for solutions for treating acne, have sinus issues, or use it to break down toxins under the skin. Doing so makes the removal of debris easier than forcing it out. 

what are facial steamers used for?

What Are Facial Steamers Used For?

Helps restore damaged skin due to colder weather, it also can be used to relax your facial muscles after a hard day’s work. Facial steamers can help reduce sinus pressure if you have a cold or allergies.But most people use facial steamers before using acne washes to open the pores for a deeper cleanse.

how does a facial steamer work?
King Steam Professional Spa & Barbershop Steamer.

How Exactly Does A Facial Steamer Work?

If you could imagine a hard butter-like substance underneath the surface of your skin, using a facial steamer helps warm your face, which in return slowly melts this hard buttery substance making it more manageable.

Especially when it comes to removing toxins from your pores. Please keep in mind when using a facial steamer you only have a 60-second window before moisture and rapid evaporation occur. 

This leads to skin dehydration. Anytime you use water on your skin, the skin is getting hydrated. But facial steamers can be harsh in terms of heat exposure. Make sure you use an alcohol-free serum or toner to help restore hydration rather than living your skin even drier.

should i wash my face after using a facial steamer

Should You Wash Your Face After Using A Facial Steamer?

It is highly encouraged to wash your face before and after using a facial steamer for the best results. After asking celebrity esthetician Renee Rouleau, she says “Steamers help to make extraction of debris and grime much easier. Not only that but it prevents the stress to the skin that tends to happen if you manually remove debris without using a steamer.” 

person using a facial steamer to help with acne

Is A Facial Steamer Worth It?

If you’re looking to add more value to your facial cleansing products by giving them a better chance to work. We highly recommend using a facial steamer. 

It’s not necessary to use a facial steamer daily, but once a week to treat yourself and your skin is okay. For us, we believe a facial steamer is totally worth it!

woman with healthy skin after using a facial steamer

The Benefits Of A Facial Steamer:

There’s a lot of great purposes for using facial steamers, we wanted to list a few we think will be the most beneficial to you. 

  1. Enhances blood circulation to the face: Many people use a facial steamer before using face treatments like “acne creams, washes, or facial masks” this is because after the skin is warm it opens the spores. Restoring circulation helps your body fight back against new bacteria and keeps your skin looking healthy and vibrant.                             
  2. Makes skin treatments more effective: Rather than just applying it on the skin before using a facial steamer. We use facial steamer daily for our clients before exfoliating their skin with facial scrubs. This leads to a more effective cleanse.                                   
  3. Promotes a healthy amount of sweating: Another benefit is that it promotes sweating, by the act of perspiring this helps remove toxins from underneath the skin. This is great for people struggling with acne because it works as a preventative against up-and-coming pimples.                
  4. Softens up debris: A great benefit of using a facial steamer is that it softens debris under the skin. Making removing gunk under the surface much easier than doing it without first breaking down the density.                     
  5. Helps you to relax: Depending on the Facial steamer, some can be loaded with essential oils to add a relaxing aroma that is scientifically proven to reduce stress.  

Below is a shortlist of our top facial steam essential oil picks!

Is It Good To Steam Your Face Every Day?

We suggest using a facial steamer no more than once a week, for about 5-10 minutes at a time to get the best results. Overusing a steamer can quickly become problematic by drying out your skin and causing inflammation.

what facial steamer is best for me?

Which Facial Steamer Is The Right One For Me?

Facial steamers come in all shapes and sizes and this can be confusing. We wanted to make a small list of the best facial steamers on the market, along with a few brief descriptions of each.

This will help you make an easier decision when looking for a steamer. Thanks to the experts at Cyclops Brand we strongly believe in our steamy picks!

1. Nano Facial Steamer

Number one on our list is the nano steamer rated #1 on Amazon as the best-selling facial steamer online. 

What makes the nano steamer so great?

the raving reviews are all about the multi-functionality this steamer has to offer its users. This can be used as a facial steamer, room humidifier and it also has a spare compartment in the bottom to heat a small towel for facial cleansing. 

This facial steamer’s water container can hold up to 200ml for a full 30min runtime. (which is plenty, you should only use it for about 5-10mins to avoid inflammation and skin irritation.)

The nano steamer also lets off negatively charged ionic particles that penetrate the skin 10x’s more deeply. For a better cleanse and overall refreshing feeling.

What does the Nano steamer come with?

The steamer comes with a 5 piece extracting toolset.

2. Extendable Arm Table Top Steamer

Next on our list is the Arm Table steamer, simply rest the steamer on a flat surface and lay down with the arm extension 10inchs from your face. The steam generated from this steamer goes through a series of UV sterilization to produce the purest steam.

What Special Features Come With This Steamer?

The tip of the extendable arm can rotate 360 degrees giving you more functionality when using the steamer.  

Can I add Essential Oils To This Steamer?

Yes! If you’re looking for an at-home spa treatment. This facial steamer is great for adding essential oils for aromatherapy. 

3. King-Steam Professional Steamer

If you’re looking for a high-end professional-grade spa facial steamer, this is it!

Great For Personal & Business Use!

We use facial steamers like this for our specialty exfoliating and facial shave services for our clients in our barbershop. These are fantastic steamers with the ability to move freely and rest high enough to accommodate all clients reclining in our barber chairs.

Special Features

This steamer stands 50 inches high, with a 16-inch arm reach.
below the steamer is a 10.5-inch container that holds water to allow for a 45min steam session. If you go over that amount this steamer also has an auto shut-off function in case you accidentally forget to turn it off.


In this article about facial steamers, we strived to better educate you on facial steamers and with our expert recommendations, we hope you find the best steamer for yourself!


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