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Barbers, Have You Tried Using A “Z Shield” For Work?

wearing a v shield for protection against covid

Why Is The “Z Shield” Worth It Fam?

As of the time of writing this, it looks as though Covid19 is here to stay. and by that I mean, it’s more than likely to be a season virus like the flu. With that being said it’s in our best interest to make sure we’re covered. Get it “Covered”, okay that was lame. 

But anyway, it’s not because we want to be germaphobes or bubble boys our whole career, no. We have to take precautions for us to work as long as possible before getting sick. 

This is more of a financial move than anything else. We only make money when we’re working, and using something as simple as a Z- Shield to reduce the risk. Allowing us to stay on the floor longer!

front view of the z shield face protector

Extra Protection Because Covid19 Is Real

Over the past few months dealing with covid and trying everything under the sun to get the right protection, I came across a “Z Shield“. 

I don’t know about you but I don’t trust the masks. I’m saying that because last week I ended up getting Covid-19 and that was a huge 2 week hit to my wallet financially speaking, which wasn’t cool at all. 

Especially when you have a 3-month infant son that needs to eat. But with some research for covid protection devices, the Z shield takes the cake.

features of the v shield face protection

How Does The V-Shield Work?

The base of the Z Shield rests on your neck instead of these wacky-looking face shields that make your forehead sweat all day. The Z shield is breathable and light-weight and covers the face perfectly. 

the v shield face protector can be pulled down in the front

Some Of The Features

In the front of the shield ( the clear plastic part) can move away from your face and clicked back into place to protect. I wear a mask all-day but when it comes crunch time with clients, I simply push the plastic front up and get right to work. 

It was super easy to put together, just push the four wholes at the bottom of the plastic shield into the neck connectors until you hear a “click” and you’re good to go!

remember to remove the foggy film they put over the top of the shield to prevent scratches during shipping. ( I was starting to get mad thinking it was supposed to be foggy lol)

z shield from the back


That’s about it with this blog post, when I find out something interesting and helpful I try and make a post. Of course, face shields aren’t for everybody, but if you were considering some extra facial protection behind the barber chair I do highly recommend a Z- Shield. Have a great rest of the day fam, happy cutting! 


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