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Are GTX Blades Worth It? Here’s The Best Answer

Barber using a gtx blade on his trimmers

Is the GTX Trimmer blade worth it? Here’s the truth

A trimmer blade works with the trimmer to cut hair to the shortest length possible. Trimmer blades come in two types; short and deep toothed. The depth and spacing of the teeth determine how much or little the hair is cut.

The GTX trimmer blade is the most common modification to the default outliner blade. In the haircutting industry, the most desirable haircuts are what builds a barber’s clientele. By using proper haircutting techniques and detailing work. Having the right tools is essential for doing just that. The GTX blade is a considerable upgrade to your trimmer. 

using GTX blades for skinfade line ups

Trimmers are for the detail work when doing a haircut; things like; 

Neck trims, rounding or squaring off the neckline, cutting around the ears, establishing a sideburn, beard work, and the tape/edge line around the face. 

GTX blades are incredibly sharp with a Blade shaped like a letter T, allowing barbers to use the corners for precision work in the areas mentioned above.

These blades are worth their weight in gold!


Made of carbon steel for a dependable blade that stays sharp with a comfortable edge for smoother cutting. It has a deep tooth blade design that feeds more hair for a better haircutting experience. The GTX can be zero gapped for additional optimazation.

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GTX Blade Vs. T-Blade:

The differencebetween the two blades is the amount of hair they cut in a single pass without getting clogged or overheated. GTX has deeper teeth that allow more hair to pass through, giving an overall better haircutting experience.

On the other hand, although it can do a great job, the default T-blade with shorter teeth tends to struggle when cutting more hair at one time—making The GTX a superior blade in versatility for professional hairstylists, hairdressers, and barbers.

Frequently Asked Questions About The GTX Blade:

Does Ceramic Work With GTX blades? 

Ceramic and GTX blades work harmoniously together; ceramic is much sharper and resistant to heat, unlike ordinary steel blades. 

Barbers that use ceramic noticed a drastic difference between the two and preferred ceramic; although less durable than steel, you end up getting a crispier-looking edge and tape line. 

When asking Jesse steel, a Master Barber with 10+ years in the haircutting industry, Jesse highly recommends barbers upgrade their tools to ceramic blades for smoother blends for fading.

How Do I Sharpen Trimmer Blades?

The two most popular ways to sharpen your blades are:


Using a 4000 grit whetstone (Sharpening stone) while moving the blade’s edge back and forth at a 45-degree angle until the blade looks shiny and feels sharp.

1-minute blade sharpener tool:

blade sharpeners are a trimmer accessory with a thin rectangle slit that sharpens the blade’s edge, similar to how a whetstone works. But much more manageable and user-friendly.

Do GTX Blades Work With T-Outliners?

Yes, GTX blades work with a handful of trimmers, including Andis T-outliner, Andis Slimline Pro li, and Wahl Detailer li. 

How To Zero Gap My Trimmer Blade?

0 gapping is a barbering term that means to bring the default blade as close to the edge as possible without exposing the cutting blade. The 0 gapping methods optimize your trimmer blade and where the edge rests within the trimmer.

Using a tool like; The rich barber 0 gap tool, or Andis 0 gapper, both work in the same way. Its recommended to use them if you want to get the most out of your GTX blade.

GTX Blades On Slimline Pro Li.

GTX blades work great with Andis slimline pro’s; along with 0 gapping, they can easily modify these trimmers to cut cleaner, faster, and with more precision.

What Is The GTX Blade Made Of?

GTX Blades are premium carbon steel, built for durability and sharpness retention during haircutting services.

Where Can I Find A GTX Blade?

Anywhere you can buy most haircutting tools and supplies, these places include; AmazonBarber DepotSally’s Beauty Supply, to name a few.

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