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Andis Cordless Fade Masters [Complete Buyers Guide]

Let’s talk about one of the most sought-after clippers in the haircutting industry. With over 10+ years on the field as a master barber, I will be breaking down and giving you a fully comprehensive guide to the Cordless Andis Fade Masters.

I’m not a fan of listing out specs and turning guides into an Amazon product listing, and I won’t bore you. Instead, I’m going to talk to you as a fellow barber with confidence in hopes of helping you expand your career as a barber.

Cool? Awesome man, let’s dive in!

A Quick History Lesson About Andis Before We Start

Let’s talk about the Andis brand itself for a minute and how Mr. Matthew Andis revolutionized the industry. Working in the Mitchell motor company as a small tools maker, he later left and started a business partnership with Henry melter and John Oster shortly after the Andis manufacturing company was born and had been running like a well-oiled machine for over 95 years.

Now that we have a short briefing of the brand let’s talk about Andis’s most promising clipper.

Andis Cordless Fade Masters Buyers Guide

Only a few years back, these clippers were corded, but thanks to Andis’s ingenious and innovative minds, they cut off the 8-foot jump rope, making it easier for all of us to use.

The biggest selling feature of the Andis fade masters has to be the rotary motor that can spit out 7200 strokes per minute, which makes it a monster when you’re cutting a lot of hair at one time.

Why Use Rotary Motors?

These motors are some of the most powerful due to the compact nature of their design. Rotary motors don’t have a lot of moving parts and rev like crazy.

The downside is the maintenance; being so compact, it’s almost impossible to repair the motor if they run into an issue. They can be pricy to fix, but thankfully this clipper has a long working life (usually 3-4 years ) before having a problem.

Usually, by that time, you’ve done hundreds of haircuts, and even if you needed to buy a new clipper altogether, you made well over what the clipper was worth.

Cleaning the blades and oiling them regularly goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway because it might save a clipper’s life. Lol

The Casing On The Clipper

Andis favors the hard aluminum casing that gives it a sense of durability and strength; when you’re holding it, you can automatically feel the quality.

a few things to consider about aluminum as a working metal:

  • Heat resistant.
  • Gives strength to the clipper.
  • Popular metal for most working products.
  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • it’s an easy metal that can be welded (Not that you would want to, just sharing how workable the type of metal can be)

I love it for its lightweight build, and it only weighs 10 ounces which makes it great for cutting all day especially when doing those extra buttery skin fades.

The Battery Life On The Cordless Fade Masters

This brings me to its battery life, the fade masters use a lithium-ion battery (most cordless clippers do these days), but regardless it charges fully after one hour of being on its charger and can last up to 90 minutes on a charge.

Some things to mention about lithium-ion batteries and why clipper companies are using them.

Lithium-ion has a high charging density with a low discharging rate.

On the flip side, it’s a hazard if charged for too long or exposed to heat. One of the reasons the galaxy note phones were recalled back in the day was batteries exploding, causing injuries or fires.

Andis Cordless Fade Masters Get Hot

A few problems with the Andis masters is that they can get extremely hot after about an hour of use. Like unbearably hot to hold. However, there are these cool rubber grips that you can wrap around your clipper to save your hands from being completely scorched.

There is no pressure on clicking the link, but they do help, especially if doing a fade and having them run for 30 minutes as you work on taking out that line.

There called Clipper Grips.

Cordless andi’s are expensive

Another slight drawback is the price, and I know most barbers use Amazon these days due to how incredibly overpriced brick-and-mortar retail stores have become. Depending on the model (corded or cordless ), it’s a $100-$130 difference. It’s cheaper buying from Amazon, especially after we got hit with a pandemic. Everyone’s trying to make a buck.

Andis cordless fade master is loud?

A complaint some barbers have is how loud the Andis fade masters can get. The cordless seems to run a lot louder than the classic masters, and I didn’t notice it too much using mine. I was happy with its cutting qualitymor4 than anything else, and if they did get loud, I just oiled them, replaced the blade, and lowered the torque.

That about wraps it up, fam

I hope I gave you a better insight into Andis cordless clippers as we talked about the history of the Andis company, how famous this clipper is in the haircutting industry, along with the pros and cons. I’m a professional barber myself, and I wanted to share how the fade masters hold up under everyday pressure with other barbers, especially when doing those fade haircuts. Overall the Andis cordless fade masters will forever be a staple for many years to come, and I suggest buying at least one, they’re a solid product.


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