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Welcome To Cyclops Brand!

First off, I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by, and I hope the website is helping to answer some questions, you might have had about the barbering industry. I’m going to keep the “about us” section as raw and transparent as possible. I feel a lot of brands hide their humble beginnings which in turn makes their story less impactful and unrealistic. Especially for someone struggling to chase their dreams. I started this brand with only $200 and a broken laptop that would constantly go back a page before saving…

I ended up studying and researching for a year straight just to save a dollar, learning photoshop, WordPress, content creation, SEO, SEMrush, and much more. I literally forgot to eat a few times (I don’t suggest doing that, but I was hungry in other ways.)  So, here it is, the story about us!

bedroom with laptop that i used to start cyclops brand
The Bedroom Where I Created “Cyclops Brand”

The Reason I Started Cyclops Brand:

I Started the Cyclops brand on a mini laptop, in a one-bedroom apartment working as a barber in west palm beach Florida. I’ve been a barber for over 10+ years and throughout my time working in various barbershops, I saw a drastic need for information. From products, techniques, owning shops, and running a full-time job as a self-employed barber. I got tired of working 9-5 jobs for other people, and I figured barbering was a great way to develop my entrepreneur mindset and try out some new and exciting ideas. 

Turns out, most barbershop owners don’t like it when you have big visions to expand the knowledge of the industry. So as I grew as a professional, and started learning more about the nature of most owners; I decided it’s time to go off and do it myself. I’m not one to be trapped in a box for 30 years and wonder where my life went. So, I gathered my tools and stepped out gracefully.

cyclops brand barbershop outside and inside
My First Cyclops Barbershop – Humble Beginnings AKA Balling on a budget. (Was Still Renovating Almost Daily)

Learning & Growing:

Through the years I’ve dabbled in both traditional, and urban barbershops. The traditional shops I worked at had a plethora of nostalgic barber tools and supplies hanging on the walls; loaded with information from the past. It felt like I was working in a museum at times, but working at a vintage barbershop like that helped me see how the barbering industry developed over the years. 

collage of barber haircuts and models

Continuing My Adventure:

After reaching a cap on the traditional aspect of barbering with both information and haircuts, I wanted to try my hand in the underground scene. Traditional know-how and urban haircuts are similar. There is a lot less room for error. With an undying will to learn and cut hair, I studied these new styles, and techniques until my hands fell off. After a few years of working in this atmosphere, I got the barber’s approval with my work. but still, I felt empty. I knew I needed to continue my journey. So I thanked them for all the knowledge and kept my bridges intact as I went my own way.

barber competition

The Beating Heart:

I entered my fair share of competitions and loved every minute of the fast-paced environment mixed with precision and techniques. It felt incredible to finally use all of my knowledge. The ability to create the best haircut imaginable in the next 15 mins to wow the judges! It was so hype and made me feel like I was finally heading in the right direction with my career as a barber.

A Meaningful Existence:

Even after all of that, I realized I was wrong. I was not made to showcase my skills and strive for trophies to hang on my shelf. There was more meaning to my life than that. That meaning is to create a space for all barbers to come together and get inspired. I wanted to build and fill my barber friends with unbiased knowledge of the industry. I wanted to share a world where I focus more on helping barbers find their calling rather than reaching a personal goal or pinnacle. It doesn’t feel any different. I created a brand.

The brand is known as Cyclops. I chose that because I wanted to create a team of the most elite barbers in the world. I know what you’re thinking, “high hopes right?” Not really. The name cyclops represents a mythological giant that stomps, crushes, and destroys everything in its path. The cyclops is known for his “one eye” meaning he doesn’t shift his focus from what he looks at. The Cyclops knows no limits and doesn’t stop until the objective is complete. I fell in love with this idea, so when it came to barbershop competitions. An elite team of barber giants showing up to slay the industry without mercy just felt right.

website chart on the growth of cyclops brand
After 1 Year Of Content writing – We Help 20,000 New Barbers Each Month!

The Website (Barber Hub):

After months of tedious blog posts, making videos, and reaching out to barber influencers. We finally hit it big in all the right ways. We blew up on Instagram and had barbers from all over the world want to be featured on our feed. I did this for free, and I still do. I never want to make it a place to take money from people. I know first hand what it felts like to be poor and struggling. I get it. I do. 

Fast-forwarding a year, Cyclops Brand Went from the #1,234 most authoritative barber website in the world to number #23. Cyclops Brand has become a key resource for many barbers. The general information on our website is helpful to most users, and Google approvals of our content to the point it has ranked us higher on its search engines for more people to discover us!

We’re still in the baby stages, but I’m highly determined, and with God’s help, this site will be on the first page of Google. Known as the world’s most influential barber blog on the internet. We hope you feel the passion and, I welcome you to the Cyclops Brand Family, human to human. 

My plans for Cyclops Brand:

I’m in the middle of working towards creating a Barber Podcast, amongst a few other projects in the works. Cyclops Brand has some big things heading your way. In the meantime, you should sign up for our newsletter and start receiving all the newest updates of the barbering industry! 

Thank you for your support!

-Jesse Steel, 

CEO & Founder of Cyclops Brand.

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