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9 Traits Of A Quality Barber

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The 9 Great Traits That Make-Up Quality Barbers

1. Highly Knowledgeable:

Having a library’s worth of knowledge about his/her occupation at their disposal. Being crafted in their work starts to open many doors to invite customers into their vast world. Doing so will help educate new clients on haircuts and build trust. It’s a great feeling for a client not to have to worry about their hair. Instead, relax during their stay, and enjoy the haircutting process.

2. Respect For The Profession:

A real Barber cares about his/her profession, although there are many difficulties. They tend to hold themselves accountable, remaining focused, and fully capable of tackling any task that comes their way.

A strong work ethic and raw passion for the industry help quality barbers stay motivated and engaged. Quality Barbers always set their standards “High” and respect all the other players in the game.

3. A Deep Fascination For Hair

Most kids are growing up play with toys or video games, while “barber kids” took it upon themselves to find the scissors in the kitchen or under the bathroom sink.

-Sorry little brother, but it looks like this barber’s making a house-call today!

As time goes on, Family members start seeing your “Massive improvements” in your craft. And will try their best to support your calling! This goes for special occasions such as “Christmas, birthdays, prom, or maybe just before a night on the town. Before you know it, you’re running a full-time barbershop service out of your house. This is just a simple example of course.

The passion of being a barber has no limits, as most quality barbers start planning for their careers during high school. This gives them plenty of time to network with friends and family, leading to a significant “Jumpstart” in their barbering careers!

4. Being Highly Social:

Barbershops have always been known to be a place for the community to can catch up on trending topics and events, dating back to the time of ancient Rome.

Socializing is like giving a “Glass of water to a fish.” Quality barbers feed off human contact.

Not only does the “Socializing” make the day go by faster, but it also brings a sense of “fun & Excitement” to the haircutting experience.

A quality barber has mastered the “Art Of Conversation”, as well as listening to what the client has to say while being able to give helpful advice. Making the client feel special and listened to. thus! creating what we professional barbers like to call “The Experience.”

5. Entrepreneurs

It goes without question that quality barbers are driven by passion, dedication, and self-improvement so why stop there? They understand that a constant working routine is important and managing their time wisely. Quality barbers are known to be “Overachievers” and go far beyond others in their profession when it comes to furthering their education and skill set.

Barbers at this magnitude tend to stay as sharp as the shears they use, by going to “Barber Expos & Conventions.” Doing so keeps the barber in an ever-learning mindset. Pulling inspiration from other professional barbers is a unique & adaptable trait when it comes to building the perfect hair cutting formula.

Going to these barbering events will help them stay up-to-date on “Hair Products” & “Barbering Equipment.” Making them well-rounded in their craft giving additional confidence to the barber. Most Quality barbers will become so immersed in the industry; they begin to take on a much more significant role. By becoming “Platform Educators” or open their own “Highly Successful Barbershop Business.”

6. They Bleed Creativity

Quality Barbers use barbering as an outlet to help channel their more profound thoughts and emotions.

During the process of cutting beautiful masterpieces, These works of art are just as rewarding to the quality barber as it is for the clients wearing it!

Quality barbers have taking barbering to extraordinary heights over the past few years especially when social media has been a major factor when it comes to strong haircut visuals and networking with other top-tier barbers.

This type of development opened doors to many creative outlets, Some barbers have taken the artist side to new extremes by cutting full-blown celebrity portraits and fantastic abstract designs on their client’s heads!

We can give special thanks to “Quality Barbers” like that! – Cyclops brand

7. Quality Tools For Quality Barbers

Barbers shouldn’t compromise their work by not having the proper tools for the job. Quality is “King” in this appearance is driven industry.

You’re not going to be able to keep up using an old rusty “Conair” clipper you bought from Walmart. You won’t be able to match the caliber of a Quality Barber doing it that way. Instead of thinking of your barbering tools as a burden of expense, These cleverly crafted tonsorial artists learned the value behind the equipment they’ve purchased.

Rather than looking at it as a “Waste” or “Expensive,” they look at it as an “Investment” that will bring in a healthier clientele base and more profit for them in the future. A quality barber knows his tools like the back of his hand; he/she knows the best angles, posture, lighting, razor blades, clippers, and outlines the list goes on. They have reached the final stages of barber development when it comes to a complete “High-End” service experience they can bring to their clients.

These Professional services include hot towel treatments, Flawless skin fades, and perfectly blends in a timely manner to know the best oil aromas to add in the facial steamer and the right type of skincare exfoliation scrub to use on the client. Whether that be for oily, dry, or sensitive skin types. Mastering the straight razor without giving nick or cuts and finishing the service with little to no skin irritation at all.

As a Quality barber, you are continually giving the same flawless results time and time again to your clients. This can only be achieved after many years of practice and understanding the differences each client brings to the table. Learning to assess these situations in a professional manner is the work of a Quality Barber.

8. Masters Of Sanitation

As we all know, “Cleanliness is close to Godliness” is especially true for quality barbers. Understanding the value of the sanitation procedures is a MUST! barbers are continuously touching people, hair, food, and taking the trash out. Quality barbers have built a system that avoids any cross-contamination. One hand cleans, while the other remains dirty to take care of the un-sanitary tasks.

The two hands should never cross paths when it comes to touching other tools or supplies around the workstation. Resulting in a clean, hairless working environment. Always going further and beyond that of a basic barber, quality barbers sanitize their tools after each use. Remembering to wipe down the barber chair after each client and dispose of old razor blades in hazardous waste bins.

9. Humble/Selfless

As times goes on, quality barbers have already been all over the world, defused many problematic situations & Started their own Successful Barbershop during their career. Building up others has become their main mission now, whether that is giving an inspirational speech, teaching a few valuable lesson, or giving hope and guidance the next generation of barbers. A quality barber knows the “ins and outs” of the barbershop industry like the back of his hand. They continue to ask questions, and live in the mindset that “There’s always more to learn.”

And If by chance the knowledge throughout their career could help another barber, or perhaps get them through a tough time, then all those years were worth it.


9 Traits Of A Quality Barber: 5/5 I appreciate the last trait, when i started I want to be the best. Now I’m more about helping others out, doing this has a better reward system. In my opinion. 9 traits of a quality barber testimonial image Supercutz.sux214 Ex “Supercuts” employee


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