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9 Hair Cutting Shears That Totally Made the Cut!

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Hair cutting shears are designed for the sole purpose of cutting hair, they are also known as; hairdressing shears, barbering shears or hair shears.

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9 Hair Cutting Shears That Totally Made the Cut!

Having a good pair of  hair cutting shears in your arsenal is a major factor when it comes to giving your client a well-balanced, quality haircut.

As the old adage goes, “you’re only as good as the tools you use”.

Choosing the right haircutting shears requires a lot of research before making a decision.

In this article, we listed the best hair cutting shears on the market along with answering commonly asked questions about cutting shears in general.

Let’s get started!

hair cutting shears

What Are Hair Cutting Shears?

As the name implies, a hair cutting shear is a manual tool that barbers and hairdressers use to cut hair.

Additionally, while there are various types of this tool, two are mostly widely recognized in the hair cutting industry; the standard hair cutting shear and thinning shears.

thinning shears

What Are Thinning Shears?

A standard shear leaves a straight cut, while the texturizing variant reduces the hair’s thickness and creates layers.

Thinning shears have small teeth-like grooves taken out of the top half of the shear.

When both sharp ends meet, the hair is cut in-between the teeth.

This space only cuts the hair a little,  which helps to thin out the hair and add texture.

Shear Length:

Hair cutting shears come in sizes between 5 to 7 inches in total body length.

hair cutting shears

Why Are Hair Cutting Shears Important?

Shears are the final procedure done to the hair, after using the clippers to remove the hair bulk.

Shears can be defined as the final polish of the haircut, where the stylist can cross check any mistakes before the client leaves the chair.

A Few professional techniques for using shears:

barber using the shears over comb technique

Shears Over Comb:

Shears can work in a couple ways, such as; shears over comb, a technique where the stylist uses a comb to lift the hair up from the scalp, while cutting across the bristles of the comb to remove the hair.

Using the shears to reduce bulk, weight-lines or to give a more even blend.

stylist using the traveling guide technique cutting hair

The Traveling Guide:

Another technique is known as; the traveling guide.

this is where the stylist uses the comb and lifts the hair up over the fingers and makes the first initial cut using the hair shears.

After the cut, the stylist then slowly works the comb around the head lifting the already cut piece of hair to match it to the hair that is uncut.

Doing this allows the stylist to see both the already cut hair and the uncut hair between their fingers.

This helps them to distinguish where the next cut need to be in order to keep the hair even as they travel around the clients head.

Hence the name “traveling guide“.

barber using thinning shears

How To Use Thinning Shears:

thinning shears are strictly designed for blending and removing bulk, using techniques such as; shears over comb is appropriate.

The thinning shears should never be use to cut hair in the same fashion as hair cutting shears.

Both shears work together to create balance and harmony for the overall haircut.

best haircutting shears recommended by professionals

Indeed, shears are essential in achieving a perfect cut. However, what if you don’t know what to purchase? the following recommendations will help.

1. Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series Barber Hair Cutting Shears

In this list, the Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series Shears come on top. Considering the staggering over 23 thousand reviews alone, it’s clear that many barbers enjoyed it.

As a straight-cutting shear, it’s available in two color variants: Stainless Steel and Titanium Blue. Regardless, both options have Stainless Steel as the primary material. Moreover, with the dimensions of 8 x 2 x 1 inch, only 4.8 ounces weight, and the ergonomic handles, it’s excellent for comfort and control when cutting hair.

Unlike the competition, the maker sourced Japanese Stainless Steel and incorporated adjustable tension in the product. For these reasons, the blade’s sharpness and cutting ability shouldn’t be an issue. Should you need a Shear that’s reliable and comfortable to use, the Equinox is a great value.

2. ULG Professional Barber Hair Cutting Shears

Next on the list is the ULG Professional Barber Hair Cutting Shears. Again, since over eight thousand customers found it excellent, it should work for most barbers. Nevertheless, since it uses premium materials, it’s worth one’s attention.

Regarding the product, it has a full Stainless Steel body and classifies itself as a straight-cutting shear. While it only has a singular Silver color, it still fits a conventional barbershop theme. Also, where similar items use standard styles, the ULG sports a polished mirror finish and blue diamond accents.

Contrary to the competition, the ULG uses a pure Japanese Stainless Steel build that’s super sharp and yields perfect and even cut every time. Also, using its ergonomic handles, controlling the 6.5-inch body isn’t an issue. Above all, should you change your mind after purchasing, the company offers a 30-day money-back and 12-month warranty.

3. JAVENPROLIU Sharp Professional Hair Cutting Shears

When style and uniqueness are on the table, the JAVENPROLIU Professional Hair Cutting Shear is the one to get. With over four thousand feedbacks from users and the Amazon’s Choice label to go with, it’s sure is a reliable investment.

Starting with the build, the JAVENPROLIU boasts about its 420C Japanese Steel, a handmade quality blade. Given how sharp and suitable for wet and dry hair the shear is, it’s helpful that it can sustain years of labor with wear and corrosion-resistant body and VG10 steel regulator.

At a glance, this shear isn’t like other similar products. With its combination of chrome colors and premium materials, it stands out both in form and function. Moreover, with only 2.93 ounces in weight, 6 x 2.3 x 0.3 inches dimensions, and convenient finger handles, barbers won’t have to deal with discomfort and misaligned cutting.

4. CIICII Titanium Professional Hairdressing Shears Kit

If the most value for money is in the talk, the CIICII Titanium Hair Cutting Shears Kit is an absolute recommendation. Regarding the reviews, there are almost two thousand ratings from fulfilled customers. The set of free haircutting instruments and positive feedbacks alone makes the CIICII a reliable item to acquire.

As a haircutting kit, the shears come in two color variations: Black and Silver. Also, while the materials are 440C Pure Japanese Stainless Steel, the blade is sourced from Titanium. By employing these materials in the compact 6.7-inch and 7.2 ounces body, CIICII achieved a comfortable and razor-sharp shear.

Unlike other shears, this item packs free instruments such as a comb, thinning or texturizing shear, and a packing bag. If this value isn’t enough, the manufacturer also provides excellent warranty and after-sale support.

5. Utopia Care Silver Barber Hair Cutting Shears

Should you prefer a sleek and polished feel, then the Utopia Care Professional Barber Hair Cutting Shear might be your next purchase. Similarly, this item has the Amazon’s Choice label besides its name and over nine thousand ratings.

Regarding the build, the shear has a full Stainless Steel 8 inches body. While it’s only available in a singular Silver color option, the minimalist and polished design makes it suitable in different barbershop settings.

When cutting hair, the non-slip finger rings and 5-ounce weight makes hand and trimming control more manageable. Contrary to most single pack shears, this one provides free insert rings should a barber wants to use one. Above all, the super-sharp blade yields a clean and balanced cut.

6. Sirabe 10 Pcs Hair Cutting Shears Set

Continuing in with Shears in kits, barbers can’t go wrong with the Sirabe 10 Pcs. Hair Cutting Shears. As a pack of 10, barbers would appreciate this much value, similar to what over three thousand customers likely felt.

Unlike other similar items, this one is available in two size options: 6.5 and 6.7 inches. Also, where most shears come in monotone colors, the Sirabe has a Black body, Silver edges, and Gold accents.

Moving on, it has a pure 420 Japanese Stainless Steel blade that’s highly suitable for smooth and even haircuts. Also, with the two size options, a 2.24-ounce weight, and adjustable screws, every barber could have perfect fingers and preferences fit.

7. JASON Hair Cutting Professional Barber Shears

Another definite recommendation would be the JASON Hair Cutting Professional Barber Shears. As a product available as either a standard or texturizing shear with a robust blade, it’s no wonder why so many barbers loved it.

In detail, since it has a 440C Japanese Stainless Steel blade, it can cut through hair easily in an even and straight path. Besides, using frictionless finger rings, convex edges, and only 4.8 ounces in weight, control, and hair cutting should be a pleasing experience.

Unlike the competition’s standard form, the JASON’s 6-inch build has a classy Black and Gold color combination with accented stopper and screw.

8. Rough Stache Professional Black Titanium Hair Shears

The Rouch Stache Professional Hair Cutting Shears is a definition of personal taste and fine craftsmanship. However, even without the design, the shear’s durability and functions alone pleased almost two thousand users.

Regarding choices, this model comes in four variants: Black or Silver and cutting or texturizing shear. Additionally, since it’s handmade, one can appreciate the details and quality of the build. By employing durable Stainless Steel, Rouch State achieved a 6.5-inch sharp, balanced, and clean-cutting shear.

Contrary to most items, this one is suitable for both wet and dry hairs. Consequently, whether you’re cutting before or after spraying, the performance would still be the same. Moreover, given how ergonomic and slip-free the handles are, barbers can have full control without straining their fingers.

9. Moonmini Professional Stainless Barber Shears

While last on the list, the MoonMini Barber Haircutting Shears is still an excellent option. As such, since almost a thousand customers likely couldn’t be wrong, this shear shouldn’t disappoint.

While it’s only available in a singular Silver color, MoonMini made two variants: cutting and texturizing shears. Besides, with its clean and no-frills style, barbers can focus more on the function rather than form. However, while it’s minimalistic, the premium Stainless Steel is durable and sharp to cut through hair evenly and withstand splashes.

Since it only weighs an impossibly light 1.87 ounces, extends at 6.5 inches, and has easy-grip handles, cutting control and comfort should be exemplary. Moreover, with blunt edges, one can avoid accidental scratches. While the Moon Mini looks like any other shears, the compact body, durable materials, and reliable performance are enough reasons to get it.

man getting his hair trimmed with cutting shears

Select The Best Hair Cutting Shear

The best hair cutting shear is something that suits your needs and preferences.

Selecting one that’s comfortable and durable is beneficial in the long run.

Until next time, we wish you the best!


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